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Birthday Dedication to A Loyal Reader

Yes there are a few and I would like to give this dedication of a video to Crissy on the occasion of her birthday.


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The Borg How Star Trek Relates to My Life and Maybe Yours

It does not matter what side of the political fence you are on. The Borg
is used to convey total domination

The Borg How Star Trek Relates to My Life
Trust me, before you turn on the nerd alert, I have a point. The Borg in Star Trek are this race that really do not exist as individuals but as a collective.

" This collective consciousness is experienced by the Borg as "thousands" of voices — they are collectively aware, but not aware of themselves as separate individuals. Consequently, they never speak in singular pronouns, referring to themselves when required as merely "Third of Five," for instance."

' the Collective considered the species' will in the matter "irrelevant".'

In the show, they assimilate other beings into their collective. These beings once absorbed lose all their individual characteristics and just are part of the collective. The Borg's motto is "Resistance is Futile!"
So basically there is this group that is more identifiable as a group than as individuals. Then they absorb an individual who loses their original identity and is now thinking like the absorbing group. They have lost the ability to think for themselves. Not really the stuff of science fiction if you can think of a situation this has happened. I am witness to this happening. Have you seen it? Yes folks. This is personal and it may have happened to you. You may have seen a loved one lose their ability for independent thought, lose their humanity. All the while that absorbing group just laughs and mocks as if to say "you never had a chance, he/ she belongs to us now. " Resistance is Futile indeed.


Blog Note: for another of my stories where movies imitates my personal life, click here.

Dog Ate Manny Pacquaio's Homework -Audio Blog

“Manny Pacquiao makes a lot of money for a lot of people. This is an issue that people don’t address because there is too much money to be made.” When discussions turned to how rumors that linked Pacquiao with drugs had started because of the way the pound-for-pound king had retained his power while climbing through the weight divisions, Malignaggi said: “I think it is pretty obvious. Paulie Malignaggi

“Major League Baseball knew that more home runs equaled more fans,” said Malignaggi. “Boxing knows Manny Pacquiao destroying bigger guys is a phenomenon. But it is too good to be true, like all those home runs were.

“So it is all covered up and it won’t be addressed.”

Paulie Malignaggi

If you listen to the 6 minute audio clip in Multiply
  • Explains where Floyd Mayweather is coming from.
  • Whispers throughout boxing that Manny is on performance enhancing drugs.Suspicions
  • What real sports journalists think of Manny excuses (give you a hint, laughter)
  • They confirm amount of blood to be taken.
  • Religious beliefs??
  • Hurt his reputation?
  • Why blood test is better than urine? (current test is only urine)

If you want a real inkling how Manny is perceived please do not go through the horrendous Filipino Manny Apologists masquerading as journalists. Do not go through Bob Used Car Salesman Arum. Go to guys who cover boxing with some objectivity and you can learn something. Malignaggi talks about home runs and Manny thinks that he always did that "kung na luto na yung pagkain ni Mommy Dionisya, I home run". A great precursor to what we are seeing now (Manny destroying bigger competition despite his small size) is a piece by the perennial Sports Writer of the Year Rick Reilly. Hats off to Mayweather for doing this because now it's up for discussion How intelligent a discussion it will be is up to you. Ed;_ylt=Amv0yrERUxCsv71yzy.Rbwk5nYcB?slug=ro-pacpaulie122609&prov=yhoo&type=lgns;_ylt=ApFtnYYNarRm2Ub5GnoTipM5nYcB?slug=ki-pacquiaomayweather122509&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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I am Surprised I Am Not Bald

I figured, get a haircut before the holiday season gets really hectic. And also do some stuff tonight. I need to present a gift tomorrow for our secret Santa thing at the office , then indulge in one of my favorite solitary dinners: The Steakhouse Burger in Burger King. I also owe anybody who looks below my knees during the week a new pair of shoes.

