Friday, September 21, 2012

Before You Figure Out RH Bill Figure Out This

Literally Taken From Today's Headlines . To be fair this is a tabloid but just shows you the depth our literacy goes here. There is no use doing whatever is proposed in the RH bill if things like this are not addressed first. I am sure this contributes to our population growth. Congratulations again to People's Journal Tonight for crack journalism on this fine day Sept 21 2012. Glad they were able to scoop the other news sources as the underdog. I hope the upcoming Cyberact of 2012 does not hamper their news gathering prowess. One last thing. Why was I not invited?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chihuahua in Greenbelt 2

For those of you sick of my political rants. Little changeup for  you. Tonight was one of those nights where I saw the traffic and decided to roam Greenbelt instead of get in the driver's seat. I was able to do a few things then came the time to decide where to eat. I saw a niece tonight and I told her the beauty of being single is you get to pick where to eat. The bad part is I argue with myself.

Chihuahua just got hold of me with it's tractor beam. I always loved Mexican but dang it, I love hot sauce, hot peppers etc. My stomach may curse me 2-8 hours later but in the words of Styx "whatever the price I'll pay". Chihuahua is a place for me where the food is something you put on the hot sauce. I did not take any pictures because never thought I would blog about it. Anyway order a burrito, taco, nacho bowl and pick your content. Then experiment which sauce will enhance your food. Another plus though I did not avail tonight is they have draft beer. Tonight was at least my third time there if not my fifth. They also have wifi.