Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Day After

Today, I did what I have been doing most Saturdays since March. And that is going to mass in Sto. Nino Chapel in Green Belt. The closest church to the site of yesterday's deadly bomb blast. Our priest lead off the mass by saying what happened across the street was cowardice and people whose only crime was shopping on a Friday afternoon paid the price. He then said prayers were in order. Prayers for those families affected. Prayers for those who plotted and executed . They may not change but pray anyway. And prayers for all those who will still attend mass despite the circumstance because it makes their efforts in the community worthwhile.

I cut through the mall between the parking lot and the church. Some people were there and some stores and restaurants were open. Sad knowing how bustling it usually is and what transpired the day before. I really have no nice cute way to end this thought .

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Desperate Hook Line SInker

Desperate Housewives controversy

1) Who the hell will base their perception on academic institutions on a throw away joke from a Sitcom? Ethnic/ Multicultural jokes have been around since the beginning of time. It may not be right but this is not an isolated case

2) More importantly , the more vehemently this is protested , the more attention this gets. If nobody made an issue out of it in the first place, then a tiny fraction of people would have even been aware something like that was said. Putting out fire with gasoline I say.

3) This contrived uproar is exactly what the execs wanted . In these days of the viscious fight for your attention (400 channels, Internet etc) anything drawing attention to their product on mainstream media is good . Worse of all, they have done this before.

Manny Being Manny

Manny being Manny

I really do not care for him, and I root for all Manny opponents. Manny is mostly for take your pick:

a) Filipinos who do not really follow sports.
b) Filipinos who care more about Manny knocking out another unknown Mexican than having a not corrupt human elected into office.
c) People who also love FPJ, Erap, Eat Bulaga and Wow wow wee.

Manny enhances his pocket and is not a good role model based on what I have read in the Metro pages. Does nothing really for his country. other than pulverizing the fodder placed in front of him. He is not even smart enough to know a guy like him (uneducated, questionable habits ) would not be a good public servant.

Marion Jones Milli Vanilli


In the late 80's Rob and Fab go ahead and accept a Grammy for a record in which they were beefcake but did not provide the vocals for. There they were accepting the Grammy for something they did not do. Once it was official that they did not provide the vocals , only then were they vocal about giving back the Grammy. Today this female Barry Bonds, is giving back her 5 Gold Medals. Deja Vu All Over Again!!!

To quote the Church Lady (Dana Carvey for you yung uns) "Only when it's convenient".