Why am I telling you this? I got in the barber chair at 6:30. I know it's 6:30 because my sister called while I was on the chair but before the cutting began. I stepped out of the barber shop at about 7:55. My goodness there are movies shorter than that. I was not at some fancy women's salon. This was a barber shop. Oh I miss the old days when I could go in a barber shop and get my haircut by a guy named Tony who could talk sports. Football, hockey, baseball.

Bottom line : there should be a disclaimer if you are getting your hair cut that it would take longer than if you went to the grocery bought ingredients then cooked and ate your dinner. No wonder they said Merry Christmas to me on the way out. It took that long.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Why Would Anyone Want Manny Pacquiao's Advice?

Look at this stupid excuse for journalism.

Headline says Manny has no advice for Tiger.(You can see the text below) But it starts off with him getting a tattoo. I have no idea why they sneak in the crisis du jour in there of Tiger. Actually I have an idea, they have no story. Look how long it takes them to get the meat suggested in the title? There are two sad facts about journalism in this country: 1) a lot get killed 2) the ones who do not would have a hard time writing for a school paper. There is no story there but it is the headline. The meat of the article has nothing to do with their tease.

My previous thoughts on how our so called writers have no perspective or insight:

On a semi related thought: Everybody else is looking for Tiger Woods' sponsors to abandon him but we have no such blood in the water in the Philippines for the thinking man's athlete Manny Pacquaio. Want to know why?? Fidelity and loyalty are not values treasured here. Erap was , is and will always be popular among the hordes here. He flaunts his infidelity and his bigamy and nobody calls him on it. He has the cojones to run again and he is not laughed out of Comelec because he knows the electorate will take him seriously? This is a source of personal shame for me. That our people can care so much for Manny and so little that convicted plunderers run for office.

Who cares about Manny Pacquiao's advice? The guy is not educated and concussed. I am not blind. This is a third world country and many are uneducated and that is because of circumstance. Manny himself does not even have high school but unlike the rest he can do something about it. He has the money and he has the time. But he rather worry about politics even though he has no college or high school education. But guess what ?? If Manny lives to be 80 and does not achieve first year high school he will be loved because this society does not value education. They value the attention Manny brings. Never mind that boxing itself has been waning. Now gambling, that does not go out of style.

Our writers in the Philippines are so bad. Let's look forward to the following headlines:

Pacman has no advice for Timothy Geithner

Manny would have told Geithner to extend the TARP bailout program even further until October 2011. But he got confused since there really is no need for tarps since he never sees it rain in Las Vegas. Therefore it does not rain in the US.

Pacman has no advice for Stephen Hawking

For a brief time Manny wanted to argue with Dr, Hawking's theory that the universe has no edge or boundary in imaginary time. Arguing that Bob Arum defined the parameters of the edges.

Pacman has no advice for Charlie Weis.

Manny agrees with Brady Quinn that Notre Dame should not have fired Charlie Weis. Then again Manny believes a quarter back is what happens when you break even in the 25 cent slots in the MGM Grand.


