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Some Thoughts on Today's Deaths June 25 2009

Some Thoughts on Today's Deaths June 25 2009


1. Pepsi- I have always been a fan of sincerity. This stuck with me for years.

Years ago Pepsi hired Michael Jackson to do a television commercial even though he stated publicly that he did not drink Pepsi. It did not matter because the image of Michael Jackson evoked a positive emotional response in the demographic that Pepsi wanted to reach. Pepsi linked their product with Michael to get to the emotion he evoked in viewers.

Michael Jackson Pepsi Ad - Funny video clips are a click away

Some media outlets also complained that Michael seemed to have the attitude "Do as I say, not do as I do" by reporting that Michael had never drinks Pepsi as he had an allergic reaction, yet he was promoting it. Pepsi's Larry Macintosh later stated that no one at the company ever asked Michael if he drinks the cola and defended Michael by stating "its not an issue for Pepsi. Whats important is that his fans drink Pepsi". Reporter Stan Freberg hit back saying what the company is doing is false advertising.

Pepsi Ad

2. Rod Temperton, Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, Jr.- Whatever your favorite Michael Jackson songs are, chances are one of these 3 guys were involved.


1. Tommy Lee Jones, Angels in Chains- I remember the first episode GMA 7 ever showed of Charlie Angels. We all watched in my parents room ( around 1977 maybe). This bad cop planted stuff in the car of the Angels. I later found out he was Tommy Lee Jones. Within 5 minutes of the opening credits the Angels were in jail. With the obligatory "acclimation" to jail. Needless to say parents shut the tv off. To this day I don't know what happened in the rest of the episode.

2. Nicky and Victor- you may have heard by now of Ryan O'Neil's plans to marry Farrah before she died.

Does it sound something like this":

Hours later, Veronica shot and severely wounded Nikki, leading to Victor to divorce Diane and remarry Nikki on her death bed. Victor promised Diane that he would remarry her after Nikki died. When Nikki miraculously recovered, her family was ecstatic, but Diane was concerned about where she stood with Victor. Victor soon broke it off with Diane.
After learning that, due to Nikki surviving, their marriage was invalid, Victor and Nikki remarried in a lavish ceremony in 2002.

Well, it's a plot line from the Young and Restless.

You might recognize the guy from a show called The Rat Patrol.

3. Farrah posed for Hef's mag when she was 50.

4. When I think of Ryan O'Neil I think of two things :

a) former father in law of John McEnroe

b) His starring role in Love Story (1970)

One of his dorm buddies in the movie was Tommy Lee Jones (him again!!??!!) who really went to Harvard in the movie and in real life. His roommate there was Al Gore.

(spoiler alert if you have not seen a 39 year old movie)
I only saw the movie once but I remember the scene where he is just grieving after Ali McGraw's death . I am just wondering how different it is in real life.

5. This clip from Saturday Night Fever. How much more 70s can you get with the posters on the wall? Not to mention the star of an extremely popular sit com at the time .


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