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Perspective on The Michael Jackson Death One Man's Opinion

Actually I have three.

1) Andrew Breitbart whose audio is here as an attachment in multiply.

2) A series of Vanity Fair articles. None of which attracted any lawsuits from the Jackson camp.

3) Tony Kornheiser in his clip talks about putting psychology into his writing and what better case than MJ (audio below in multiply) . Download the whole interview for a very interesting piece on how a writer thinks.

99% of the world will just simply mourn this guy. 1% will look at this case and see what can be learned from it. That 1% will try to put this in its proper perspective.




http://media.790theticket.com/Podcasts/1206/Tony_Kornheiser_Podcast_Exclusive-_6-26-09.mp3 ( go to about 3:30)

Video of Food Begging Incident from Work

If you recall last Friday I posted the story of how I was pestered in the office for free merienda (afternoon snack). As luck would have it, the incident was covered on video. Male sure you read the story before watching the video.



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Its Karma

Give Blood
But you may find that blood is not enough
Give blood
And there are some who say it's not enough
Give blood
But don't expect to ever see reward
Give blood
You can give it all but still you're asked for more

From the song Give Blood by Pete Townsend

I think this might prove to be an inspiring example for us all. A woman who truly got what she deserves. Someone who has given life to others is rewarded by the Lord by having longevity herself. Good example of what goes around comes around. Ed


Great-grandmother donates 200th pint of blood

* Story Highlights
* Margaret Delfino, 90, began donating blood in 1954 in Bakersfield, California
* Delfino was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2001, but has since recovered
* Delfino: "It can mean the difference between life and death for some people"

By Ninette Sosa

(CNN) -- Margaret Delfino donated her 200th pint of blood last week, bringing her total to to more than 25 gallons.
Margaret Delfino has been donating blood since 1954. She has donated more than 25 gallons of blood.

Margaret Delfino has been donating blood since 1954. She has donated more than 25 gallons of blood.

Delfino, a 90-year-old great-grandmother in Bakersfield, California, began giving blood in 1954. She donated regularly until 2001, when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After five years of treatment, her doctors declared her cancer-free and she then continued donating.

Now she brings several family members with her when she donates at the Houchin Blood Bank in Bakersfield, hoping they'll donate, too. Delfino says only a small percentage of people in her area donate blood.

"To think in Kern County that there are only 3 percent who give blood when there are so many who are able to donate," she said.

Delfino wants to get the message out for more people to donate. "It can mean the difference between life and death for some people," she said.

She said she believes that donating blood is one reason she may have survived her cancer. "Because I donated all that blood, and the doctors were changing my blood, is why I came through the cancer the way I did," she said.

Delfino has plenty of family support, too, and she would like to see her family members follow in her footsteps.

"She's just an inspiration to all of us," said Jennifer Parks, Delfino's granddaughter. "She's been a huge part of my children's lives, who are now 9, 8 and 5. My children know where her interest lies and that is in donating blood."

Jennifer does not donate, but her sister Natalie does. "Natalie and my grandmother coordinate their days so they donate together," said Parks. "My grandmother drives herself to the blood bank, which is about six miles, and it's a date they have every eight weeks."

All three of Delfino's children, two grand-children and four of eight great-grand-children live in Bakersfield. Delfino says it is the children who keep her motivated.

The great-grandmother still lives in her own home on slightly more than an acre of property and enjoys gardening, planting flowers and time with family.

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What You Guys Do For Me

Thank you for even reading the first sentence. As some of you know I really love writing and communicating.I want you to listen to what Tony Kornheiser describes as a thrill for him. It's only two minutes. I just want to say you reading this is the same thing he is describing. Whatever he is saying and whatever he is feeling , you all give me that thrill. I relate to what he is saying in a much smaller way but still, it's only because of you.

I just want to thank you.