Pacman has no advice for Tiger
Bayani San Diego Jr. Philippine Daily Inquirer December 13, 2009 21:57:00
BOXER-turned-big-screen-superhero Manny Pacquiao has a new tattoo—that of a meteor on his left arm, which he got at a local bar, he said.
“Hindi pa nga magaling.” The ink is still fresh, he pointed out.
The blazing meteor is meant for his next opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr., according to a web report.
But conspiracy theorists can’t help asking: Is there a heavenly body named Krista out there?
Pacman dismissed the gossip linking him with “Wapakman” costar Krista Ranillo as “intrigue” meant to drum-beat their Metro Manila Film Fest entry.
His only message to rumormongers: “Sana manood sila ng pelikula.”
He finally saw Krista, post-scandal, only last week (Dec. 6) when the action flick resumed shooting.
“Hindi namin pinag-usapan ’yong intriga. Sandali lang kami nagkasama; hindi kami magka-eksena e. Sabi ko lang sa kanya, ‘Grabe ang mga chismis. Sana suportahan nila ang pelikula natin.’ Tawa lang kami nang tawa,” he recalled. “Ganoon naman ako, kahit sa loob ng ring. Kahit bugbugan na, naka-smile pa rin.”
He would also like to steer clear of the raging cat fight between costars Krista and Bianca King.
(Bianca was allegedly ejected from a common dressing room by Suzette Ranillo, Krista’s aunt.)
“Ayokong makialam sa buhay ng ibang tao. Pero kung kunin nila ang advice ko: Sana magka-ayos na. Sana magkapatawaran na tayong lahat ngayong Pasko,” he said.
He repeated the same mantra of non-involvement and forgiveness when asked to give advice to fellow beleaguered athlete, golfer Tiger Woods, who figured in an extramarital scandal as well.
“I don’t care,” Pacman said, laughing. “Ayokong pakialaman ’yan. Ang masasabi ko lang ... laging magdasal. Lapitan niya ang Diyos dahil ang Panginoon ay pag-ibig.”
He related that he has a special relationship with God—which began when he had a “one-on-one conversation” with Him.
This “turning point” will be discussed extensively in an upcoming book he’s preparing.
“Sa bilyong-bilyong tao sa mundo, bakit si Manny Pacquiao ang binigyan ng Panginoon ng ganitong suwerte? Hindi ko akalain na mabe-break ko lahat ng record sa history ng boxing,” he said.
He refrained from giving further details about his personal “conversation with God.”
“Baka hindi n’yo na bilhin ang libro,” he said.
The book would be his focus after the fight; the Hollywood movie with Sylvester Stallone would have to wait. “Hindi na namin napag-usapan kasi naging busy kami.”
He promised that he would not leave anything out in the book, which is being written by a Filipino author and will be published in the United States upon his retirement after the Mayweather bout.
He will reveal everything, including chapters on his colorful love life.
“Wala akong itatago,” he said.
The tell-all book, which is entitled “Pacquiao,” will disclose the secret of his success. “Simple lang ang sikreto ni Manny Pacquiao: Ang taong mapagkumbaba, lalong tinataas ng Panginoon.”
Pardon Pacman for referring to himself in the third person; it must be because he’s working on his memoir.
“Hindi ko sinasabi na perpekto ako ... Ang katawan maaring magkasala, pero ang kaluluwa at puso naman ang ibabalik natin sa Panginoon,” he explained.
It’s all about love, you know.
Case in point: Although he has gifted wife Jinkee with a new diamond ring, (an annual Christmas tradition between the couple and not a “peace offering” as was reported in the tabloid columns), he expects nothing exorbitant from his wife in return.
“Ngayong Pasko, hindi ako nag-e-expect ng regalo. Basta unawain, alagaan at mahalin lang ako. Hindi ako materialistic na tao; ang importante as akin, ang puso,” he said.
Relevant links:

Hulk Hogan Suicide Attempt In His Own Voice

I was never a big wrestling fan. Still there was always something about the Hulkster. from the first time I saw him in Rocky III. I did not enjoy the in-authenticity of wrestling. But that is why you might enjoy this audio piece I have provided for you. Audio is in Multiply. If you are like me, this may be the first time you will hear a macho professional wrestler vulnerable. Because what happened him could happen to any of us. You might say its an act. But give it a listen then decide if its an act or not.


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Analysis of Tweet Contradiction of Sending 30000 Troops

Nightline Nightline CLOSING ARGUMENT Obama -- hawkish on Afghanistan -- accepts Nobel Peace Prize. A contradiction that he can reconcile?

No man's a jester playing Shakespeare Round your throne room floor While the juggler's act is danced upon The crown that you once wore The king is dead, the king is dead The king is dead, the king is dead Long live the king

Elton John The King Must Die

I don't know if its right or wrong (Additional troops) . What I do know is that it's different from what Obama promised when he won the slot to represent the Democrats and it's different from what he promised in his presidential campaign in 2008.

