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Happy New Year!!!

Blessed 2008 to you all!!

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I am enraged;_ylt=AnhaHc7k6hfRomsRjgbg9XA5nYcB?slug=ap-leyritz-fatalcrash&prov=ap&type=lgns

I hate the Yankees. The Yankees have some of the smartest baseball fans and also the dumbest. Yankee fans for the most part are for people who don't watch baseball. Exceptions to my good multiply mate Jepoy and Jacko the friend of my pod idol Bill Simmons. BUT I used to like Jim Leyritz (bald guy above) . Until twenty minutes ago when I read this story. I am a baseball junkie and that is no surprise to anyone that knows me. I listen to baseball dedicated shows 12 months of the year . Some of them with contributions by Leyritz.

Jim Leyritz (despite being a Yankee icon) , I always found amusing , entertaining and candid. He was none of that earlier today based on that story. He is fully responsible for depriving an innocent human of her life. He then resisted any documentation attempts after being told someone was dead.

I may not know much in life, but I do know a little bit about life insurance underwriting. In a lecture that I went. The speaker said if someone is caught driving drunk odds are he has done it 200 times before he gets caught. Chew on that.

Ex-Yankee Leyritz charged with DUI, killing another driver

December 28, 2007

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) -- Former major leaguer Jim Leyritz was arrested Friday on charges of driving under the influence and killing a driver after his car crashed into hers.

Leyritz was charged with DUI manslaughter and DUI property damage, said Detective Kathy Collins, Fort Lauderdale police spokeswoman. He posted the $11,000 bond and was released from Broward County jail.

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Police believe alcohol was involved in the crash, though investigators are awaiting results of blood alcohol tests, Collins said.

Leyritz played for six major league teams, starred in the 1996 World Series and was last in the majors in 2000.

Leyritz, who lives in Davie, turned 44 Thursday. It could not be determined if he had a lawyer. A telephone message left on an answering machine at the home address he gave police was not immediately returned.

Fort Lauderdale authorities got a call at 3:20 a.m. that a crash occurred in the city's entertainment district, Collins said. She said Leyritz was driving a 2006 Ford Expedition when he collided at an intersection with 30-year-old Fredia Ann Veitch of Plantation, who was driving a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero.

Veitch was ejected from the car, police said. She died at Broward General Medical Center, Collins said.

Witnesses told police Leyritz had a red light. Officers on the scene observed Leyritz to have red, watery eyes, a flushed face and an odor of alcohol, police said.

Leyritz was told Veitch had died and he was asked to submit to a blood test, police said.

"After he refused, Leyritz was informed that blood would be taken above his refusal," the police statement said.

In 1996, Leyritz hit a home run for the New York Yankees in Game 4 of the World Series against Atlanta. The homer made it 6-6, and the Yankees went on to win in 10 innings. New York took the Series in six games for its first title in 18 years.

Leyritz was mostly a catcher during his 11 seasons, averaging .264 with 90 homers. He also played for the Angels, Rangers, Red Sox, Padres and Dodgers.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baseball and Roids today's installment

No matter what the MLB Commissioner's office or the Union Head (Donald Fehr) tell you . It took the release of these two books to get them going

BTW- Nobody has yet to sue Canseco yet.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bush Baseball and Steroids

‘Steroids have sullied the game,’ former Rangers owner says.

I actually just scanned the article since I hear so much of this.

Anyway let's put this in context

Canseco was publicly outed in 1988 for Steroids. 19 Years ago. Same year as Ben Johnson.


Bush's Rangers gets the only outed Roid junkie.

Anyway give you guys who don't know much about baseball something to think about today's comment.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Rocket Man;_ylt=Arw8w6gElyHYAHBiJipJTIA5nYcB?slug=dw-clemenssteroidsearly121307&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

In the words of Elton John from the song Rocket Man "Well I think it's going to be a long long time, I'm not the man they think I am at all. I'm a rocket man".

In the ironic words of that stupid Yankee shill Susan Walderman "Oh my goodness gracious this is the most dramatic thing I have ever seen".

More later

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hammer of the godZ

I first Led Zeppelin around 1979. Far from being a novelty I still listen to them. I ran across Bob's little treatment of them and he can say it better than I can. Bob is right , the boys of Zep were always about the music and that is still evident in 2007 as it was in 1977.

I would like to believe I have a very diverse taste in music. You can hear for yourself

At the time I write this, there are only 5 songs on there to show that diversity. One of them happens to be what I consider an extremely tasteful Zeppelin song. Hearing will be believing.


