Friday, May 28, 2010

Similarities Between Lincoln and Elvis by David Letterman

There are some of you who have seen the eerie comparisons between John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. As fascinating as that may be David Letterman and crew improved on that premise. He compared the lives of Lincoln and Elvis Presley. Recorded this around 1989. This was before I owned a HiFi VHS. Yes , I recorded this around the same time some of my audience was born.Watching Letterman five nights a week might explain a lot of things you see before you 21 years later. He really had an edge in his NBC days. It's not even so much the network but the fact he was playing with house money when he was at 12:30 time slot. Hope you enjoy this.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Am All About Making Dreams Come True

There are people who believe that more money equals more quality. I am sure those people have never seen David Letterman on NBC twenty years ago. Tonight my fellow local sports junkie Alan and I had a long overdue beer and wings session. In the nine years we have known each other we keep finding out things in common. I would list them out if I thought one of you out there cares but I will probably bore you to tears. Think "Nerd alert" . There are still some of us that love the Letterman NBC days and I promised to give him some. As our mutual favorite says " I am all about making dreams come true". Here is hoping some of you will enjoy this too.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?

Talk about showing my age. That was a really old commercial. When I don't listen to podcasts surprise surprise I listen to music.

In the last little while been listening to among others:

Bob Seger Live Bullet

Joe Jackson Live 1980-1986

Bruce Springsteen Live

Secret Policeman's Other Ball (live) with Sting, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Phil Collins

George Thorogood Live

Nighthawks at the Diner - Tom Waits (live)

Big Time - Tom Waits (live)

Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like We Do (live)

Supertramp Live in Paris

The Kinks One For The Road

The Kinks Live The Road

At Fillmore East by The Allman Brothers Band.

Full House The J.Geils Band

As well as the video of the 50th Reunion of Cliff Richard and the Shadows.

There is more to it than that of course. I probably have more live albums than some people have albums. But brings up the point, why are there no live albums out now? Very simple. In a music landscape dominated by people who are not talented, there is little point watching their show for the music aspect. In 2010 yes you can have theatrics but some of us remember the days when the music business had actual music. As in every sound you heard emanated from the people you see on stage from their instruments. This may sound shocking to some but a live album only has the music and none of the trimmings from the concert. No lasers, no dancing, no guys in bling churning butter just the music. That is where you will find the true music fan. The one who is there for the music. What a novelty.

Of course what I said is only relevant if you care about bands. For the kids out there Kanye West is not a band. Britney Spears is not a band. Westlife and all the other "boybands" are not bands. Spice Girls are not a band. All the above have little to do with music. It's just bells, whistles, smoke, mirrors and marketing. Music goes into your gut and becomes part of you. To quote the fan in the beginning of the movie This is Spinal Tap "Heavy Metal's deep, you get stuff out of it" (2:01)

I did not mean heavy metal literally. David Lee Roth once said the three most important elements in a concert were lots of band, light and sound. At least in the early 80's Van Halen resisted the temptation of a big screen. The band is why you go to a concert. It's not about reproducing the recorded song. It's about the band. The spontaneity, the interaction and the energy. When was the last time you saw that from 50 cent's band and wanted it on a CD?
Some artists energy does not translate to the studio recording as well as it does live. Meaning that a lot of songs by Bob Seger, George Thorogood , The J. Geils band and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band sound better on the live records than on the original studio ones.

I won't go into the "performance enhancing" used in some so called concerts because it's obvious anyway. When I talk about a band in the context of a rock and roll setting I usually mean lead guitar, bass guitar, drummer , piano/ keyboards, rhythm guitar. Of course you can have percussionists and horns ( I was a horn player). A successful band is one that plays together well on stage. Just like I believe to really enjoy coffee is to drink it black, once the band ceases to being background for a singer and is appreciated by it's own merits; that's when music appreciation really begins.

