Friday, June 26, 2009

Sense of Entitlement/ Beggars at Work

Today I was solicited at work. For merienda.

I was sitting at a different desk doing my manipulation of data on a spreadsheet. Listening to my podcasts on earphones. In short I was disturbing no one.

Then I was interrupted by the only two people within earshot of me. One of them asked for a free afternoon snack. Emphasis on free. He referred to the other one saying that I was kuripot (cheapskate) , I calmly asked the other one "what have you done for me?" She then replied "God's love is unconditional. "

Suddenly I am God.

Those of you who have read my stuff in these blogs. DO you ever mistake it for the Old Testament? Or the Koran? I thought so. We have a case of mistaken identity at work. Or maybe it's typecasting?

It's this sense of entitlement that gets all of us into trouble. These people that expect something for nothing. That expectation is so strong that they feel they have to interrupt my listening of the Dan Patrick Show. Well hell hath no fury like the DP Show interrupted.

It just so happens the person comparing me to God has a long history of what the pinoys call "Wala Lang". Her reply to my question of what has she done for me to deserve a free snack was a variation of "Wala lang" . So I threw it back in her face. In the words "wala lang". At that point the hunter became the hunted. I also compared her to another mortal. (She compared me to God ) her friend . Whose famous sense of entitlement question to me was "Ed, can you buy Angels and Demons so I can borrow it from you?". At this point she went from fight to flight. This is the same person that brought in another friend of hers who actually brought the sensationalist press to our company back in 2006.

For more on the wala lang strategy :

In the past I have brought you these characters from work:

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Why do I so boldly put them here? No one from work reads anything online that does not have the two words "Hayden Kho" in the headline.

Besides with all the posts here, let's see them find it. Like the famous closing scene from Citizen Kane


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