"Ten Years Gone"

They never play it on FM radio, but diehard fans get wet just thinking about it. It's about the dynamics, how the song goes from soft to loud and back again. Along with a descending figure that makes you nod your head like you're on drugs, even if you're straight. Listening, you feel like you're in Robert Plant's living room, in front of the fire, as he tells you tales of his travels to the east.

It's not a ditty, but an opus. With different moods. A cornucopia of emotions. It's my favorite Led Zeppelin track.

"The Battle Of Evermore"

Listen to the record, IT FADES IN! Like minstrels are arriving in your town, to ENRAPTURE YOU!

This alone would be worth the price of admission to a Zeppelin reunion show. Unfortunately, Sandy Denny is no longer with us. Not that she sang live with the band back in the seventies. Actually, her part could be sung by Ann Wilson of Heart, she kills it on the cover with her side group the Lovemongers.

You feel like you're peeking in on a private moment. Robert and Sandy singing in the near-darkness, opening up their souls.

You're in a folk number, then, four minutes in, the intensity BUILDS! It's like Robert's dick has finally gotten hard, that he's inserted it into Sandy and as he sings about bringing it back again and again he's orgasming. Listening, you want to fuck EVERYBODY!

Great music makes you lose yourself, abandon your environment and merge with the sound. By not trying to impress you, "Battle Of Evermore" draw you in, you need to spin it ENDLESSLY!

"Ramble On"

For years, I couldn't listen to "Led Zeppelin II". It was the soundtrack of my senior year of high school. I drove up to E.J. Korvette with my newly acquired driver's license the day it came out. I only had a week before "Whole Lotta Love" became ubiquitous on the radio and the hoi polloi adopted the band.

Some records are too perfect. They make it look too easy. That's "II". It sounds instantly perfect, instantly familiar. You don't need multiple plays to get into it, but as soon as you hear it, you want to hear it again.

"Ramble On" has everything. Acoustic guitar, loping bass groove, lilting vocal, explosive guitar solo, obtuse, otherworldly solo... Play "Ramble On" for someone and let them try to explain why they hate Led Zeppelin... IMPOSSIBLE!

(Meanwhile, how come Boston was the only act that nicked Zeppelin's trick of going from acoustic to electric and back again? It's what made "Long Time" so great!)

"Thank You"

The girls' Zeppelin track.

What got me back into it was Tori Amos' cover.

It's the killer on Tori's "Crucify" EP. She infuses it with all the mystery, all the majesty of Zeppelin, even though it's quiet and understated. Listen to "Winter" from the same EP for more of the same groove. It's not made for us, but for her, and that's why we love it and her so.

Anybody who thinks John Paul Jones is superfluous needs to listen to "Thank You".

"Good Times Bad Times"

The track that got me into Zeppelin. All the elements of the band in two minutes and forty six seconds. There's bombast, intrigue... They're forcing you to pay attention, and it's got nothing to do with physical image, it's purely theatre of the mind. Jimmy's solo is enough to hook you, still, there's the cowbell, the devilish bass lines, the thundering drums and Robert's vocal...

Robert sang about knowing what it means to be alone... And this one song insured that he'd never have to spend a lonely night ever again.

"Your Time Is Gonna Come"

For a long time, I considered the first album my favorite. Because it was so unexpected! You were drawn in by "Good Times Bad Times" and "Communication Breakdown", but soon you fell down a hole into the abyss.

Zeppelin was a club in '69, prior to the October release of "II". They were not the world's biggest band, they were purely cult. There was some FM airplay, but at this point, most people weren't listening to FM, not every market HAD an underground FM radio station.

There was a darkness, a diversity in the debut, that was both fascinating and riveting. The more you listened, the more you liked the record. Even though it really didn't sound quite like anything else.

As stunning as "Good Times Bad Times" was, the second track on the disc dumbfounded you. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" was slow and dreamy, it didn't seem to be cut in London, but the hinterlands. After grabbing you, the band let you go.

We knew "You Shook Me", both the song and the sound employed. But the side closer, "Dazed and Confused", was positively creepy. It was like a bad drug trip. Did you sign up for this? Was it gonna go on FOREVER?

Such a simple intro, plodding bass, but then there were these guitar flourishes exploding in the sky... And speaking of exploding, this sexual Paul Bunyan suddenly emerged on the scene and even men were silenced.