If you don't see the audio attachment below (in multiply) you can get it here.

http://media.790theticket.com/Podcasts/1206/Tony_Kornheiser_Podcast_Exclusive-_6-26-09.mp3 ( go to about 10:30)

Edited version you can get here:


Great Movie Quote To Chew On

I love this scene from the movie (below) . It just says so many things about the human condition.


  • doing what you believe.
  • grey area
  • compromise
  • living with yourself
I was just reminded of it today thinking of someone who I know. Complaining about something years ago then turning into exactly what they complained about.

Ness: I have foresworn myself. I have broken every law I have sworn to uphold, I have become what I beheld and I am content that I have done right!

Another interesting piece of trivia from the movie

Brian De Palma met Bob Hoskins over a drink in Los Angeles to discuss playing Al Capone if De Palma's first choice Robert De Niro were to pass on the role. Since De Niro didn't say yes, Hoskins told De Palma he would do it if he were available. When De Niro finally took the role, De Palma sent Hoskins a thank you note, and the studio paid Hoskins, who had a "pay or play" deal, $200,000. Hoskins called De Palma and asked if there were any more movies the director didn't want him to be in.


If you don't see the video screen please click here.


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" He Was Taken Away Far Too Soon "

Warning- the following is a very strong opinion. You are welcome to question it in an orderly fashion.

"Any time you have the opportunity to
accomplish something for someone and you don't, you are wasting your time on this earth". - Roberto Clemente

Michael Jackson was not taken away too soon. This is not Shelby Eatenton Latcherie in Steel Magnolias. If it was tragically short then it was voluntarily tragically cut short.

The Lord Blesses Us WIth Life and sometimes we are in control and sometimes He is in control. When we are young are told things are bad for a reason. If we choose to do exactly what we are told not to by people who know better or people who care, we only have ourselves to blame.

If that makes me square , well I have been called worse.

Maybe there are things that I don't know. I researched some of the names I was going to put on the list below then the new information made me change my mind.

I will fully retract this opinion on Jackson and any other name on this list if there is new information that says their death was not caused by their own delusions. If his death was not provoked by an indulgent and/or illegal habit. The only cases that qualify as accidental overdoes in my narrow viewpoint are cases like what happened to the twins of Dennis Quaid. Even CNN is reporting that the details of the 911 call began with an unidentified caller. Someone , somewhere has something to hide.

As many of you know, I love Elvis but he was hopeless. If his addiction to drugs did not kill him, his addiction to bacon might have. I know Elvis' story better than I know most tragic celebrities . I know for a fact that Elvis had his enablers. Elvis' true friends tried to get him to shape up. But the moxie that made Elvis the quality performer and the quality soldier that he was made him believe the instant gratification from taking all those drugs was better than the damage it was doing to him.

For me, just as its wrong for Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa to take drugs since young people look up to them. It is also extremely wrong for Elvis and Michael Jackson to be taking illegal harmful drugs.

Sorry but I am a believer that speed kills. You take unnecessary risks speeding or racing then to me that's self inflicted. This behavior puts others who do not have that urge at risk. Why should others have to pay for your craving? If you have the need to speed , it's no different than craving a dangerous drug. Professional race drivers can minimize but not eliminate risk. Race car drivers and race fans will tell you that the danger is part of the appeal.

I apologize for offending anyone's sensitivities but I have read about and written about too many unfortunate situations to know that there are also some that are self inflicted. Some of my flaws and weaknesses are self inflicted yes. I can be in better shape yes. You just won't see me taking anything stronger than hot sauce unless it's prescribed. As naive and simple minded as its presented in South Park by Mr. Mackey. "Drugs are bad". It's true. (video below)

When you are taken away then it is supposed to be involuntary. Without your consent. You don't have a choice in the matter. Well I am saying that phrase " taken away too soon" is tossed around too lightly. I don't think it means what we think it means. That's why I chose to began with a quote of Roberto Clemente. A name you may not know but you should know his deeds.

