Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Perspective on The Michael Jackson Death One Man's Opinion

Actually I have three.

1) Andrew Breitbart whose audio is here as an attachment in multiply.

2) A series of Vanity Fair articles. None of which attracted any lawsuits from the Jackson camp.

3) Tony Kornheiser in his clip talks about putting psychology into his writing and what better case than MJ (audio below in multiply) . Download the whole interview for a very interesting piece on how a writer thinks.

99% of the world will just simply mourn this guy. 1% will look at this case and see what can be learned from it. That 1% will try to put this in its proper perspective.




http://media.790theticket.com/Podcasts/1206/Tony_Kornheiser_Podcast_Exclusive-_6-26-09.mp3 ( go to about 3:30)

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