It went on and on. The middle quieted down, almost akin to the Doors' "The End", but much creepier. It got faster, then slower again. There was THUNDER! We're not sure whether Robert is coming or being tortured. Then suddenly, it ends. The needle picks up, returns to the armrest, and you're sitting in your living room feeling naked and alone.

At first "Dazed and Confused" is too dark to penetrate. But then you start smoking marijuana, you get into a trance, and you experience the foundation of every metal band since.

The last song on side two is faster, but almost as creepy. When "How Many More Times" finishes, when the record is done, you feel like you've been threatened. You're not applauding. You're stunned. The band is still on stage, staring you in the face. Finally, after the shock wears off, you get up and say MORE!

"I Can't Quit You Baby" is the side two equivalent of "Dazed and Confused", just less threatening.

In retrospect, "Black Mountain Side" is ultra-important. It shows that the band couldn't be pigeonholed, that they weren't just about bluster.

"Communication Breakdown" is a tear. The single of all time in a radio universe that doesn't exist. Still, I prefer "Good Times Bad Times". But my favorite song on the first Led Zeppelin album is on side two. It's the opener, "Your Time Is Gonna Come".

Once again, the man without the accolades deserves the honors, with the long organ intro, bringing you down after the intense assault of "Dazed and Confused".

This sounds like the "Lord Of The Rings".

But it's the lyrics that cement my affection.

"Lyin', cheatin', hurtin', that's all you seem to do

Messin' around, every guy in town

Puttin' me down for thinkin' of someone new

Always the same, playin' your game

Drive me insane, trouble's gonna come to you

One of these days, and it won't be long

You'll look for me, but, baby, I'll be gone

This is all I gotta say to ya, woman:

Your time is gonna come, your time is gonna come

Your time is gonna come, your time is gonna come"

Ever been dumped? It hurts SO BAD! Don't they realize how great you are? Maybe they don't. Maybe they'll go on to someone better. No, that can't BE! Won't they come back?

When you finally realize it's over, before you find someone new, you feel exactly like this song. One of these days they're gonna hurt. They're gonna get dumped, they're gonna lose. Why the fuck did they TREAT YOU THIS WAY?

For some unknown reason, when I'm ecstatic on the ski slope, I start singing this involuntarily. Makes me feel rooted, makes me feel powerful.

"Gallows Pole"

When I was a freshman in college, there was only one record store in town, the Vermont Book Shop. It was overpriced. I refused to shop there, it was an insult to my addiction. But when "Led Zeppelin III" came out, I had to lay down close to list price the day it was released.

I don't know another soul in the dorm who purchased it.

I was intrigued by the cover, with its spinning wheel, the key was to get one that wasn't defective, that hadn't been damaged in the box by the brass center ring. And there was amazing surface noise, Atlantic was notorious for this. I must have returned this album twice. Still, I ended up sitting in front of my stereo, dropping the needle again and again, learning to play "Gallows Pole" on the guitar.

I knew it from seeing the band at Yale Bowl six weeks before. I loved it. But I can't say I loved the rest of the record, even though I gave it multiple spins. Oh, I really liked "Tangerine" and "Celebration Day", but I'd loved EVERY cut of what came before.

That's when I swore off Led Zeppelin.


Today, kids go to college to learn a trade. They study business, they need a degree in something practical. I majored in art history.

And as soon as I was done, I drove to Alta, Utah to line up a job at the Goldminer's Daughter.

But before I could start my job, I broke my leg. I ended up slinging hot dogs and scooping ice cream at the BirdFeeder on the Snowbird Plaza when I finally arrived somewhat healed in Utah two months late.

And that's where I met Jimmy Kay and the rest of the freestylers, I curried favor by giving them ginormous ice cream cones. Maybe that's why they allowed me to live in their condo in Mammoth during the month of May. But, in reality, they just wanted my fifty bucks for rent.

I was the outsider. But what brought us together was alcohol and Led Zeppelin. Every night we listened to "Physical Graffiti" on a home made 8-track. And one day on the chairlift, I got an urge to hear "Kashmir", I made Jimmy play it as soon as we got back to the condo.

Don't ask me to explain it. There's just this MAJESTY! Like a parade of elephants, who are never going to stop, who are going to continue their procession.

"Night Flight"

It starts side four with abandon. There's no intro, and when Robert urges you to meet him in the morning, in the middle of the night, you jump up and say I'M READY!