It was Jeffrey that reminded me that his stance on the Iraq War was what differentiated him with Hillary Clinton. Yes I know this war is a bit different. But make no mistake about it, it's Obama's war now. Let me elaborate on that. One thing we human beings of all cultures should know by now and do not is campaigning is really self evaluation. It's all about projecting what is there and making illusions of what is not there or hiding what is there. If we all live by a simple rule don't tell me what you are going to do but show me what you have done, Obama would have never been elected. So if you read the dilemma in the Nightline story It's easy to say he is being hypocritical. For me, he just has a better viewpoint of what he once criticized. You see, Obama seduced voters by his charm and his rhetoric and not by his deeds. Instead of accounts of past deeds. He has had no history of getting anything done. What is of course beautiful is that history of none achievement was intact when the Nobel Peace Prize was designated to him. What many do not realize is that "Nominations for the prize had to be postmarked by February 1 "

Ask yourself what date did he take over the White House? What did he accomplish before Jan 2009 to deserve the prize? Many win elections. Many who win elections are crooks. Barack was too busy writing books than actually doing deeds worthy of being written about in books. Barack was too busy writing books than actually living life and getting perspective. Hillary Clinton was for the war and Barack was against it. Differentiation. The thing is she was there for the Kosovo. Rwanda and Bosnia conflicts. She was there in the sense that she saw her husband agonize over the reality of his decisions. Obama just took the ideal made popular by Culture Club (War War Stupid).

You may have heard the saying " be careful what you wish for, you may get it. "Now that Obama has had to deal with this and weigh out all sides, he finds himself acting hawk when he was talking dove in the campaign. As a member of the Illinois State Senate in the earlier part of this decade all he did was stay neutral on most issues. "In the end, Mr. Obama chose neither to vote for nor against the bill. He voted “present,” effectively sidestepping the issue, an option he invoked nearly 130 times as a state senator." So this Obama based on his record before he joined the US Senate ( not his books) was neither Fire nor Ice but lukewarm water. Who knows maybe prolonged exposure to troops and people who respresent the troops erased some of that idealism and replaced it with some practicality? The Clintons went through their hippie protest stage and you may check the record yourself if from 1992- 2000 if they ran the White House like they were at Woodstock. To further illustrate the difference between idealist Obama and the current Obama I'd like to quote from one of my favorite movies.

"Things may appear simple in the cubicle at CIA, but in the middle of the Atlantic with
Soviet warships bearing down on us, they get more complex." (Hunt For Red October 1990)

In other words, back seat driver is the easiest job in the world.

If you are reading this blog, you know what the campaign was like. Obama was supposed to be the one with fresh ideas. It was change we can believe in. Nobel Peace Prize then troop escalation. Maybe even Obama realizes that idealism and rhetoric sometimes have to give way to reality.

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Not All Self Help Authors Are Created Equal

You read my blog and once in a while I will quote from a "self help" book. Some people belittle some of these authors and just recently I found a reason to belittle one of them.

The Secret is a well known book because it was endorsed by the contemporary king maker, Oprah. To be fair, Mr. Ray was not the primary author of the book but a contributor at large.

So it was to my true surprise that he was involved in the tragedy you will see you in the video.

The video I attached really only gives the former staff worker's side of the story but nowhere does Ray bother to give his side. You may see the links below, that none of them seem to portray James Ray as someone who cares about people under his care or clearing his own name.


Generic disclaimer: If you are viewing this post in Livejournal, Blogspot , Email or Dan Patrick/ CNNSI and you can not find videos or audio or files or pics . Please go here and look for corresponding date of this post. Thank you

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Enron Will Open In New York.............

as a musical. I know what you are thinking how ridiculous. But one thing I learned 12 years ago is that with the right talent, anything can be turned into a Broadway musical. I was so charmed to go to New York in the first place. But while we were there in May of 1997 saw three musicals: Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum with Whoppi Goldberg and Nathan Lane, a live action Lion King and Titanic the Musical.