When I was in first year high school, I believe I lost part of my musical innocence when I heard that for their "Live" album, the Eagles were "mailing in " their overdubs. What that means was a lot of what listened too that I thought was live had some "modifications"I understand that for most of the Long Run tour the Eagles were like the wives of John Edwards and/or Tiger Woods just going through the motions. I believe that once that tour ended, they did not see each other till the rehearsals for Hell Freezes Over. Which was 14 years later.

Joe Jackson ( Look Sharp, Night and Day, Big World, Body and Soul) purposely put on his albums that anything done "live" had no overdubs. Whether in front of a paid audience or in a studio setting. Maybe I am getting too hardcore for some of you but information is all on line or you can ask me.

I have seen many concerts.

Three Times: Stanley Jordan, Steely Dan

Twice: Randy Newman , Bruce Springsteen , Bob Seger , Supertramp , Kiss , Joe Jackson, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Singles: Marillion, Bob Dylan, The Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Spinal Tap, Tragically Hip, David Sanborn, The Who, Lionel Ritchie, Tina Turner , Dire Straits, Billy Joel , Motley Crue, Yes, The Alan Parsons Project , Men at Work, Weird Al, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Don Henley, Burt Bacharach, Bryan Adams, Rush, The Village People, Sting

All those shows ranged from 1982 to 1999. I have live music in my collection from most of them because the sound produced on stage for the most part was produced on stage and was worth committing to recording. You may have noticed Steely Dan on the three times list. I truly truly love their stuff. Songwriting, playing and memorable melodies, its all there. Maybe some of my trademark sarcasm comes from their lyrics. One of those times in concert was here.

Talk about a sight to behold. The Gorge in George, Washington State. About an 8 hour drive from where I used to live. They also used that scene as the back cover of their live album. But I slightly digress.

Why are there no live albums now? Do you really believe that even their own fans care to have live albums of Chris Brown or Neyo or Kanye West or that Justin Pipsqueak? Anybody interested in those people I guarantee you does not care about watching a band. They could be puppets up there on stage for all the audience knows. ( Actually that did happen ) Their music is disposable, their albums are not good and whatever music comes out on stage is contrived and not worthy to be offered to the altar of the godz of Rock and Roll!!!! Music now is not really about music but packaging and marketing. Selling the sizzle and not the steak. Dewey Finn was correct. MTV really screwed up music for the younger people by making music less relevant. The sizzle was relevant not the steak. And the fruits of that strategy was born into this lost generation. A generation that does not care about what a band does and therefore has no need for a live record. A live record is where the band shines. It's an aspect that is glitz free. A great rock and roll live album played loud is the pinnacle. I achieve a 'high' no alcohol or narcotics necessary. As the Who says "Join Together With The Band".

If you want to know why modern music sucks ? There is no more reason to record a live album.


4. Mix things up.
This is the most important rule. What's the point of a live album if the songs are arranged exactly like they are on the studio recordings? That approach guarantees an inferior product. This is where Live 1980/86 really succeeds. It includes three different versions of "Is She Really Going Out with Him", each different from the original recording yet still grounded in the basic elements of the song. The arrangements on side four are spectacular, especially "Steppin' Out", the acoustic-based tracks "Be My Number Two" and "Breaking Us in Two" and the soaring "It's Different for Girls".

Big World is a 1986 live album by Joe Jackson.[1] The album was recorded in front of an invited audience at the Roundabout Theatre in New York City on 22-25 January 1986. Jackson's intent was to capture the excitement and spontaneity of a live performance, but without any interference from the crowd. The audience remained silent during the recording as per Jackson's request, so no applause is heard. The music was mixed live from microphones on each instrument and then recorded directly into a stereo digital tape recorder. Unlike most live recordings, no post-recording mixing or overdubbing was performed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Always Seems To Me Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

Oh, its been too long since an Obama post and I miss it. Obama is just like Noynoy that they both had fanatical followers despite having no such actions to justify such fanaticism. My newer readers can catch up on my Obama thoughts here.

You may have heard the expression pot calling the kettle black. US Diplomats that apologize to China for Arizona's Illegal Alien measures is truly beyond the comprehension of my puny brain.This was of course under orders from Barrack himself.