"Boogie With Stu"

Ian Stewart, of course. Kicked out of the Stones for being too ugly. Even though he continued to play keys on their records.

This track just SWINGS!

"Down By The Seaside"

It's the seemingly minor numbers that hook you on "Physical Graffiti".

Tori Amos covers this too.

It's an amazing intro to "Ten Years Gone". It's kind of lighthearted, if not quite upbeat. Then you've got the darkness of "Ten Years Gone".

"In My Time Of Dying"

There are three lengthy opuses ending sides on "Physical Graffiti". This one is forgotten, but it's almost as good as "Kashmir" and "Ten Years Gone".

"When The Levee Breaks"

Funny how people talk about "Rock And Roll", "Stairway To Heaven" and "Black Dog"... I never play those, I never have to hear them again. They're everywhere, you can't avoid them.

But it's the album cuts that make the fourth album so special.

I didn't really know the fourth album. I was living in Vermont, there was no radio. I told you I'd sworn off Zeppelin. I didn't get hooked until my Zeppelin jones was rekindled in Mammoth.

My favorite song on the album is the above-mentioned "The Battle Of Evermore". But I like "Going To California" almost as much, because of the acoustic intimacy. Still, no dissection of the fourth album is complete without a discussion of "When The Levee Breaks".

Jimmy's fantastic, Robert is stellar, but it's BONZO who's the star here! It's like he's pounding oil drums. He's a locomotive driving the whole band. Listening is like being pounded on the head, incessantly. And you LIKE IT!

Imagine hearing the master tape, in a cavernous studio. The raw power illustrates why John Bonham may be gone, but isn't forgotten.

"Dancing Days"

You have NO IDEA how incessantly "D'yer Mak'er" was played on the radio in the summer of '73. When FM finally ruled. Bad reggae if you ask me. Yet I LOVE the stupid-lyriced "Dancing Days".

In the oeuvre of Led Zeppelin, "Houses Of The Holy" is second tier. It contains the "Ramble On" extension "Over The Hills and Far Away", but not enough tracks that grab you. STILL, it's the long, slow numbers that ultimately win you over. Like "The Rain Song" and "No Quarter".

Really, who could expect the comeback of the fourth album? At this point, Led Zeppelin was known for excess more than music. Maybe Jimmy knew this, maybe that was his inspiration for the completely diverse, no minute wasted "IV". Inspiration is funny, artists want to prove something. They want not only sales, but respect. Ultimately, Jimmy garnered both.

And it was Jimmy's band. Maybe that's why he's had such a hard time moving forward. He was not just an element, he was the mad scientist.

"Physical Graffiti" was Jimmy's "Tusk". But Lindsey Buckingham, although a great guitarist, is not quite in Jimmy Page's league. In the seventies, no one was in Zeppelin's league. Not that they were universally revered. They were managed by a wrestler who thought the law was at best a guideline. They were haunted by tragedy. They were considered misogynist before the women's movement was turned on its head and five year olds started dressing like ho's and high school girls gave blow jobs to be accepted by their peers.

Like Don Henley said, you can never go back. But today's teenagers were never there. They realized Zeppelin contained something all the acts they were being fed by the machine didn't contain. Zeppelin was bigger than the execs, they raped and pillaged in their own style, but it was all subservient to the music. The trappings were interesting, but the music was superior, and it ruled.

The band is as surprised by its resurgence as anybody. Hell, they sold their royalties eons back, they figured they had their moment in the sun.

But now Led Zeppelin is a rite of passage. Your parents might sing you Beatle songs, but somewhere between twelve and fifteen, you start to think for yourself, and you discover Led Zeppelin, they accompany your adolescence.

No one over the age of twenty five should be allowed to see Led Zeppelin. If you're older than that and you missed them the first time around, fuck you. You were never a fan, you're a johnny-come-lately. You're going so you can boast of your attendance. It's not that sheer excitement of experiencing something for the first time. Whereas if you're a young 'un, and you've been subjected to the modern crap, Led Zeppelin is a REVELATION!

It's this younger generation that might inspire Jimmy and the band to create worthwhile new material. Because kids have a shit detector nonpareil. They don't care if you were somebody sometime. They don't read the mainstream press. They're only interested in quality. And Led Zeppelin was quality. The very finest.


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Friday, November 30, 2007

Manila Peninsula November 29 2007

I want to thank my friend Sally for provoking this thought looking at her multiply.

