Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My Attempt At A David Letterman Style Joke

You know what I can't stand about teaching English are the people who have bad pronunciation, defective subject / verb agreement, faulty conjugation, using laughter as punctuation. And that is just my fellow teachers. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Why Do People Love To Quote Movies

I gave this answer in Quora. 

Ed Lopez
Ed Lopez, former Credit at Long and McQuade (1988-1994)
Let’s start with some observations.
  1. A lot of work goes into a movie script. A long time ago, movie theaters used to run this particular PSA about keeping quiet during the movie. It was set against some scenes from the Coen brother’s Barton Fink. John Turturro on a typewriter accompanied by stats explaining how much work goes into the script of a movie. Of course their message was to respect the work that goes into the precise words
  2. Who knows how many movies one sees in a lifetime? I am 53 and I have no idea. Of that number , how many of them actually emotionally register with you that you care about reciting lines from them in certain situations?
I was never good enough to write professionally but I write anyway . My goal was to make a connection with the reader the same way other writers make a connection to me when I read them. A movie line though is even more than that. It is a situation, build up music , the way the actor says the line etc. Like the line from a very young Jennifer Connely in Labyrinth .
It is that moment of truth , that realization. A certain line will stick to you. Like this one.
If my memory serves Rhett had enough of the drama and says bye bye. He has reached his tipping point. Haven’t we all been there?
The key word here is resonate. Different things resonate with different people. For some it’s song lines, others it is movie dialogue. For some it is their personal situation when they encounter something . Meryl Streep wrote the creators of the Mamma Mia musical that they were able to provide all this joy in the context of the Sept 11 attack.
I love quoting Spinal Tap , Hans Gruber and Marko Ramius. Doesn’t love make the world go ‘round?

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Beware Of Fake or Hoax BDO Emails Claiming Your Account Is Temporarily Unavailable

Just today ( August 8 2019 ) I got this email. 

The exact wording if the picture is too small for you is as follows: 

What caught my eye is the phrase "temporarily unavailable " which will probably catch your eye too if you depend on your ATM card like most of us do. These guys want to scare you into immediate action so bad that you may not take certain precautions. Precautions like using Google or logging into your account independent of the email you just got. 

Please note the email address (  BDO Unibank [ ]

A quick Google search for that address produces the legitimate email address/ url  of BDO ( Banco de Oro) 

As you can see , everything legitimate BDO does online has a '' domain not a just a ".com". Lastly as a  blogger I know that just because something is highlighted , it doesn't mean what you see in the email is the exact link it will go to. For example just because you see    it does not mean you will go to that URL. Try it. 

On the actual email you see the real URL of BDO which is  but it does not go there. In fact when you run your cursor over it ( on a desktop/ laptop)  you can see where your browser  is really going As I show in the illustration above.

Bottom line, the more dire the consequences, the more time you should take to investigate. Google is your friend.  I wish BDO had examples of this kind scam online and even shut down the urls  ( for example\ )   of these people spoofing.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Derwood Flange

 Derwood Flange, if memory serves was a character used in 7-11 Canada radio ads in the early to mid 80s./  I Google  / YouTube searched  any kind of reinforcement of this and I don't seem to find anything . 7-11 back then was Slurpees , wheelies and burritos . Now that I am in the Philippines , 7-11 has decent coffee plus the chocolate section and Heineken . No sign of Derwood Flange.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Why Some Details Seem Completely New When Watching A Movie Again

The second time around you know how everything will end. Most of the mystery is gone. Now you are watching for appreciation. Now you are watching to connect the dots knowing where the dots will end. You may be using the same level of attention and focus but previously a lot of it was spent wondering where you will end up. You don’t have that burden the 2nd time or the 8th time.

Link To The Original 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Because We Are Selfish

I got this from  pages  173-175  of one of my favorite books Season On The Brink. It is a non-fiction book yet I get stressed out reading this. Bobby Knight has that effect on people. Bobby Knight was also a gifted teacher. These three pages always contained so much for me. Including:

  • Be in the game even if you are not "in the game".
  • Be supportive of any teammate 
  • The best thing a sport can teach you for the rest of your life is how to compete. 
  • If you are selfish on the court then you are also selfish in life. 
If somebody doesn't like something to the degree you like  that same thing then the tendency is to say " they don't get it" .   Well when I was looking up the Goodreads link to this book I read a bunch of people who " don't get it." When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. You might learn a lot from this book. What to do and what not to do. It is very real. If you get something from the following three pages , who knows what you can get reading the whole book? 