Other things in the news.

  • Donald Trump apologizes to Paul Allen for making too much money.
  • Katie Couric apologizes to Madonna for dressing too slutty.
  • Stephen Hawking apologizes to Erap for being too dumb.
  • Marvin Hamlisch apologizes to Kanye West for having a melody.
  • Chuck Norris apologizes to Richard Simmons for being too dainty,2933,593124,00.html

To quote George Will

Such control is an essential attribute of national sovereignty. America is the only developed nation that has a 2,000-mile border with a developing nation, and the government's refusal to control that border is why there are an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona and why the nation, sensibly insisting on first things first, resists "comprehensive" immigration reform.

(please read more here)

Bottom line if you look Mexican in the state of Arizona, please have id. There are 460,000 who crossed the border illegally and it is them who spoiled it for the rest of us. Keep in mind to be in any country illegally is already an offense. Carrying around id is a small price to pay for living in a country everyone else wants to live in. If you don't believe me for one second please tell me about Americans who dying to live in Mexico illegally. Tell me about those stats. Now please compare the law that requires id with the common practices in China of firing on unarmed civilians, amnesia on mass murder, discarding babies etc. All of which are discussed in the links below.

Even though I have been to Beijing once and I enjoyed it, I found the Tom Clancy book The Bear and The Dragon of some insight into Chinese politics and everyday life. There is only so much perspective you can get from tourist spots.

All this stuff China has done and is still doing is nothing new. Why Obama and his cohorts want to apologize to them for a law that requires you to show proof of residence is something I truly can't wrap my head around. Actually Noynoy is president elect now and I can't wrap my head around that either. This is truly my Twisted View on an Already Twisted World.


Read up on China's practices

One Baby Policy

Arizona Law (Arizona) (Arizona law)

China's real legacy

Bear and the Dragon

Apology to China,2933,593124,00.html

Sunday, May 16, 2010

They Ask Me Why I Teach

The picture above is of my class that I was honored to teach last Thursday. I admitted to them something I have not said to maybe 80 or so previous classes (many of them in my Facebook group now) . I told them that the teaching was my favorite part of my job.

In a previous lifetime, OK so it was the mid nineties I embraced teaching. Not in a traditional classroom sense but combining teaching with sales. I loved Primerica Financial Services and their approach of taking an educational approach to selling financial approach. Many principles I learned there affect me today. We were taught to sell yourself. The company was us. You built trust by authentically caring who was sitting in front of you . You built trust by caring enough to educate them. Do it properly and the sale will be academic.

Unfortunately I was not able to sell enough to sustain a long term career but I always kept what I learned in terms of finance, attitude, sales, psychology and being competitive. It has not always manifested itself but I am working on it.

I took an educational approach whenever I was approached for interviews to explain the stock market. It may have been elementary to some but I wanted to explain to those who did not know.

Former NFL coaching great John Madden had an explanation why the superstar player is rarely a good coach. "The A student can rarely relate to the C student. " I can not back that up with a link, I heard it on an NFL broadcast he did. But it makes total sense. It's all about getting through to people. Jesus used parables, Socrates used questions. I got that from another teacher of mine Elfren Cruz. He also enjoyed teaching and has made an impact on more than my life I am sure.

The more you read great classic books like The One Minute Manager and The Seven Habits of Highly Effectively People. Not only are they teaching you themselves with the material in the book, they stress for you to fully understand you must share that knowledge with others.

Ultimately, I hope that is what I have been doing all along with this blog. I am blessed with a little bit of an audience of varying ages. I really hope every single one of you learns something everything you look here. Even in disagreement I hope you learn something. Even if all it is, is a different way of seeing the same thing.

John Wooden is one teacher who took his job seriously. I will mention him more in future blog entries. I first mentioned him here.

He truly felt blessed to be a teacher. He really took the job of teaching young men life through basketball seriously. Below I reproduced a poem that really spoke to him and has inspired him all these years. Called They Ask me Why I Teach. You may not have heard of it and I do hope it serves you well in appreciating teachers as well as sharing knowledge with those who you can share with. I will share much more of his wisdom, experience and insight in the coming weeks.