If you consider me judgmental, well being "taken away too soon" is in itself a judgment. So I am merely judging a judgment. If you do not know some of the names then you are welcome to Google them. Some of their stories can be described as inspirational and / or tragic. Whether you agree or disagree I hope I least got you thinking.

Taken Away Too Soon

Karen Carpenter http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/journal/item/210/Its_Been_25_Years_Karen_Carpenter_The_Talent_The_Sad_Story

Natasha Richardson

Walter Payton

Reverend Reggie White

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Richie Valens

Payne Stewart ( saw him about a month before his death. Right before my sister's wedding)

The unborn terminated in clinics

Hunter Kelly http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2125887 http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/journal/item/373/Its_Not_What_Happens_to_You_but_What_You_Decide_After

All victims of Drunk Drivers except the drivers themselves

Pat Tillman http://www.greatestjeneration.com/archives/001828.php

Crew of the Challenger January 28, 1986

George Harrison

John Lennon

Jim Henson

Pete Maravich http://www.basketballdailyworld.com/hoopopedia/hoops-greats/hall-of-fame-hall-of-fame-learn/pistol-pete-maravich/

Buddy Holly

Gerry Bertier http://www.71originaltitans.com/gbertier.html

Hank Gathers

Millions of political/ military holocaust victims. Hitler, Josef Stalin , East Timor

Protesters in Iran

Fr. Jerome Angulo http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/journal/item/669/Four_Months_Three_Priests_

My Tita Vicky and Jim Valvano


Shaun Negler http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/journal/item/382/His_spirit_made_him_hang_around_so_he_could_see_me_that_one_last_time

Roberto Clemente http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/journal/item/89/Roberto_Clemente

Nick Adenhart http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4055343

Any bystander in some ultra deranged killing spree: Columbine, Montreal Massacre December 6 1989, Virginia Tech etc.

John F. Kennedy

There are many Make-A-Wish stories that will break your heart http://www.wish.org/stories

In light of that list do you really think the phrase "taken away too soon" applies to anyone doing anything illegal or ill advised?

Not Taken Away Too Soon

Kurt Cobain

River Phoenix

James Dean

Greg Moore http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tl-6oqN0i4&feature=fvst

Elvis Presley

Dale Earnhardt

Jim Morrison

Dennis Wilson

Keith Moon

Jimi Hendrix

Michael Hutchence

Drunk Drivers

In the words of Steely Dan "living hard will take it's toll". Ultimately who's choice is that? So can it truly be called "too soon? "


Note: Whether you agree with this or not. Whether you find more than a few more grammatical errors. One thing you can not argue is I poured my heart into this. If you think this or anything else I wrote can benefit someone you know, please share it. You can forward link via email or facebook. You can go here (http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/tag/death) , find the article and click "share" on the bottom. Then click "add to" and there are a myriad of share options there including facebook. Or you can ask me how. THANKS!!!

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What Else? Howard Stern Cartoon

Funny - Funny Videos

Top 5 Warning Signs of Crash and Burn

Ever see the Nicholas Cage movie Honeymoon in Vegas? He promised his mom on her deathbed not to marry. Thought of that movie when I saw this article today. Any resemblance to my life is purely coincidental.



Confessions of a Wedding Planner: 5 Signs a Couple Will Crash and Burn

* by Cosmopolitan.com, on Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:58am PDT

Cosmo's Wedding Blowout
After witnessing 50 to 80 weddings per year (and being exposed to behaviors that a couple doesn't always reveal to others), a wedding planner has identified some signs that scream "Red flag!" Here, she spills the predictors of whether a couple will live happily ever after or bite the dust.

1. The Bride Refuses to Let the Groom Choose the Cake

"Brides are almost always more interested in the minutiae of wedding planning than grooms are. But when I encounter a woman who refuses to relinquish any control to her fianc�, it doesn't bode well. I can think of a few instances in which the woman ruled the event with an iron fist and the couple ended up in divorce court a few years later. Basically, they weren't able to make decisions together."

