Thursday, April 28, 2016

Going To The Third Floor

Years ago I was going to the THIRD floor using the stairs and an officemate simultaneously got on the elevator. Then at the third floor said person said " I won!" . I should have said , yes you are still fatter. Two takeaways: 1. Habits make a person . 2. If somebody else is defining the objective, you don't have to play the game.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Noynoy Always On Top Of It

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Comprehensive Daang Matuwid Achievements

 Willie Zamora Achievement of Benigno Noynoy Aquino 2010 to 2015
Ipost natin ito sa mga supporters ng mga presidentibles guys para ma remind sa kanila ang mga nangyari at pwedeng mangyari ulit.

1. Sisihin ang mga tao bakit madaming namatay sa yolanda 2013
2. Sisihin si arroyo 2010
3. Sisihin si Marcos
4. Sisihin si Purisima, Sisihin si Napeñas
5. Sisihin ang mga SAFF officers.
6. Sisihin si Erap
7. Sisihin ulit si Arroyo 2011
8. Sisihin ulit si Arroyo 2013
9. Sisihin ulit si Arroyo 2015
10. NFA rice Arroyo 18 now 35. Commercial rice 45 before 30.
11. Salary increases few
12. Provincial rate same rate no increase
13. Galonggong/tinapa/sardinas
14. Meralco hike/Maynilad hike every month
15. Pamasahe
16. MRT every day damage
17. LRT every day damage
18. MRT hike 15 before now 30
19. LRT hike 15 before now 35
20. Traffic Edsa every hour
21. Mamasapano
22. BBL passed giving billion to terrorist
23. Soldiers AFP POLICE Military hold pension
24. China reclamation 2012 he did nothing
25. DAP
26. Promise MRT to baclaran to cavite end 2015 pag Hindi natapus mag papasagasa kami dalawa ni abaya.
27. Malampaya million of peso missing
28. Rename NLex to Cory Aquino
29. Rename Clark airport to Cory Aquino
30. Rename rizal stadium to ninoy Aquino
31. Rename Manila international to ninoy Aquino
32. Rename every new roads to Aquino
33. Rename every new bridge to Aquino
34. Yolanda all over the world give donations since 2013 still missing
35. DSWD rotten food giving to survivors
36. DSWD mountains of Ukay Ukay for Yolanda didn't give
37. Basura mula Canada since 2014 still more to come
38. DPWH walang toxic ang basura ng Canada
39. Demote sa mga police na tapat sa. Bayan or transfer sa ibang lugar.
40. Nag patangal Kay justice Chief Renato Corona. Wala na hadlang sa hacienda Luisita para Hindi na mabigay ang lupa sa mga mag sasaka.
41. Diesel every month hike
42. Gas
43. Binayaran ang senate ginamit ang DAP para Boto si Corona. 3 senators dint vote Santiago joker arroyo, bong bong
44, TAX
45. Tuitions hike every year
46. binenta ang Heart center of the Philippines to private sector
47. Binenta ang lung center private sector
48. Binenta ang GPH sa private sector
49. Binenta ang children hospital sa private sector
50. Binenta ang kidney hospital sa private
51. Binenta ang orthopedic hospital private
52. Binenta ang angat dam
53. Rice smuggling highest to all president
54. Bawang price hike
55. Bawang smuggling
56. sultanate of Sabah asking help to take Sabah but he say go home or i will declare all of you terrorist they all die 2013
57. Pang Bansang pag kain adobo declared a law
58. Naging senator siya kahit isang batas walang napasa
59. How bill to rename Edsa to Cory Aquino
60. Law that people most fall in line
61. Ayaw mag sorry sa hong kong bus crisis worst airport
63. Rose osang Israel x-factor champion nag pataw tax pag uwi. Isang maid
64. Nag pataw ng tax Kay Michelle Martinez ng hingi ng tulong Hindi tinulungan. Binenta ang bahay at lupa para maka sali sa Olympic
65. More and more ofw
66. Pang Bansang pag kain Pagpag
67. Laglag bala sa airport/syndicate
68. Bukas Balikbayan boxes syndicate
69. Pnp syndicate drugs, hulidap, extortion, salvage, planting evidence, unresolved cases etc
70. K to 12 is a big joke, books - seems like made in china. A burden to pupils,parents and teachers.

