Monday, July 16, 2018

Lou Brock's Connection with Lazada

Last night I was looking up different hard drives in Lazada. Which  is a very significant online seller in this country. Today I was curious what teams former major league baseball player Lou Brock played for. Amazing , somehow Lazada infiltrated Baseball . Just saying.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Movies That Made An Impact

I've been nominated by Roman Surtida ( in Facebook) to choose my 10 favorite films. Post the film poster, 1 poster per day, no need to explain why and nominate a person each day to do the same. Like some who don’t go near leather, I am not good with chains. You may volunteer to post your favorite ðŸŽ¥ movies. No obligation. I did something similar with music ðŸŽ¶ albums.  So instead of one movie a day here are a bunch.  No particular order.


  • Of all the Elvis movies, no one would have guessed that one but that is just proof of the appeal of Elvis. 
  • I have to apologize to someone at work who refuses to watch Dead Poet Society and Shawshank Redemption, sorry zero  Duane Johnson movies. 
  • Almost every James Bond is represented. 
  • I love Monty Python but adding one would have felt forced. Maybe I should have watched one in the last 10 years. 
  • Lot of Arny movies.  
  • The pre Harry Met Sally Reiner very well represented. 
  • Very few comic book movies despite being a comic fan. 
  • the western and war films  totally nudged out the rom com films. 
  • Lots of 80s  Kevin Costner  including Silverado. 
  • A few musicals but no Sound of Music. 
  • There has to be a Chuck Norris movie on this list. 
  • Shoestring type movies  here include: Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.