Want the flip side to each of these signs? Read the complete article on Cosmo's official website.

2. The Groom Lets His Mom Call the Shots

"Most of my brides involve their moms in the planning process, and why wouldn't they? It's like having a second planner for free. But sometimes, grooms' mothers try to muscle in too, which is something I'll never understand. Not only is it inappropriate, but it's up to her son to tell her that."

3. The Bride Blows Half the Budget on Her Dress

"Weddings are pricier than ever, and money-related issues can cause a lot of undue tension. So when a bride goes behind her groom's back and splurges on a big-name dress or expensive flower arrangements, I start to get nervous. It's a huge sign that she doesn't respect him and refuses to compromise...and trust me, those tendencies don't disappear after she walks down the aisle. I have worked with tons of couples who fought viciously over the wedding budget and learned later that many of them continued to argue and eventually split."

4. The Bride Freaks Over the Groom's Bachelor Party

"I've seen some women wig out about the possibility of her guy having a boys' night at a strip club. One client of mine even threatened to leave her fianc� if he had a bachelor party. But my motto is: If you can't trust him, why the hell are you walking down the aisle?!"

Wondering how wild typical prewedding bashes can get? Read Cosmo's Confessions of a Bachelor Party Stripper.

5. The Bride and Groom Fight in Front of Me

"No matter how in love two people may be, planning a ceremony and reception is overwhelming and will no doubt cause a few tiffs. But warning bells immediately start ringing for me if the couple gets really heated with each other in my presence. Arguments are private, and dragging me into them shows that there is a lack of respect for each other and for their bond."


Sense of Entitlement/ Beggars at Work

Today I was solicited at work. For merienda.

I was sitting at a different desk doing my manipulation of data on a spreadsheet. Listening to my podcasts on earphones. In short I was disturbing no one.

Then I was interrupted by the only two people within earshot of me. One of them asked for a free afternoon snack. Emphasis on free. He referred to the other one saying that I was kuripot (cheapskate) , I calmly asked the other one "what have you done for me?" She then replied "God's love is unconditional. "

Suddenly I am God.

Those of you who have read my stuff in these blogs. DO you ever mistake it for the Old Testament? Or the Koran? I thought so. We have a case of mistaken identity at work. Or maybe it's typecasting?

It's this sense of entitlement that gets all of us into trouble. These people that expect something for nothing. That expectation is so strong that they feel they have to interrupt my listening of the Dan Patrick Show. Well hell hath no fury like the DP Show interrupted.

It just so happens the person comparing me to God has a long history of what the pinoys call "Wala Lang". Her reply to my question of what has she done for me to deserve a free snack was a variation of "Wala lang" . So I threw it back in her face. In the words "wala lang". At that point the hunter became the hunted. I also compared her to another mortal. (She compared me to God ) her friend . Whose famous sense of entitlement question to me was "Ed, can you buy Angels and Demons so I can borrow it from you?". At this point she went from fight to flight. This is the same person that brought in another friend of hers who actually brought the sensationalist press to our company back in 2006.

For more on the wala lang strategy : http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/journal/item/316/The_Best_Example_of_Facing_the_Music

In the past I have brought you these characters from work:

Loud Attention Seeking Missles http://cornholiogogs.multiply.com/tag/yuck

Wimps that can't take stairs http://edrlopez.blogspot.com/2009/02/habits-will-define-you.html

Why do I so boldly put them here? No one from work reads anything online that does not have the two words "Hayden Kho" in the headline.