One day we will lose this beautiful man ( He will be 100 later this year) and everyone will jump on the bandwagon. I just want to say I appreciate him while he is here.


Happy 99th Birthday John Wooden! The Pyramid of Success

(A poem by Glennice Harmon)
They ask me why I teach
And I reply, "Where could I find more splendid company?"
There sits a statesman,
Strong, unbiased, wise,
Another later Webster
And there a doctor
Whose quick, steady hand
Can mend a bone or stem the lifeblood's flow.
A builder sits beside him --
Upward rise the arches of that church he builds wherein
That minister will speak the word of God,
And lead a stumbling soul to touch the Christ.

And all about
A lesser gathering
Of farmers, merchants, teachers,
Laborers, men
Who work and vote and build
And plan and pray into a great tomorrow.
And, I say,
"I may not see the church,
Or hear the word,
Or eat the food their hands will grow."
And yet -- I may.
And later I may say,
"I knew the lad, and he was strong,
Or weak, or kind, or proud
Or bold or gay.
I knew him once,
But then he was a boy."
They ask my why I teach and I reply,
"Where could I find more splendid company?"

Friday, May 14, 2010

An unaltered authentic photo

I was always there for him. Never doubted for a minute. To the victor goes the spoils. Don't forget the sound clip below.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open Letter to President Noynoy

"Be careful what you WISH for. You just might get it." (anonymous)

Looks like you got what you wanted. Looks like your supporters got what they wanted. Time will tell if you can and will give the country what it wants. Congratulations.

The challenges that face your administration are daunting even for somebody qualified, passionate , ambitious and experienced. You are none of the above and I hope you know what you are in for. Somehow I doubt it.

The job will require you to make tough decisions and weigh the pros and cons and the good of all. Decisions you could have been making at your last two jobs. Though nobody seems to find any evidence that you ever exercised that kind of decision making.

With you as president guess we won't be getting that really mature and dignified People Power threat of yours huh? You had me at "People".

Total morons have made it to that seat you now occupy (see 1998). Just remember that when your head gets even bigger despite your lack of accomplishments.

Speaking of 1998, let's talk about rivals. Obama had to beat McCain, Ali had to beat Frazer look who you beat? Someone who would have been and has been a bigger nightmare than you. Your closest rivals were a womanizing, dim witted, virile, alcoholic and a conniving, manipulative spendaholic. Hardly a clash of the titans. What glory is there in victory if 2nd and 3rd place go to a couple of clowns like that. Either the talent pool for president was really shallow or our electorate have really distorted values.

I have said before sir, that you have never shown any ability to lead. That you could not even lead your way out of a paper bag. I even doubt you can handle the vice president elect. A very ambitious, self made man who may have misplaced some morals along the way.He seems to be everything you are not. May God have mercy on your soul.

Finally you should have won an Oscar for effectively borrowing a line from Sixth Sense and making it your own "I use dead people".

Despite everything I said , I wish you well. I rather be wrong and this country do well than be right and have the country go in the toilet. You hear that? I rather be wrong. You can prove me wrong. It's up to you.

Your pal,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Noynoy and "Winnability" an Inquiry into Values

“Natatakot siya (Revillame) talaga. Mananalo siya talaga. Sa akin iyon ang sabi ko, ayokong magpulitika…. doon nga ako natatakot baka manalo ako. Ganoon din si Willie,” he (Dolphy) laughingly said.


"The name Noynoy Aquino has the word 'No' three times. "- somebody from


“If you know, to recognize that you know, If you don't know, to realize that you don't know: That is knowledge.”


“The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action.”