There were some of us in the group that cracked jokes about the chorus being "we're drowning". Call me weird ( and I know y'all do anyway) but I enjoyed Titanic. And I was not the only one. I remember the number before they set off from port and the optimism and excitement of the maiden voyage and felt the tragedy. I wonder why I never hunted the soundtrack for it. If you look at the date this was half a year before the movie of the same name came out.

I also got a kick that one of the cast members answered the question whatever happened to Steve Rhodes from Married with Children.

He played J. Bruce Ismay.

This is what J.Bruce looked like in the movie you all probably saw.

Yes I was a big MWC fan back in the late 80s.

My only point here is that something may seem ridiculous on paper but it can turn out quite good. Or the other moral is I just wanted to talk about musicals, New York City and Married with Children. Not necessarily in that order.


Technical note: CNN audio of this news is attachment in Multiply.

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The Way of the Goose

Trust me folks, I have a lot left to post from what I hope is practical to the wacky. I appreciate each and every one of you reading . What follows below is by no means original but a great concept that we can apply to our families and organizations. You can follow the links provided. I hope you have not seen it before or at least get something new out of it this time around.


The Way of the Goose: 5 Leadership Lessonsby Ron Pereira on April 21st, 2009.
We humans can learn a lot from geese. Yes, that’s right, geese.

In fact, in 1991 Angeles Arrien gave a speech called “Lessons from Geese” that was largely based on the work of Milton Olson.

What follows is my take on the story.

Lesson 1: Fly Together

It’s truly a marvelous site to see a group of geese flying together in perfect V formation. Research has shown that as each goose flaps its wings an intense uplift is created for the birds behind them. Further studies state that this “teamwork” adds 71% more flying range compared to a goose flying on its own.

Moral of the Story: Partnerships and teamwork rule the day. The days of the Lone Ranger are long gone (bad example, as even the Long Ranger had Tonto but you know what I mean). If you surround yourself with excellent people you’re far more likely to succeed than if you attempt to go at it alone.

Lesson 2: Stay in formation

If you’ve ever watched geese fly, you’ve likely seen one fall out of formation. And when this happens the fallen away goose begins to struggle mightily until it manages to fight its way back into formation.

Moral of the Story: Once you’ve established a good team stay together and work together. Sure, times will get tough and you may become annoyed with one another from time to time… but synergy cannot be created by a single person working in isolation.

Lesson 3: Rotate

While flying in V formation the lead goose eventually tires and rotates to the back of the pack to re-charge their battery while another goose takes its place at the front.

Moral of Story: It’s important to share the load amongst team members. It’s also important to ensure that all workers are cross trained and able to perform multiple tasks. As an aside, we recently added a skill matrix module to the Gemba Academy School of Lean that deals with this very situation.

Lesson 4: Honk

While it’s not always possible to hear from the ground, geese are a noisy bunch when flying in V formation. There are several theories of why this is. One theory is the geese honk to encourage each other… while another theory hypothesizes the honking is used to communicate where each goose is. You know, hurry up pal (honk, honk) I’m right on your feathers.

Moral of the Story: No matter the reason for goose honking, it goes without saying that we should always communicate with one another offering encouragement as needed. We should also have ways to communicate when something is not right. This can be likened to the way lean companies “pull the andon cord” when a problem arises.

Lesson 5: Leave no Goose Behind

Whenever a goose becomes unable to fly (becomes sick, gets a bullet in the belly, etc.) two other geese fall out of formation and stay with their fallen comrade until the impaired goose is able to fly or dies.

Moral of the Story: The best teams I’ve ever been on were made of people who genuinely cared for each other and would always help each other out no matter the situation. It seems geese figured this out a long time ago.

Any others?