Besides with all the posts here, let's see them find it. Like the famous closing scene from Citizen Kane


Some Thoughts on Today's Deaths June 25 2009

Some Thoughts on Today's Deaths June 25 2009


1. Pepsi- I have always been a fan of sincerity. This stuck with me for years.

Years ago Pepsi hired Michael Jackson to do a television commercial even though he stated publicly that he did not drink Pepsi. It did not matter because the image of Michael Jackson evoked a positive emotional response in the demographic that Pepsi wanted to reach. Pepsi linked their product with Michael to get to the emotion he evoked in viewers.


Michael Jackson Pepsi Ad - Funny video clips are a click away

Some media outlets also complained that Michael seemed to have the attitude "Do as I say, not do as I do" by reporting that Michael had never drinks Pepsi as he had an allergic reaction, yet he was promoting it. Pepsi's Larry Macintosh later stated that no one at the company ever asked Michael if he drinks the cola and defended Michael by stating "its not an issue for Pepsi. Whats important is that his fans drink Pepsi". Reporter Stan Freberg hit back saying what the company is doing is false advertising.


Pepsi Ad

2. Rod Temperton, Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, Jr.- Whatever your favorite Michael Jackson songs are, chances are one of these 3 guys were involved.


1. Tommy Lee Jones, Angels in Chains- I remember the first episode GMA 7 ever showed of Charlie Angels. We all watched in my parents room ( around 1977 maybe). This bad cop planted stuff in the car of the Angels. I later found out he was Tommy Lee Jones. Within 5 minutes of the opening credits the Angels were in jail. With the obligatory "acclimation" to jail. Needless to say parents shut the tv off. To this day I don't know what happened in the rest of the episode.

2. Nicky and Victor- you may have heard by now of Ryan O'Neil's plans to marry Farrah before she died.



Does it sound something like this":

Hours later, Veronica shot and severely wounded Nikki, leading to Victor to divorce Diane and remarry Nikki on her death bed. Victor promised Diane that he would remarry her after Nikki died. When Nikki miraculously recovered, her family was ecstatic, but Diane was concerned about where she stood with Victor. Victor soon broke it off with Diane.
After learning that, due to Nikki surviving, their marriage was invalid, Victor and Nikki remarried in a lavish ceremony in 2002.

Well, it's a plot line from the Young and Restless.


You might recognize the guy from a show called The Rat Patrol.

3. Farrah posed for Hef's mag when she was 50.

4. When I think of Ryan O'Neil I think of two things :

a) former father in law of John McEnroe

b) His starring role in Love Story (1970)

One of his dorm buddies in the movie was Tommy Lee Jones (him again!!??!!) who really went to Harvard in the movie and in real life. His roommate there was Al Gore.

(spoiler alert if you have not seen a 39 year old movie)
I only saw the movie once but I remember the scene where he is just grieving after Ali McGraw's death . I am just wondering how different it is in real life.

5. This clip from Saturday Night Fever. How much more 70s can you get with the posters on the wall? Not to mention the star of an extremely popular sit com at the time .


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Swimming Upstream Video Tribute to Chastity Bono

Cher and soon to be former daughter Chastity

As you might know by now Chastity Bono the only child of Cher and Sonny Bono will eventually go from being a female to being a male. I admire her courage. We have all heard of men becoming women like Tula Cossey (who was a "Bond Girl" ). But I have not heard of anyone swimming upstream and going from female to male.

In honor of the future Mr.Chas Bono I am dedicating this video. The irony will only be apparent when you hear the chorus (@ 2:00 of 2:40 and 2:37 of 2:40) .


If you don't see the video screen go here:

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Tonight I quoted a line from the book Art of War to my on line friend and it seemed to strike a chord so I am reviving this series . Links below to the other chapters.
In point 12 of Chapter 8, Sun Tzu discusses the concept of baiting an enemy.

12. There are five dangerous faults which may affect
a general:
(1) Recklessness, which leads to destruction;
(2) cowardice, which leads to capture;
(3) a hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults;
(4) a delicacy of honor which is sensitive to shame;
(5) over-solicitude for his men, which exposes him
to worry and trouble.