Winnability. It's not even a word. Just when I thought I was running out of things to
say before May 10, 2010. You may recall this post

One thing I forgot to say there is if FPJ won , the win was not for him but for all the hangers on. Their agenda. Same thing I feel with Noynoy, the hangers on can not win on their own but get somebody who can win then ride on his coattails into the Palace. Unfortunately this "Winnabilty " thing speaks so badly about us. It really really does. Because in this country at least, winnability is not synonymous with quality or leadership or governance or practicality. Hence the Dolphy quote. He once said in Tagalog "if you win then what?" though I can't find the link. Running and winning in this country is clearly an ego thing. Not sure if they ever figured out that serving the public is the primary function. It's a popularity contest like in my grade school where we had contest for muse. OK so I am still bitter for losing.

FPJ was a real threat six years ago and for all we know should have really won. I'm sorry but that really speaks to the IQ of the electorate. All the hangers on that convinced FPJ to run. I imagined back then Vic Sotto in a meeting with FPJ "Sige bossing, takbo na!!!". And from the naivety of that conversation, a snowball was put into motion that almost resulted in FPJ sitting in Malacanang. If he won then all the hangers on that convinced him to run and their agendas would have been Trojan Horsed into Malacanang with FPJ.

If you find that scenario stupid, well it is before us right now. Noynoy was called to run because of his mom's death. And like an idiot he agrees. Either he does not know he does not have the tools for the job or he believes he has the tools. Well they must be real top secret tools because I don't know anyone who has seen them. Like the Confucius quote above, he is too dumb to know that he does not know. For those who find my blogs about Noynoy always referencing to stupidity, I would like to see you refer to brilliance and intellect when talking about him and his situation. And you guys out there want him to be president? A guy no one can characterize as smart?

This is the mistake the country is likely to make tomorrow at the polls. Our standards in this country for the highest public office one can attain seem to be really low if the right last name is all you need. No personal track record necessary. Our countrymen who have campaigned and will vote for this charlatan have bought emotionally and can't even defend logically.

The Philippines deserves better than a President elected because of symbolism, sympathy, nepotism and memories. Or maybe it doesn't.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Noynoy By The Book Again

Election in T minus 3 days. Just when I though I have run out of things to say, other things pop in my head. If you believe the media then Noynoy will be the next president of this country. It does not make him any good if he is elected. It just means in politics there sometimes is no accounting for taste or brains. As I have said many many times, Noynoy is the emotional choice and never the logical choice.
If I can make one plea to all of you going to vote for Noynoy, if you vote him in I will not stop. I will mock him at every turn. His mistakes will be inevitable. You want to know how to avoid mistakes? Do nothing. Noynoy is an expert at that. Guaranteed the first crisis he will face , he will have a deer in headlights look.

The only way to evaluate anything with any semblance of logic is not through memories of their parents but an established framework. I will once again turn to man of wisdom and experience for this. John Maxwell. he has this list of twelve signs of a leader in trouble. Believe me, I use the term leader loosely when referring to Noynoy.

Profile of a Leader in Trouble by John Maxwell

1. Has a poor understanding of people
2. Lacks imagination
3. Has personal problems

4. Passes the buck

5. Feels secure and satisfied
6. Is not organized

7. Flies into rages

8. Will not take a risk

9. Is insecure and defensive

10. Stays inflexible

11. Has no team spirit.

12. Fights change


I will give my own insight on some of these signs. Though it will be a disservice to you the reader if I do not refer you to a brilliant piece called 12 Reasons Why I Won't Vote NOYNOY For President by George Canseco Jr. If anything in Maxwell's list relates directly to Canseco Jr's list I will just link to it with the rule #. 1. Has a poor understanding of people Actually if the litmus test of a rule is that it works then I will say Noynoy has a great understanding of people. As in people easily hooked by emotion that they become devoid of logic. He makes statements that don't have any roots in reality and just tugs at heartstrings. Link

2. Lacks imagination
If your campaign is nothing but a tribute to what your parents did 25 years ago then I consider that lacking imagination. See #6 here

3. Has personal problems- this might count . Link

4. Passes the buck- he does not pass the buck because he does nothing. Unless you count him prefacing every answer in an interview with "sabi nang magulang ko" ( my parents told me)


#26 here

5. Feels secure and satisfied- I personally would not run for president if I had no concrete activities to point to so I can justify running for president. Then again I am not Noynoy.
He is secured and satisfied that people who do not know any better clamoring for him to run is enough of an excuse to run. Also refer to #6 here.

