Friday, June 19, 2009

Despite the grief

Someone in the family died this week. Technically she was not blood. In this case blood is just details. She was wonderful in all ways you can be. Kind, considerate, gentle, humble, helpful, thoughtful, intelligent and other positive qualities. She was family. I missed the first night of the wake because I had a class. The second night I came in the middle of the mass. During communion, I saw the bereaved widower and went to shake his hand. While in the middle of mass he was play punching me in the gut. Then he was asking about my schooling, which I started when I last saw him. How he remembered this is beyond me. He also asked about my brother. I had no idea my visit would mean what it did but I am glad to have done what I could for him. His wife gave so much to the family , about time I gave a little back.


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