What better way of showing you this concept than a scene from the Godfather.

Tattaglia's partner, Don Emilio Barzini, enlists the help of Sonny's brother-in-law, Carlo Rizzi, in setting a trap for Sonny. Sonny had already given Carlo a savage beating upon learning that Carlo was abusing Connie, unintentionally revealing a weakness. To draw Sonny out into the open, a vengeful Rizzi inflicts a particularly vicious beating on Connie, who telephones Sonny, begging for help. In a fit of rage, Sonny speeds out of the family compound unaccompanied, and heads for Connie's apartment in Hell's Kitchen to confront Rizzi. As Sonny approaches a toll plaza, a number of Barzini's men emerge with Tommy Guns and brutally gun him down before he can flee.


For Previous Chapters: CLICK HERE


1. Sun Tzu said: In war, the general receives
his commands from the sovereign, collects his army
and concentrates his forces

2. When in difficult country, do not encamp. In country
where high roads intersect, join hands with your allies.
Do not linger in dangerously isolated positions.
In hemmed-in situations, you must resort to stratagem.
In desperate position, you must fight.

3. There are roads which must not be followed,
armies which must be not attacked, towns which must
be besieged, positions which must not be contested,
commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed.

4. The general who thoroughly understands the advantages
that accompany variation of tactics knows how to handle
his troops.

5. The general who does not understand these, may be well
acquainted with the configuration of the country, yet he
will not be able to turn his knowledge to practical account.

6. So, the student of war who is unversed in the art
of war of varying his plans, even though he be acquainted
with the Five Advantages, will fail to make the best use
of his men.

7. Hence in the wise leader's plans, considerations of
advantage and of disadvantage will be blended together.

8. If our expectation of advantage be tempered in
this way, we may succeed in accomplishing the essential
part of our schemes.

9. If, on the other hand, in the midst of difficulties
we are always ready to seize an advantage, we may extricate
ourselves from misfortune.

10. Reduce the hostile chiefs by inflicting damage
on them; and make trouble for them, and keep them
constantly engaged; hold out specious allurements,
and make them rush to any given point.

11. The art of war teaches us to rely not on the
likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness
to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking,
but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.

12. There are five dangerous faults which may affect
a general:
(1) Recklessness, which leads to destruction;
(2) cowardice, which leads to capture;
(3) a hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults;
(4) a delicacy of honor which is sensitive to shame;
(5) over-solicitude for his men, which exposes him
to worry and trouble.

13. These are the five besetting sins of a general,
ruinous to the conduct of war.

14. When an army is overthrown and its leader slain,
the cause will surely be found among these five
dangerous faults. Let them be a subject of meditation.




Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RIP Ed McMahon

My namesake left us today. He was 86. It's not fair that in the last year of his life he was "tormented" by Britney Spears. Anyway in tribute to this giant , let's play a song that not many know . A song written specifically for him.



If you do not see video screen at all please click here.


Twitter Thesis

I will not spoil this but listen to it. MP 3 attachment is below in Multiply or click here. I got the idea from a guy named Tim McMahan. It is a show on KROQ in Los Angeles and the protagonist is Ralph. I have made a lot of these points before. Maybe you will agree maybe you will disagree but I guarantee you they will hit someone you know. I already am inundated with so many irrelevant Facebook status updates , the last thing I need is the Twitter of these guys. Yes these are the guys targeted in the rant.

Some highlights from the 15 minute "Twitter Thesis"

  • Why He Advocates "Twitter Murder"
  • Thoughts on Blogging
  • Thoughts on personal Twitter
  • Reality TV Phenomena
  • Self Importance

I am warning there is some course language that I could do without. Still I think it's worth listening to no matter where you stand on the argument. For my thoughts on Twitter please click here.

I am on Twitter but I just follow informative people and /or funny people. People like John Maxwell, Bill Simmons and Weird AL.






