Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twitter Thesis

I will not spoil this but listen to it. MP 3 attachment is below in Multiply or click here. I got the idea from a guy named Tim McMahan. It is a show on KROQ in Los Angeles and the protagonist is Ralph. I have made a lot of these points before. Maybe you will agree maybe you will disagree but I guarantee you they will hit someone you know. I already am inundated with so many irrelevant Facebook status updates , the last thing I need is the Twitter of these guys. Yes these are the guys targeted in the rant.

Some highlights from the 15 minute "Twitter Thesis"

  • Why He Advocates "Twitter Murder"
  • Thoughts on Blogging
  • Thoughts on personal Twitter
  • Reality TV Phenomena
  • Self Importance

I am warning there is some course language that I could do without. Still I think it's worth listening to no matter where you stand on the argument. For my thoughts on Twitter please click here.

I am on Twitter but I just follow informative people and /or funny people. People like John Maxwell, Bill Simmons and Weird AL.






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