"I want to tell you people about Todd and about Stew," he 
said. "I'm not sure anyone in here gives us more than Todd does. 
He's got bad knees, so bad he maybe shouldn't even be playing. 
I looked down the bench at him at the end of the game, he's got 
tears rolling down his cheeks — and he didn't even play. 

"Andre, I looked at you and you were no more into the game 
than someone sitting in a home for the mentally ill in Northern 
Indiana. We've got guys like Todd rooting like hell for you, and 
when it's your turn to root, you just sulk. I think there are people 
here in this room who resent that." 

Knight paused. "If any of you disagree with my assessment, 
say so. I'll respect the hell out of you for standing up and dis- 
agreeing." Knight waited. No one said a word. He went on. 

"I want to tell you something else, Andre, you too, Todd Jad- 
low. Stew has been here four years. He's helped us win some big 
games. He's started, he's come off the bench, he's not played at 
all. He had no idea Sunday how much he would play, if at all, 
and there was no one more into the game than he was. If we had 
fifteen guys like that, this team would be a lot different than it 

More than anything. Knight was philosophical. "You know, I 
tell you all the time that basketball is thinking and playing smart 
and working hard. You hear that so much from me you probably 
stop hearing it after a while. But I was thinking this morning 
about Scott May. I can remember Scott May coming in here on 
Sundays, his one day off, and working for two hours on not 
walking with the basketball. He ended up a two-time All-Amer- 
ican and player of the year as a senior. And I'll tell you something, 
he didn't have any more athletic ability than a lot of you do. But 
he wanted to compete so much, he made himself better. 

"See, boys, basketball should be your favorite class. Because 
what basketball has done for teams here in the past is taught those 
kids how to compete. That's a great thing to learn. I guarantee 
you we've had players who have sat in the classroom with people 

who had 3.7 cums, who they no way should have been able to 
compete with after college, and have gone on and done much 
better than those kids did. 

"Why? Because they knew how to compete. They knew how 
to stay after something. They knew how to get knocked down 
and get up. Those other guys, 3.7 and all, some of them couldn't 
sell handwarmers to eskimos. But until this team, or the last two 
teams, we always had players who wanted to play and wanted to 
compete. I feel like with you guys that you are required to play. 
And I hate using that word — required." 

The lights were off in the locker room, the tape machine was 
frozen right behind where Knight stood. He hadn't raised his 
voice once, but he certainly had everyone's attention. "Let me 
take a wild guess at something here," Knight went on. "On 
Christmas night, all of you had dinner at Dr. Rink's house. I 
would imagine that Mrs. Rink spent the better part of three 
days cooking that dinner for you. What did you, as a team, do to 
thank her for dinner? Tell me. Did you all kick in a dollar to 
send her some roses? Did anybody write a thank-you note? 
Anybody? Speak up, anyone who did anything to thank Mrs. 

He looked around the room. No one looked back. He turned 
to Alford. "Steve, why do you think I was able to ask that question 
with absolute and complete confidence that no one had done any- 

"Because we're selfish." 

"Exactly. And that is reflected in the way you play basketball. 
The most selfish thing in the world is only worrying about guard- 
ing your man or only worrying about boxing out your man. If 
Winston helps me when I lose my man, you better believe I'm 
going to try like hell to help on his man when he needs it. But 
you don't do that. You just worry about yourselves. And as long 
as you do that, you'll continue to play selfish basketball, you'll 
continue to make the mistakes that cost us this game and you 
won't be able to beat anybody. Think about it." 

This time, when Knight left his players alone, they did have 
something to think about. As the coaches followed Knight out of 
the locker room, Kohn Smith said softly, "Now that was coaching." 

The next morning, Mrs. Larry Rink received two dozen roses, 
courtesy of the Indiana basketball team.