I swear , right now listening to Bill Walton on Bill Simmons show and they make infinitely more sense than today's prevaling event.

Somebody argue with me on this theorem. The more chance a Filipino politician will get to showcase their stupidity, the more they will take advantage of it and the more public support they get. This applies to all of them: GMA, Trillanes, Erap , Binay, Jinggoy.

Although out of all them, Trillanes is a gay icon.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Day After

Today, I did what I have been doing most Saturdays since March. And that is going to mass in Sto. Nino Chapel in Green Belt. The closest church to the site of yesterday's deadly bomb blast. Our priest lead off the mass by saying what happened across the street was cowardice and people whose only crime was shopping on a Friday afternoon paid the price. He then said prayers were in order. Prayers for those families affected. Prayers for those who plotted and executed . They may not change but pray anyway. And prayers for all those who will still attend mass despite the circumstance because it makes their efforts in the community worthwhile.

I cut through the mall between the parking lot and the church. Some people were there and some stores and restaurants were open. Sad knowing how bustling it usually is and what transpired the day before. I really have no nice cute way to end this thought .

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Desperate Hook Line SInker

Desperate Housewives controversy

1) Who the hell will base their perception on academic institutions on a throw away joke from a Sitcom? Ethnic/ Multicultural jokes have been around since the beginning of time. It may not be right but this is not an isolated case

2) More importantly , the more vehemently this is protested , the more attention this gets. If nobody made an issue out of it in the first place, then a tiny fraction of people would have even been aware something like that was said. Putting out fire with gasoline I say.

3) This contrived uproar is exactly what the execs wanted . In these days of the viscious fight for your attention (400 channels, Internet etc) anything drawing attention to their product on mainstream media is good . Worse of all, they have done this before.

Manny Being Manny

Manny being Manny

I really do not care for him, and I root for all Manny opponents. Manny is mostly for take your pick:

a) Filipinos who do not really follow sports.
b) Filipinos who care more about Manny knocking out another unknown Mexican than having a not corrupt human elected into office.
c) People who also love FPJ, Erap, Eat Bulaga and Wow wow wee.

Manny enhances his pocket and is not a good role model based on what I have read in the Metro pages. Does nothing really for his country. other than pulverizing the fodder placed in front of him. He is not even smart enough to know a guy like him (uneducated, questionable habits ) would not be a good public servant.

Marion Jones Milli Vanilli


In the late 80's Rob and Fab go ahead and accept a Grammy for a record in which they were beefcake but did not provide the vocals for. There they were accepting the Grammy for something they did not do. Once it was official that they did not provide the vocals , only then were they vocal about giving back the Grammy. Today this female Barry Bonds, is giving back her 5 Gold Medals. Deja Vu All Over Again!!!

To quote the Church Lady (Dana Carvey for you yung uns) "Only when it's convenient".

Monday, August 27, 2007

Group Pic

Maricar, Jen Jen, Ruby Ann , Jacque and I. Jen will leave for Singapore soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bruce Bochy and Barry Bonds

Everybody has an opinion on Bonds. I think his manager Bruce Bochy drinks the Bonds Cream and Clear Kool Aid

SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds had just unloosed a wickedly hard swing Tuesday night, the ball already lining its way deep toward the stands in right-center field and into its place in baseball history, when he dropped his bat, thrust both fists into the cool night air and stood, tall and unmoving, for all the world to see. Immediately, we all were forced to deal with a question that we've been wrestling with for years.

What do you think of Barry Bonds now? What do you think of the new home run king?

After years of streaking toward this moment, more rapidly in the past few seasons than anyone had thought humanly possible, Bonds finally arrived on the summit he had so desperately sought with his typical bang and bravado. The Giants' controversial slugger crushed a fifth-inning, full-count fastball from the Nationals' Mike Bascik to the deepest recesses of AT&T Park, a superhuman 435 feet away, to supplant Hank Aaron at the top of Major League Baseball's list for most home runs in a career.

The San Francisco fans, so loyal and forgiving, went wacko when No. 756 pierced through the night. Fireworks popped over McCovey Cove as Bonds made his accustomed slow trek around the bases. He touched home plate, the record now all his, thrust his gloved fists again skyward and held them there as his 17-year-old son, Nikolai, embraced him.

Bonds then waded slowly into a subdued group of teammates, bowed and blew kisses to the crowd, greeted his family, hugged godfather and Giants great Willie Mays and thanked the fans at AT&T Park in a brief on-field ceremony. A few minutes later, after one last nod to the fans in left field, Giants manager Bruce Bochy pulled Bonds from the game.