6. Is not organized - I am not organized myself so I will not critique that which I am not.
7. Flies into rages- you decide if this qualifies link

8. Will not take a risk-
"The person who risks nothing, Does nothing, Has nothing and is nothing." - Leo Buscalia
Oh this completely describes Noynoy till now.

9. Is insecure and defensive-

Read this where Noynoy "answers" Dick Gordon's question what has he done with 9 years in office. Link

10. Stays inflexible What do you call a guy whose case to vote for him as president just talks about his parents?
Interpretation by Doc Albert- Link

Also see # 9 and #12 here

11. Has no team spirit.
You know who has team spirit? His running mate who is infinitely more qualified but stepped down to vice president to accommodate the chosen one of Destiny Noynoy Link

Interpretation by Doc Albert- Link

12. Fights change How can someone promise change when all he talks about what his parents did in the 80s?? He was part of the very government he claims he will change. Been there nine years and all of a sudden he will change it?


You can have many emotional reasons to vote for Noynoy but your country needs your head making your decisions not your heart.


“Those Who Risk Nothing, Do, Achieve, & Become Nothing”

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Noynoy Fantasy or Reality?

How many of you remember the elections of 2004? Do you remember a guy running for president who had no business running based on his qualifications? He was controlled by unseen strings because the whole campaign was not solely his idea.He was thrust as his party's "standard bearer" not because of merit or achievement or leadership or competency in the political arena or qualifications. He was there for one thing and one thing only. "Winnability"

The idea that this is plausible should be an insult to every red blooded Filipino who gives a damn. Granted there is one little problem. It's happening now.

The spin doctors and campaign managers understand the election landscape. Believe me they don't see Rhodes Scholars and Mensa members.

I will give you two columns and if you are paying at all to the election rhetoric tell me which column (A or B) is the fantasy column and which is the reality column.


Political Savvy
High Brow
More IQ
Handled Crisis
Prepared for Crisis

Deep Thinker
Dealt with Adversity


Family Ties
Name Recognition
Low Brow
Less IQ
No Experience
Avoids Tough Questions
Leaning on Legacy of Others
No Intrinsic Direction

If you really gave this some honest thought, be afraid, be very afraid.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Mean We Have To Elect A Leader?

You Mean We Have To Elect a Leader?

" We'll have a kid
Or maybe we'll rent one
He's got to be straight
We don't want a bent one
He'll drink his baby brew
From a big brass cup
Someday he may be president
If things loosen up"

Love Story by Randy Newman

The election is less than a week away. Lost in every body's chest beating hype is the sober realization that we are electing leaders for various communities and various levels of community. Please think about that when you cast your vote. Somewhere there you have to elect a leader for here and now. For the world as it exists in May of 2010. Not Aug 1983 not Feb 1986. As Colin Cowherd says live in the is not in the was.

Let me repeat, lost in all the rallies and all the billions that Villar is spending is that we are selecting a leader. The country has every right to make a mistake but in my own little way I will try to inject a dose of reality to this festive occasion. Hopefully advert them making a mistake of voting in someone so unqualified as a leader its not even funny.

As preparation to write this (yes folks there is actual preparation) , I scanned over several leadership books and websites. I can not for the life of me find any text book justification for Noynoy. None. The guy can not lead his way out of a paper bag. To quote Bobby Knight - "he can't lead a whore to bed". The guy is arrogant in this election campaign, whether he is not answering Dick Gordon's fair question of what has he ever done? Or claiming the position of president is his destiny.The funny thing about claiming destiny. In Noynoy's case it seems to absolve him from showing any personal accomplishment.

