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This Is Looking At The Bright Side

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Unorthodox Sound of Music Memories

As some of you might know I spend a lot of time keeping my grandmother company with her TV constantly on. She watches EWTN  (Catholic network) , news and musicals. One of my previous blogs was a memory triggered by her watching The King and I.  Tonight  the musical that was on her TV:

                                                                  Sound of Music

 I selected former Saint Chuck Muncie because he was mentioned in 
Don Reese's expose in Sports Illustrated

1) November 24 1980 .

Yes I have the date exact. This was not a major trauma. It is just that it was a Monday night and Monday night in the fall in  my high school days meant NFL football. This was 33 years ago and I still remember the other siblings out voting me for the TV. They all wanted to watch Sound of Music on TV. It did not matter that they saw it on Betamax three weeks ago. I wanted to watch the New Orleans Saints play the Los Angeles Rams. If I recall the game was on an hour tape delay in the West Coast  which is no big deal at a time where there was no Twitter, full time sports radio or even the Canadian version of ESPN. The football gods in their own sick way rewarded me for not maiming anyone that night. i can not remember if I was able to switch to the end of the game after the movie was over or during commercial. The final score was 27-7 Los Angeles. So the game could not have been that good. I also bet not one of my siblings will be surprised that I remember this.

2) December 1991. 

 I think it was a Sunday night and Sound of Music was on. Then Christopher Plummer was on screen and for the sake of conversation I told my mom that he was in a movie I saw the other day.

The movie
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country  

In his role there  he looked something like this. 

I just did the math. My mom's age back then is my age now. Dang. Mind blown. It has been a few years so I really forget my mom's exact words on knowing that the distinguished Captain Von Trapp twenty five years later was playing General Chang commanding a Bird of Prey.  I seem to recall she thought  the role  was beneath him, degrading , scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Or was she just describing me?


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Typical of Naive Noynoy Support

Originally found in

Multiply is now gone. How strange that I saved someone else's Multiply blog when I have lost so many of my own. At least the pictures anyway. I preserve this to remind myself what rationale it takes to be a yellow zombie. This guy truly worshiped Noynoy Aquino and it is because of thinking like this that lead to this country having the president we have now. I did not change one word. I don't have to.


Jan 11, '10 9:45 AM
for everyone

For those who want to Know Noynoy Aquino, read on. Remember that voting for a president is one of the biggest responsibilities that we are given in this life. And we all have to do our part in order to keep the future of our company as bright as possible. Here are some interesting facts about Noynoy Aquino that you might not know about.
Noynoy Aquino was born Benigno Simeon Cojuango Aquino III on the eight of February 1960. He is currently a senator but is dropping his place in order to run for President for the election next year as part of the Liberal party. 
Here are some among other interesting facts about him. He is a proud product of Ateneo University. During a coup d'etat that was staged by rebels way back in Cory Aquino’s term of presidency, there was an incident that led to the serious wounding of Noynoy. During the year 1998, Noynoy Aquino sat in the House of Representatives of Tarlac as elected in that year’s congress. Then last 2007, he became a Philippine Senator.
Of course, as a result of his bid for presidency, a deluge of criticism has been thrown his way. A lot of people, for example, say that he does not really deserve to even run for president because he has not enough accomplishments to show for. Neither is he vocal enough for his presence to be actually felt anywhere. It seems that he takes after his mother who was also soft spoken. And it seems that it is his sister Kris Aquino who inherited their father’s blatant honesty. 
In all those eleven years that Noynoy has been in the government seat, his main detractors note that there seems to be no major contribution to the legislative body from him. There seems to be not enough political will in Noynoy as well. After his mother’s well televised burial which the whole nation mourned, he was then approached by the party to head them as a presidential candidate. It does not really seem, even in just looking at Noynoy smiling shy demeanor, that he deserves to be president nor even really has enough political will to be president. Is he seems to just be riding the fame of his mother and father, something that is in very bad taste. 
But of course, none of these are true. It is a fact that Noynoy Aquino just needs to get the chance to be president and his parents’ legacy shall be continued especially since a son will never be able to stain such a high legacy.

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jseracar wrote on Jan 11, '10
"But of course, none of these are true."

How can it be proven that he is not riding the fame of his parents? It is not under his control anyway. He deserves a chance, yes. But it is already a fact that, even though he wants it or not, many will vote for him just because they idolize his parents.

cornholiogogs wrote on Jan 11, '10
First you say you have information for us and I read about his schooling and an injury three decades ago. The fact he went to Ateneo does nothing for me, or if he went to La Salle or UP or UST or San Beda in terms of qualification of running the country . 

You bring up legitimate criticism then you dismiss the criticism without fact to back up the dismissal. That legitimate criticism is based on track record not nepotism. Not family name. You say he needs a chance but you do not define why he deserves that chance compared to the others running. Bloodlines is not a legitimate reason specially in this society. Is this a "basta" kind of argument? 

Noynoy is sadly riding the momentum of death.

I was hoping to read your article to give me a reason to reconsider my stance but if anything you have strengthened it.

jseracar wrote on Jan 11, '10
If it is a fact that he is not riding his parents' coattails... he should have not used the color yellow, and he should refrain putting his parents' faces and names on his campaign ads/materials...
Comment deleted at the request of the author.

hayok69 wrote on Feb 3, '10
pwede b humingi ng ribbon sticker para sa car?