Do you agree with these lessons? If you are an expert in geese please feel free to share other examples or lessons we can learn from our feathered friends.


Colin Graves, director of training firm Iridium, reckons that teams and individuals can learn much from the behaviour of flocks of geese. Who are we to disagree?

1. We achieve more together: geese always fly in formation. By flying in a V formation a flock has 71% greater range than if a bird flew solo.

2. Stay in formation: whenever a goose falls out of formation, if feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone, and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front.

3. Choose the right leader for the circumstances: when the lead goose gets tired it rotates back into formation and another goose flies at the point position.

4. Stand by your friends and colleagues: when a goose becomes ill or wounded, two geese move out of formation and follow it down to protect it. When the goose recovers the trio fly in formation to rejoin the flock.

5. Provide encouragement: the geese in formation honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.

My Attempt at a Reality Blog Tiger and Brad Pitt Related

Yesterday I did something I rarely do. I placed a bet. My uncle (pictured above) bet with me 500 bucks that Nike will distance themselves from Tiger Woods by the first week of January 2010.

I win if the status quo prevails.

He wins if Nike drops Tiger the way Brad Pitt dropped Jennifer Aniston.

As you all know, my thoughts on the topic are here.

Here are some other links to recent related stories.

I will be updating the progress of this wager in my main blog. Win or lose I hope this makes for compelling blogging.


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Plays of the Month You Shook Me All Night Long

Resurrected video from a better vanished time. Recommended viewing even if you don't like sports. Set to You Shook Me All Night Long. Ed

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Tiger Thoughts

1) Price for being Tiger, if this was Stuart Appleby crashing his car by himself into a tree no one would care not even Mrs. Appleby.

With great fame and great endorsement deals comes great scrutiny. TMZ and National Enquirer could care less about Rich Beem . Sorry but all this comes with the fame you worked for.

2) Electronic Arts better known as EA Sports Its in the game . New mode for Tiger Woods 2011.

In the game you can pick Elle Nordgren Woods as a woman with a golf club. You automatically can buy any accessory you want to outfit yourself instead of earning it by playing tournaments.

But most importantly you can only use your club on the windows of a Cadillac Escalade.


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One of My Favorite Christmas Songs

Done by the great Bob Rivers. First heard this song about 15 years ago and it would be a shame if any of my fun loving audience have not heard this rendition before.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Justice Is Not Only Blind, It's Lame

"Things in this life change very slowly if they ever change at all". - The Eagles

An old Klingon proverb says Revenge is a dish best served cold. An old Filipino proverb says justice is a dish best served rarely.

I see so many people lately asking for justice. In Facebook and in the newspapers. Because of this event. Well, we should never lose hope. It is indeed a horrible event. But please show me when we have seen justice? When did the truth prevail?

Two examples:


Nine years ago this man and his driver were unfortunately killed. Result of an ambush.

Have their families seen justice? It is nine years later and we don't even have anyone brought on charges.


You may have heard of this man.

There is an airport named after him.

He is on our currency.

He has a statue in the middle of the business district.

His wife was president of the country.

His son might be president of the country.

Most significantly he sired the Queen of Endorsements.

Imagine this: August 21 , 1983 he flies to Manila with a number of journalists with him in the plane. Soldiers come to pick him up. Cameras follow. Seconds before his life ends cameras were trained on him and the soldiers pushed them up obscuring what seems like forever any of us ever knowing what really happened. Not only was justice blind but so were the cameras.

Twenty six years later they don't even have a suspect much less a trial.

And this is a national hero.

At the time we were fed the line that there was a lone gunman in the tarmac. How someone just ends up in any international airport by a plane that has landed and know which plane and what time (remember August is hot) and has a gun. The whole thing does not add up. I don't think the return publicized at all. This was not Kennedy in a motorcade in Dallas. Yet the lone gunman knew all this.

