Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Moronic Claim

What a stupid , moronic claim . And no I am not talking about me being refined and civilized. The numbers may be correct but every brag requires context. Aquaman came out in the US Dec 19 or 21. It did very well during the peak movie going time. I am assuming the movie they are promoting came out the second week of January. Actually you see the column LW. Stands for “ last week “ . Upside was not ranked because it was not out. The gross figure you see there is 100% of the gross of Upside. Aquaman ‘s figure is about 7% of their total take and yet Upside beat that 7% by 3 million . So  yes for that week it beat Aquaman but they did not have the same starting line . Some advertising people think all of us are imbeciles.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Something I Noticed In The Film The Prestige

I recently watched an older movie that I never got to see before. The Prestige ( 2006) is about two rival magicians ( illusionists) who were former partners . They keep trying to outdo each other throughout the film as the stakes keep getting higher. I noticed what I thought of a gaffe ( at least for the period)

There is a scene where there is a formal inquiry about one of those transparent tanks of water you see onstage. This inquiry is held in London and the units used to describe the capacity of the water tank was gallons. Maybe my assumption they would use  "liters" in 19th century London but that might be just me. Possible that was a concession given to American audiences? Then again maybe gallons was acceptable at the time according to this. 

prestige movie 2006  gallons tank water liters metric

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Halloween Todd Schindler Memory

Back in 1987 I met Todd Schindler.      I have not seen him or heard from him since the late 90s. Yet some of his stories still resonate with me.

This particular story goes back to Todd's time in an IGA grocery in Hamilton, Ontario. I used to remember the name of his funny ( intentionally or unintentionally ) co -worker known for the phrase " we are here to make money". It might come to me eventually.

One day a female customer came to this co-worker looking for a particular canned soup called Scarios.

The clerk then replied that he was sorry since that soup was unavailable but they did have product from the same line called Alpha-Getti. Which I imagine would be the exact same thing except a different shaped cutter was used to generate letters instead of ghosts and goblins.

The customer then replies to the clerk with a curve ball " But I want to be scared when I eat."

Most of us at this point would throw our hands in the air and try to explain logically that they were physically constituted the same or whatever route. But our grocery clerk protagonist was undaunted. His reply:

" Pretend you are scared."

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Do You Really Listen To Music?

Do You Really Listen To Music?   Of course everyone thinks that they do. I remember very clearly a night in the fall of the 1983 listening to Side 2 of Springsteen's Born to Run and bring so out of breath at the end (Jungleland is the last song on Side 2) and just saying thank you rhetorically to Bruce and the band.  That was my first time to hear most of the songs on there. My story has nothing on this guy. When you really listen to really good music it is all over you and you are somewhere else. I doubt anybody tried to do a film/ video dramatization of this song nor should they. Just listen to it the same way I did. Put on headphones and just you and the band. Really listen to the music . 

Funny, I played this song on my "ghetto-blaster" on a caleche ride in Old Montreal, on my first date with a beautiful young lady named Donna, back in May of 1984. We had tickets to see The Boss in August (Born in the USA), and I wanted to introduce her to Bruce in an intimate and memorable setting. I think we both teared (and hugged) listening to the song - one of those unexpected yet understandable emotional reactions to the sounds and poetic verses of a man you know is prophetic. Riding around beatiful Montreal on a horse-drawn carriage at night with the proclaiming and stirring sounds of Bruce Springsteen all seemed so cool and so right! So, on the night I proposed I borrowed a "limo" (my mom's Civic!) and drove down to Old Montreal. I played Jungleland on the car's cassette deck (pretending to play the local radio). Well that just set the mood, along with a chain of events which would end up with Donna saying, "yes"! That was back in 1991. We've had 3 kids and 2 dogs since, and last summer we were lucky enough to see Bruce (again!) in Montreal; he closed with Jungleland, and we embraced as we smiled and cheered (and wept).


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Not Everybody Will Understand You

There is no sense in controlling perception. People will believe whatever they want to. It comes to a point you might have to take your cue from an old beer commercial  There are several reasons of course. Not all of them have to do with you. 

  • They don't understand . 
  • They don't care to understand . 
  • They don't want to understand .
  • They  are incapable of understanding.  

Which ever option it  turns out being: 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I Am Sure This Was Intentional

There is this TV show I have not seen called Shooter. There is a character there played by veteran actor Harry Hamlin named Addison Hayes. David Addison and Maddie Hayes are the two main characters in one of my all time favorite shows Moonlighting.  That is all.