Friday, June 12, 2009

Carabao NBA

Janina San Miguel

Carabao NBA

The only team sport Filipinos as a whole understand is basketball. It is the only team sport the typical Filipino male will pay attention to. They all understand 5 guys who can all shoot , rebound, pass the ball. You can check out this previous post of mine. I have been watching the playoffs this year at home on the weekends or when I can sneak into an office with the tv already tuned into the game during office hours. Why the network here showing the game feels they have to impose local commentators on this game are beyond me. If I want that style of commenting I will watch the PBA broadcasts. But I don't. Let's say they really have to do this cause there is a gun to their head. We are a land of call centers. The times I listen to FM radio many of the on air personalities speak English well enough. The play by play guy they have is decent. WHY is the color guy horrible??? In this land there must be some guy who knows basketball and can speak semi competent English. If they sent guys who only speak tagalog and show the game on a channel with mostly tagalog shows I have no problem with that. Just leave the cable feed that had the TNT crowd doing all the duties as far as the conference finals, leave that feed alone. Why in the most significant series do we get a color commentator who would have difficulty passing an ESL course? Watch the video (last 3 minutes of Game 4) so you can not see I am not making the blooper list up.

"Its better to be lacky than good" "These Are the Playoffs!" No SH*T Sherlock. Not only is it the playoffs , its the finals. Anybody who did not know we already witnessed three previous rounds of playoff basketball can't really care about basketball. "This is the team with no quitting in them" "Although Gasuul is not a 3 point shooter." "Making them booth contenders again" I think the color commentator was the guy who made this sign.

You could not in a million years be proud of this guy.

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