Friday, February 23, 2018

Itinerary of Events for Feb 25

All illegal drug pushers, peddlers, runners, protectors, lords and kingpins. Also, drug-induced rapists, molesters, pedophiles, shysters, con men, murderers, thieves, PDAF and DAP recipients and dismissed and charged ex-government officials

What: Gathering, Reunion and update of police records
Where: EDSA
When: Feb 25, 2017
Time: 4 pm until you get high
Attire: strictly yellow, preferably with yellow ribbon pin for boys and yellow scarf for girls.

On behalf of your benefactor and no. 1 advocate, the office of Senator Leila de Cinco, we cordially invite the above mentioned participants, former associates and partners, to the said gathering, which will also include has-been actors, paid hacks in white, famewhore guides, sex-crazed bodyguards and drivers, and losers last May.

Incidentally, clueless and terrified students from religious order institutions; members of leading NGOs whose leaders always pocket funds; pajero bishops and money making tax free clergy; social climbers and spouses of jobless politicians, plus volunteered staff and employees of oligarch-controlled companies will also be there, most willing to be associated and chain link with you.

Paraphernalia will be distributed, together with placards and megaphones. 

This event will not be possible without the gracious sponsorship of Lewis Occupational Institute for Destabilizing Administration or LOIDA; Philippine Daily Mining and Rappler Investments corp.

Guests of Honor will include top fashion model Leni and the comedic but tragic tandem of Noy and Mar.

Please come early, and sober.

See you all.

From OVP productions

RSVP : Maane/Kenzo
Note: Lugaw and Unli saging na saba will be served. Free Tsinelas c/o Korina will be given away to first 5 rallyists who will arrive.


Source Mark Lopez in Facebook. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Say One Thing About Yourself

The year was 1988. The place was Vancouver Community College Langara Campus. The subject was a level 200 Canadian History course. The professor was Catherine Smith. It was a smaller class tutorial and not the main class lecture. This was our first meeting.

She had us in a circle and as a form of an icebreaker she told us to say one thing about ourselves. When it began I felt like shooting myself. My name is ____ and I took history 115 last term. My name is ___ and I live in Richmond. I was the second last person in the circle to say their one thing. Well seeing as we were in a circle and we were saying our first names an idea came to mind to liven things up a bit.  My name is Ed and I am an alcoholic. I deadpanned it.

Prof Smith ( yes Voltes V fans) looked at me all serious and said " but you are better now right now right?  " .  I am sure I diffused her concern at that moment. I also felt a bit for the woman that was last in the circle who if I recall 30 years later said she was from Williams Lake.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Christmas Story

When: December 1979
Where : Southridge Alabang.

This was their first Christmas event since they only opened their doors June or July of that year. So they had a Christmas play like many schools do. My one brother was one of the 3 wise men. My other brother was the star of Bethlehem.  I was the only one to tell my parents what I was doing.
I was an usher.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Two Times I Was Knocked Out

October 1986

I woke up and my wisdom teeth were gone. I was still groggy. David Jansen was kind enough to be my designated driver. I hope he and his sister remember the all the Almond Roca wisecracks. As I came to, the nurse laid out all the ground rules. The only thing I can remember was her saying no alcohol. Somehow I had the presence of mind to make an audible groan. Even then I knew it was only a joke on my part.

October 2017

I was ordered to have debridement. Honestly I had never heard the term before. The cause of this was the monster back zit from hell that caused my blood sugar to jump up to 300. When I came to I had 2 questions : 1) what time was it? 2) What was the score in Game 1 of the World Series? I had the presence of mind to only ask the first question. I bet even local sportscasters would trouble with that question.

Monday, November 20, 2017

My Favorite Song

A student asked me what was my favorite song. My immediate reaction was "good question." I explained that response by saying his question made me think. I then settled on a song that had a better than average melody. Notice I did not say it was the greatest melody. The words will not bring about world peace.  The power of The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota lies in what it does to your imagination.

 I am old enough to remember a time when I was already a music junkie and there was no MTV let alone YouTube. You played a song and it generated images in your head. And they were your images, no one else's. This song tells a story so well with the spirit, the lyrics and the melody that a video of it would be a complete disservice. There are a billion answers to the question what is your favorite song. Maybe a million answers on how you justify your favorite song. This is mine and no one else's.