The Filipino may be worth dying for, but should you be the one sacrificing, then we will have statues for you and you will be in the money we use and your name will be on the airport but you were killed by A. Nonymous. That is our gratitude to you Ninoy. No justice for you.

People get away with injustice all the time. So grave and so blatant and we shrug it all off. Accept it. Yet the country grinds to a halt whenever there is a Manny fight. People really care more Manny beating up on a Mexican they never heard of than about justice or values or life.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alternative Bohemian Rhapsody Video

Janice, Waldorf , Statler, The Great Gonzo, Rowlf, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beeker, Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Zoot, Fozzie , Animal, Crazy Harry , Swedish Chef,Lew Zealand , Muppet News Flash guy and more. Doing Bohemian Rhapsody. Yes I am reminiscing again.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hypocrisy of the Recognition and Admiration of Efren Penaflorida

Yes, he is all over all kinds of Filipino media. But I want to ask this question. You nation of band wagon jumpers, why now? The simple answer is because CNN says so. We would have never recognized him on our own. What I find heroic about this man and the others I looked at in the CNN showcase was that the most important thing this guy teaches is HOW TO LEARN. Like the classic Biblical quote do not give a man a fish , teach him how to fish (which also shows you Jesus' take on vegetarianism). Give the man a fish and you feed them for a day, teach the man how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. That is what I see to all those who make investment in youth.

After seeing all this token praise for him I decided to write about this. Then I saw this article. My simple question is if we did value learning and education before as a culture. Show me where.

I see this sudden shower of attention and campaigning very hypocritical and counter intuitive of our culture. Look at our noon time TV and tell me what do you learn from that?

Look at our prime time news and what do you learn from that? You know what I learn? News should be read with intonation similar to pro wrestling announcers.

Look at what local movies and prime time shows succeed and what shows are simply not produced and you can tell what the values of this society are. Jim Rohn says the marketplace is reality. If that is true look what succeeds in the market here. Nice reality huh?

Our reality does not value education or learning or even reading. Why change now?

I have to recall an anecdote. A while back we had a flash in the pan starlet called Belinda Bright. Like many show biz types , that is not her given name. Apparently she was given her stage surname by her director who saw her reading a book between takes. What I find fascinating is based on that story, reading a book qualifies as aberrant in the eyes of the culture and worthy of a nickname.

I am not anti Filipino, I am anti dumb. Efren Penaflorida is anti dumb. There are not many like him and they are obviously not celebrated. Unlike me, he goes out and educates. He is like the Bookmobile driver in South Park who has come to life teaching the magic of reading

Point being, we are celebrating an educator which is an admirable thing. It's just that we have never done it before. We celebrate morons. People who thumb their noses on education. We had a former president who released a joke book about himself with transposed polack jokes and it made him more popular. We don't celebrate intellectuals in this country, we reward, celebrate and elect imbeciles. You are welcome to disagree with me if I offend you but better yet identify somebody of substance that the man on the street relates to that does not fit the grim portrait of shallow values I am painting.

Let's list popular figures in this country. The people who capture the imagination of our countrymen:

Joseph Erap Estrada

Richard Gomez

Sharon Cuneta

Willie Revillame

Manny Pacquaio -

All the so called spokespersons/ endorsers for products that the advertisers crave.

Fernando Poe Jr.

Tito, Vic and Joey

Sex Bomb Dancers

Rico Yan

Richard Gutierrez

I can go to any bustling sidewalk in Metro Manila and everyone will know these guys.

Now tell me:

1) who am I missing ?

2) tell me one person in my list or yours who is valued by this culture for their intellect?

3) based on the people this society values, what do they learn from them?

4) If you put Efren Penaflorida on that list, does he look out of place? Actually not fitting in that list is his strength.

A lot of the people on my list are barely literate . Even if they are, they barely show it.They don't inspire their followers to learn. Maybe the followers do not want to learn. And you tell me as a society we value people Efren Penaflorida? We have not in the past.

I rest my case.