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950 PM June 22 2009

If the title seems familiar its because content is exactly the same as this post. At that time I got into a cab. Then I heard Johnny Mathis. He was not singing Misty or Wonderful or Chances Are. The song was Santa Claus is Coming to Town. And believe me, it was not a cassette or MP3 player. It was the radio. Ed

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Zac Efron and Twitter Discussed by Mike and Mike

See ? I am a sellout. Trying to capture the younger demographic. Watch the video. If you do not see a screen, click here.


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Controversial Artie Lange vs Joe Buck

This is the controversial show that rocked HBO earlier this week. Should the youtube audio clips cease to function, I did convert them to mp3. HBO is doing its best to erase all evidence that this ever happened. The first link explains the uproar. Also on the video screen below is what I believe is the moral of booking Artie Lange. Courtesy of Forrest Whittaker using a very bad British accent.


http://www.examiner.com/x-11279-Howard-Stern-Examiner~y2009m6d18-Why-you-wont-find-the-Artie-Lange-Joe-Buck-Live-video-on-the-internet (article)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRp6oOM3Luc Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6dQmKH-a7c&feature=channel_page Part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE6pfIFI5IE&feature=channel Part 3

NBA's Brendan Haywood has a Brain

...............and he's not afraid to use it.

He is the center for the Washington Wizards. Listened to him and he said a lot of what I say. He feels it's important to have something to say . He does not feel you have to agree with him but he will make his point as best as he can. Whoa!!! He is speaking to me and what I have been trying to do for a year and a half. Download the attachment below to listen to an intelligent young man. If you can not see the attachment while you are reading this, click here.


  • impassioned case against drunk driving and his personal experience
  • belief in the Lord
  • his need to blog to get his opinion out and make his point
  • his thought on DUI of a fellow pro athlete resulting in death
  • why he does not Twitter
  • stereotypical view of athletes and why he wants to change that
  • how he feels about Gilbert Arenas
  • why dog killer and dog fight organizer Mike Vick deserves another chance.
  • his Alma mater North Carolina

Based on these twelve minutes, I have a glimmer of hope that pro athletes can use their stage to enlighten people instead of looking out for endorsements. There is somebody out there that does not go the exclusive facebook/ twitter route.

His last words -

"You can't be afraid you gotta speak what's on your mind. "

I was meant to hear this and share it with you.






Despite the grief

Someone in the family died this week. Technically she was not blood. In this case blood is just details. She was wonderful in all ways you can be. Kind, considerate, gentle, humble, helpful, thoughtful, intelligent and other positive qualities. She was family. I missed the first night of the wake because I had a class. The second night I came in the middle of the mass. During communion, I saw the bereaved widower and went to shake his hand. While in the middle of mass he was play punching me in the gut. Then he was asking about my schooling, which I started when I last saw him. How he remembered this is beyond me. He also asked about my brother. I had no idea my visit would mean what it did but I am glad to have done what I could for him. His wife gave so much to the family , about time I gave a little back.


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music ya can't live without man?

music ya can't live without man? (tagged by Jepotskie)

Give me an excuse to talk about music and I will. My good online buddy on FB/ Multiply/ Twitter - Jepotskie tagged me with this and I promised her to reciprocate. Ask me on a different day and I will come up with a different list.

To Hear the songs, click here.

If I missed any please inform me.



uhhhh. music ya can't live without man? (tagged by Jepotskie)

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write down 25 songs you cannot live without. You know, the ones you can listen to over and over and never get tired of. They don't have to be in any particular order. These are the songs that make you laugh, cry,THINK OF AN OLD FRIEND, whatever the reason. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 songs, tag 25 people, then click publish.

