Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Stories and Pics

Pictures from various Facebook and Multiply sources.

Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,-
"Atlantis" by Donovan

Rained real hard and rained for a real long time
Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline

The river rose all day
The river rose all night
Some people got lost in the flood
Some people got away alright
The river have busted through cleard down to Plaquemines
Six feet of water in the streets of Evangelne

Louisiana, Louisiana
They're tyrin' to wash us away
They're tryin' to wash us away
Louisiana, Louisiana
They're tryin' to wash us away

"Louisiana 1927 "by Randy Newman

I actually have a lot to post but I don't feel like it with a lot of people suffering because of yesterday's calamity. If you have a story please post it here. I will tell you mine but its nothing compared to what I have been hearing. Of course you may share stories of your own or people you know.

I had a class yesterday morning in RCBC Tower. Which is two blocks from Makati Med. I was offered free parking in the Makati Med area which I took advantage of being the cheap ass that I am and it could have ended up costing me a lot more. To be fair RCBC parking can be 105 pesos for a half day class. But that is beside the point.

When I left the house the driver looked at me with a look of puzzlement. He said to me in Ilonggo wondering if I had still had school considering the typhoon. It was actually mild at the time so I just went on my way. Office was dark when I got to the school. Classmates were there and attendance was actually not bad. Teacher was there and we had class as normal. Those of you who know me are aware of my fossil status. My teacher was working at San Miguel the year before I was born. God bless him trying to enlighten minds like mine. If there is really any to enlighten in my case.

OK, so class dismissed at normal time. At the lobby of the building there were some people who were not leaving just looking out. Rain was coming down in sheets. Coming down in a 7:30 angle (picture a clock). I stood there listening to the Scott Van Pelt show while waiting for this to let up. After about 20 minutes I went upstairs and sat in Mexi Cali or more accurately outside it. I love that place except its never open when I go to RCBC. I was going to play DS but as I sat I could hear the rain subside a bit. A portion of the throng still thought it was too much rain for them. Of course I was among them a little bit earlier.

I have been reading in Multiply the story of this guy who has to worry about his son's medical procedure and the fact that the flood has them trapped there. I just so happened to pass by that intersection because that's where the car was parked. I am telling you. You have no idea with the sidewalk is. Which turned to be really significant because I almost lost my balance when I stepped off invisible curb and it would have spelled ruins for everything I had on me: cel phone, Ipod, DS, textbook etc.

Make matters worse my car was parked underground which at that time was OK. The pedestrian underpass pictured below was not. Doughboy and I used that frequently when he was here. It was near his hotel.

Going home, I had to be
Capt.-Lt. Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock - Der Alte A lot of people unfortunately had vehicles unlike this scene from Risky Business.

We all forgot the existence of one way streets so I got to feel what the typical jeepney driver felt like. I was so glad to get back to the neighborhood. I was lucky.

Many were not.


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