One of Janet Jackson's biggest hits was called What Have You Done For Me Lately? What Dick Gordon was trying to ask Noynoy was " What Have You Ever Done For Us? Since you are trying to claim the presidency"

Taken from Developing The Leader Within You by John Maxwell

5. Integrity means living it myself before leading others.

We cannot lead anyone else further than we have been our�selves. Too many times we are so concerned about the product we try to shortcut the process. There are no shortcuts when integrity is involved. Eventually truth will always be exposed.
Recently I heard of a man who interviewed a consultant to some of the largest U.S. companies about their quality control. The consultant said, "In quality control, we are not concerned about the product. We are concerned about the process. If the process is right, the product is guaranteed." The same holds true for integrity; it guarantees credibility.
I remember hearing my basketball coach, Don Neff, repeatedly emphasize to our team, "You play like you practice; you play like you practice." When we fail to follow this principle, we fail to reach our personal potentials. When leaders fail to follow this principle, eventually they lose their credibility.

Based on that very simple framework, is Noynoy a leader? Does he have credibility? Did he ever have a process in 50 years of living? What do you expect as a product? Is Noynoy following the principle that Dr. Maxwell mentions about practice before playing? Did Noynoy live his vision himself before attempting to lead others? What the heck is his basing his right to "destiny" on?

If you are even thinking of voting for him, answer those questions.

Here is my dare to you to conclude this. Get any book on leadership and please photocopy or scan the pages that describe someone like Noynoy. Send it to me. And I will refute everything I ever said. Please back up your claim with facts from his life before the campaign. I doubt any of you can and that has always been my point. He is running for president because in this country the right last name is more important than the right resume. Noynoy talks about Mama and Papa and never about instances in his life where he has been challenged and he himself has answered that challenge. It always goes back to Mama and Papa. Well Mama and Papa ain't here. Just Noynoy.


Monday, May 3, 2010

"You Are Wasting Your Vote"

4 a : to spend or use carelessly : squander b : to allow to be used inefficiently or become dissipated

One thing you may have heard by now is the excuse. A vote for _________ is a wasted vote. Which is usually used by the political adversaries of ____. How true is that claim? You know the old quote "statistics don't lie but liars use statistics". You also know the two questions they ask when you want a survey conducted in the Philippines : 1) When do you want the survey out? 2) What do you want the survey to say?

I want to draw your attention to an
article that I feel explains the surveys that so many Noynoy supporters and Noynoy himself use as the Gospel Truth.

I got the idea from

If you take the "survey tailender" incident at face value then you see a man who can not bravely face a question to give an accounting of his time as a public servant. A man blindly idolized by many in this election season. An Emperor who truly has no clothes. I even have the transcript of the kids who have exposed Noynoy to be such.

Let's get back to the issue of waste. For those of us who watched one of the best shows ever The Sopranos, we all know that Tony Soprano never defined himself as gangster or part of the mob or part of the mafia. He was in "waste management". Considering all the people he did dispose of in the show, he was not really lying. Noynoy on the other hand tells you any vote that is not for him or the perceived #2 in the polls is a wasted vote. The assumption that the polls are really believable. Ask anyone who been to the majority of provinces in this country and they will tell you that for a so called small country it's pretty big. How anyone can take such a small sampling size and project with such confidence a 19% lead is beyond anyone who can think rationally. Then again we are talking Noynoy, same guy who when asked what has he done when he was in Congress for 9 years and not give a response. Somebody like Tony Soprano should "waste manage" Noynoy.

Much has been made that Noynoy will not stain the legacy of his parents. For those of us paying attention to what he has done or not done in 50 years of living.He already has. Running for president of the land not because of the wishes of his parents but for the ulterior motives of those around him stains the parents legacy. Just bragging about his parents legacy in lieu of his personal deeds stains the parents legacy. Running for president with his joke of a resume stains the parents legacy. He already has stained the parents legacy. So don't be giving some bogus promise that he won't stain it should he win.

And he just laughs because : 1) he does not see it and 2) many others do not see it.

The thing is when based on Noynoy's words or lack of them when his activity as a public servant is questioned, you have the true definition of waste . And by association the true definition of a wasted vote. Laugh if you want.