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The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


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You Had Your Chance

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ABS CBN Anthology

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How To Plan A Weird Birthday Party

It was a Sunday night and the group was plotting an evil scheme. A friend's 30th birthday was coming up and we could not let this pass without some unforgettable incident. I forget the exact restaurant where we were in Richmond but it was March 1996 if I recall.

Plan A

have a cop come , read him his rights, handcuff him and start stripping. Of course the cop was going to be a guy. Then someone objected because knowing Anthony like we do , the cop will likely be punched.  On to

Plan B

We will get Dana  in a Marilyn Monroe dress and sing Happy Birthday Mr President of the softball league just like what happened to JFK. That was nixed. We decided to go the other way.

Well it's a good thing we have video of Plan C.