Open your eyes... if you think this gov't deserves your vote then be it..if not why stay? Copy and share, share lang poh...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poll Tailender

Aquino hits back at Villar

‘Aren’t you supposed to lead by example?’
By Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:17:00 01/11/2010

Filed Under: Politics, Elections, Eleksyon 2010
MANILA, Philippines ? Where were you when push came to shove?
Sen. Benigno ?Noynoy? Aquino III came out swinging on Sunday against Sen. Manuel ?Manny? Villar for questioning his capacity to implement reforms, saying that Villar did not take the lead in questioning Arroyo administration scandals.
?When push came to shove, where were you? What have you done? He says he is not a person who easily picks a fight, but when you see the abuses in the system, does it not make you want to stand up and say enough is enough?? Aquino said in an interview.

?Aren?t you supposed to lead by example and not just leave it to your colleagues?? Aquino said, speaking in English and Filipino.
Aquino was responding to the questions Villar raised at a presidential debate on Saturday, where the Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer questioned Aquino?s ability to implement real reforms.
Sen. Richard Gordon, who is also running for president in the May elections and is banking on his record of achievements as mayor of Olongapo City and administrator of Subic Bay Freeport and the Philippine National Red Cross, has also been blasting Aquino on the issue of competence.
Gordon said Aquino had not done anything to improve even his own hometown. Aquino said he did not think it was worth his while to comment on the remarks of a poll tailender. Gordon is among those at the bottom of popularity surveys.
?You talking about yourself??
?When I hear them say this, I say, ?Are you talking about me or are you talking about yourself??? Aquino said. ?This is a good thing ? to have face-to-face debates so that we can go head on.?

Aquino quoted Villar as saying that during the ?Hello Garci? scandal, it was then Cavite Rep. Gilbert Remulla, who is now the NP spokesperson, who was in the forefront while it was NP Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano who kept on hammering on the NBN-ZTE scam, a deal to wire the nation?s bureaucracy digitally that was scuttled after revelations of bribery and overprice.
?I?m saying this in the context of his statement that he is not a person who easily picks fights. But if you see something wrong, aren?t you supposed to do something about it? Why claim (credit for) what the others did?? Aquino said.
?How can we be sure that when you?re the one already in the leadership position, you?ll also do what your colleagues did?? he said.
?What have you done??
?After all the sound bites, what?s important is what you have done. I?ve followed through on all my commitments. I can (implement reforms). I will. I have to,? Aquino added.
He said that he even lost his position as deputy House Speaker when he took the Arroyo administration to task for the ?Hello Garci? scandal, referring to the purported wiretapped phone conversation between President Macapagal-Arroyo and former Election Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano.
Critics said the tapes were evidence Ms Arroyo stole the 2004 presidential election. She denies any wrongdoing.

?When you see that there is oppression and you do nothing, you are in effect also supporting that oppressive system,? Aquino added.
Not in oust-GMA moves
Reached for comment, Remulla said that Aquino, the Liberal Party standard-bearer, was ?never in the forefront? in the failed efforts in the House of Representatives when he was the Tarlac representative to impeach Ms Arroyo over the ?Hello Garci? scandal.
?The question is where was he? Even in the impeachment, he was never in the forefront. He could not even get his Liberal Party, as a leader in the House, to unite to vote to impeach (Ms Arroyo),? Remulla said.
?Senator Villar was in the background giving all out support to us,? he said, adding that even Villar?s wife, Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar, was supportive of the attempt to oust Ms Arroyo.

Remulla also said that during the ?jueteng? scandal it was Senator Villar who chaired the hearings that produced Sandra Cam and other witnesses against the Arroyo administration.

?Senator Aquino should be careful in what he says because his record is not exemplary at all,? he added.
Nike salesman, reformer
Defending himself on the issue of competence, Aquino pointed to his experience in the private sector. He said he was a member of the team that helped Nike become popular in the country in the mid-1980s.
He said he also helped implement reforms in sugarcane production in his family?s Hacienda Luisita.

But more importantly, Aquino said that he had been keen on his role as a fiscalizer as a congressman and senator.

He said he tried to reform the Armed Forces? procurement process, particularly in its oil supply, by requiring public bidding.
Aquino said he also tried to have a select oversight committee formed in Congress to determine if the millions in unaccounted intelligence funds of government agencies were spent for their intended purposes.
Aquino said he was confident that he would be able to successfully implement real change in the country if he won the presidency because he also expected his base of supporters to take his administration to task if it failed to deliver on its promises.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Universe Revolves Around Mar Roxas

"Hallelujah I have seen the light . Forget everything I ever said before . I will save you all lots of time. Vote for...

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