And now, we are left to reflect on the man, the moment and the significance of it all. Bonds has millions of fans, as his selection to this year's All-Star game indicates. His supporters are vocal and relentless. But there are millions of fans today, too, that are completely, radically disgusted at baseball and at the idea of Bonds, of all people, holding this important record. They call him a cheat. They call him a disgrace. They call this whole thing a sham.

Think about that and what that means. Even if Bonds' record is not a sham -- and an overwhelming body of evidence points to the fact that's exactly what it is -- Bonds as home run king is, without any doubt, a shame. The most magical number in baseball, the most recognized record in sport, now belongs to a 43-year-old man who has broadly split the baseball-loving public.

"If they feel that way, I feel for them," Bochy said of the Bonds' critics. "I feel this is a time to celebrate. I would hope that everybody that loves this game and has a passion for it would celebrate. I think it's time to move on."

We can argue -- baseball fans have been at it for years -- the relative merits of the performance-enhancing drug charges that Bonds has been sidestepping for years. The tirelessly reported and researched book Game of Shadows paints a picture of a man obsessed with getting the same kind of attention and adulation that former slugger Mark McGwire received during the great home run chase of 1998, and one who went chemical to achieve it. It's almost impossible to read that book, written by two investigative reporters for the San Francisco Chronicle, and come away with the impression that Bonds wasn't into a lot that he shouldn't have been into.

But even giving Bonds every benefit of the doubt, the new record-holder has been way less than we expect of our best, way less than what we should get. Record holder? Absolutely. Hero? Not in a million years.

At best, Bonds has made a lot of stupid, arrogant choices, associated himself with exactly the wrong type of people, played stupid when it served him best -- c'mon, Barry, flaxseed oil? -- and shown no regret for any of his actions. At best, as comedian Chris Rock told Bob Costas recently, Bonds has pulled a fast one.

At worst, Bonds has blatantly worked around and above the game's current drug policy and ignored the spirit and intent of baseball's rules against performance-enhancing drugs when they weren't enforceable. At worst, he took the drugs even though he knew he shouldn't, tried to hide that fact and cheated his way to this record.

The best is not good. The worst is reprehensible. Is this the man that baseball fans want holding the most glamorous record in sports? A surly, sometimes outright mean cuss of a player who also has been, at times, hated by his teammates, at odds with the players' union, nasty and condescending to fans and a disaster as a family man?

"This record is not tainted at all. At all," a defiant Bonds said in a postgame press conference. "You guys can say whatever you want."

There's no choice now, of course, when it comes to recognizing the new record holder. Bonds has a grand jury holding a possible indictment for perjury over his head. His former trainer and overly loyal friend, Greg Anderson, convicted of steroids distribution and money laundering, sits in a prison cell for refusing to testify about Bonds before the grand jury. Yet when the record books come out next year, Bonds' name will be atop the list, scot-free and asterisk-free.

Shortly after he was pulled from Tuesday's game, to another loud ovation from the crowd of more than 43,000, Bonds was caught by television cameras on the bench in the Giants' dugout. Most of his teammates were in the field or standing against the rail next to the field. Bonds sat, with no one near him on either side, staring blankly into space.

It was a poignant scene and completely fitting for the moment. The new home run king, on top of his world, all alone with his thoughts.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sat lunch sans kids

Yup. That's it. No kids. Several people out of town. This is an anomally.(Sat July 28 ).
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Uncle Ron

Jen and Maricar apologizing to Ron for not holding the dinner at his place.
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Happy Birthday Maricar

Birthday celebration with the Lims. Clockwise Jacque, Ruby-Ann, Richard, Maricar and Jen (Friday the 27th July) at Dad's.
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Canon Power Shot Pro 1

Thanks to the generosity of my brother and my dad I have this lean mean photo taking machine. The body guard pic was the first of what I hope are many blog entries done with the help of the Power Shot.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Working Stiff

I had to put something for the 2nd post and I figured what better than fusion band Working Stiff.
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Welcome to Blog 2

Thanks for coming. This is part 2 of my attempt at Blogging. Please check out blog 1 in yahoo 360. I don't intend on transferring stuff from there to here and I did put a lot of work into it once upon a time. Yahoo id is innagadda54. url is

Though the last time I put in an entry I think Clinton was still in office.
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