P.S. Twenty three years ago I shook the hand of the performer/ composer of this song.

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Worms

I just wrote the following. I was instructed to describe a scary antagonist from the world of fiction. I know a lot of people will bring up Dementors, Death Eaters  or the practitioners of the Dark Side of the Force. I was tempted to write about the Yellow Liberal Party but that is not fiction.  

The Worms are antagonists not in a book but originally in the classic Pink Floyd double concept album called the Wall. There was a movie made out of the album in 1982 but I am satisfied with my appreciation of this terrifying piece of work with just the images the music  and the lyrics invoke. There was a live concert in 1989 at the site that the Berlin Wall came down. 

The album Wall is about the  figurative wall the protagonist  (Pink) builds to try and insulate himself from his fears and insecurities. Even his earliest memories of love and warmth seemed to be fleeting as evidenced by the song "Thin Ice". A nice gentle piano number suddenly turns sinister with growling guitars . Initial talk about comfort then gets stained with the mention of " .... a million tear stained eyes ". 

We find out that Pink's metaphor of crashing thin ice is the huge void that was caused when his father did not return from flying a mission in the war. This void seemed to make him even more vulnerable to  anixieties that all of us have in our developing years. The realities of Pink growing up with a single parent culminate in the song "Mother" where the protagonist admits that his mother helps him "build the wall".

Songs like " Comfortably Numb" and "Nobody Home" further illustrate Pink trying to cope with  his feeling of emptiness. No matter how much he builds the wall the Worms still find a way to work their way through it. 

In many stories, the protagonist hits rock bottom before they truly face what conflicts them. This happens in the songs "Waiting For The Worms" and "Stop". Pink faces his fears directly in the song "The Trial" where the prosecution in his mind charges him of being "caught red handed showing feelings of an almost human nature ". 

The trial goes on with several more "witnesses" to Pink's "crime" which then leads to the verdict of the trial as determined by the judge. He is indeed guilty of having those feelings and the sentence is to be "exposed before your peers". The sure fire way of carrying out that sentence is to "tear down the wall". The orchestra then leads to a musical climax followed by crumbling sound effects. This leads to the epilogue of the story titled "Outside the Wall". It is much calmer but the lyrics suggest that Pink will still encounter the "Wall" of others in his life.

The Wall is a truly terrifying piece of work. A lot of fiction originates from someone's reality. The Worms in the Wall are from the reality of Roger Waters but that is what makes it real to me having first heard it as a fourteen year old. The Worms are from our reality. Anxieties we all face in our life's journey. That makes them scarier than any Sith Lord or Dementor. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

She's Good

 Coraima Martínez says her parents are hesitant about her playing football.  Article dated August 24 2016 Source 

It was the fall of 1980. My first year in high school was also my first year in a new school and a new country. I had no idea it was the genesis of a new  life long addiction. Watching American style ( tackle) football. Not only did I watch it all day on Sundays ( went to church Saturday afternoons) but I watched my classmates play their games in the park near our house. Note that is so long ago, the only primetime NFL game was Monday night with Howard. 

Keep in mind this is a a 37 year old memory with nothing to back it up. I was standing in the sidelines.  Montgomery Park ( adjacent to William Osler school 5970 Selkirk St.    ) had no seats. So you were either sitting on the ground or standing.  My grade 8 team ( Vancouver College FIghting Irish) were playing the R.C. Palmer Griffins if memory serves.  Not that much of my facilities serve me well at this age.  Grade 8's at that time were 13 years old. I overheard two of the coaches on our sideline discussing the players warming up.

Coach 1 " Watch #57"
Coach 2 " Why? Is he good?"
Coach 1" She's good." 

I can not remember if she played defensive back or linebacker but she was definitely on defense. She was definitely not a kicker.  At 13 years old she was not only in position to be giving hits and taking hits but she was in the starting defense taking away a position that 99.99999% of the time will be held by a guy. I just tell you this because there are maybe a handful of people on Earth that have seen a solitary girl play tackle football in an organized game . Not that I deserve a medal but I thought a story worth mentioning.