Old Kentucky Home- Randy Newman - I don't know how many crimes he commits during the whole song. http://www.metrolyrics.com/my-old-kentucky-home-lyrics-randy-newman.html

Tempted by Squeeze- my little sister had choreographed actions for this song. Dang good melody http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1yehv_squeeze-tempted_music

Standing on the Corner- Dean Martin- never has sleazy sounded so wholesome -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc5DUZintK4

Broken / Head Over Heels/ Broken(live) - Brian Pearson used this as the music to our grad slideshow. Well "Broken" anyway. It really takes me back to being a love struck guy just looking for an excuse to start a conversation. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1k8w3_tears-for-fears-head-over-heels_music

Knights in White Satin- Moody Blues -have you ever heard anything so haunting? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9muzyOd4Lh8

Take 5 - Dave Brubeck - iconic jazz number , excellent drum solo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwNrmYRiX_o 4 guys playing at once. Sax, piano, upright bass and drums http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwNrmYRiX_o

Crying in the Chapel- Elvis Presley. Elvis and company took a risk doing something so religious


Burning Love- Elvis last Top 10 hit. 5 Years before his death . Matthew was 3 and we were in Hotel lobby in Bangkok. He was on my lap and his parents were stuck in Bangkok traffic. I sung it to him and kept him calm. Will never forget it.


Just Another Soap Box Opera.by Supertramp - listen to the song , hard to describe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlxeJd_L3Vw listen to song, read comments.

Night and Day - Frank Sinatra song , Cole Porter composition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw_bn-7yMz4

YYZ- Rush ear candy . 3 guys playing well.

Lyin Eyes- The Eagles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED6q_x1lR34

You Won't See Me= Beatles- From Rubber Soul. A song that 200 other Beatles fans will not pick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsrQgIQSQSw

Honky Tonk Women- by the Rolling Stones funky in its own way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FJYyA4jRdM

Joe's Garage- Frank Zappa just a fun song. Fast forward to about minute 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvlJc8ilD5o

Biggest ball of twine in Minnesota by Weird Al This song is so good that a video would just take away from it's strengths.CRank up the volume but just imagine story in your head.


I'll be gone - Tom Waits - Tom Waits has a gravely voice, demented melodies and that makes him an acquired taste. The video I found was of someone covering the song and bravo to him. Just a voice and guitar and it sounds great. To imagine the Tom Waits version, picture you are visiting a jail and there is this deranged criminal who sees you and tries to convince you to set him free as if his life depended on it. You might have an idea of the mood of the Tom Waits voice.


Bob Seger - pre Risky Business Live Old Time Rock and Roll. If an alien asked me what was rock and roll. This song would be up there as the poster tune .


Lyle Lovett- Closing Time. he has a beautiful voice, writes excellent songs and has both serious and zany lyrics. This is a lovely tender ballad. with the lyrics" Closing time unplug those people send them home it''s closing time" so true.


Garth Brooks- the Dance . One of the biggest selling artists ever despite being almost unknown outside of North America. A song that has tugged on many heartstrings.

Where were you when I need you - Stevie Wonder- http://kevinswarstore.com/v720163-eglence-stevie-wonder-superwoman-where-were-you-when-i-needed-you.html

Joe Jackson- medley of Be My Number Two/ Breaking Us In Two. Live in Tokyo emotional.


Hang Em High- Booker T. and MGs. - organ just sounds so good and full of soul. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80k4qakPrqA

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter -atmospheric. If the video reminds you of Spinal Tap, probably not a coincidence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgHSk91RhL8

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 - crazy , Dylan lyrics at a fever pitch


Steely Dan- Black Cow "I can't cry anymore" Just from the intro. Studio version better than the clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY_FI9J1poQ

Telegraph Road- Dire Straits epic song , jamming towards the end.


Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits makes me cry if I am in the mood.


Mistral Wind by Heart - another haunting song that just takes you places. Foreshadowing doom and dread.


Cousin Kevin -The Who with all the zillion 5 Star Who songs and I picked this one? I am a sucker for bridges with harmonies. The Youtube video is from the movie is disturbing but nowhere near as musical.