Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its Called The WORLD WIDE WEB Why Discriminate?

First of all, let me count my blessings that it's really not as bad here in the Philippines unlike these places. Having said that I was sitting at work on Wednesday and had what my friend in college (Pamela Warkentin) called a comedy flashback. I thought of a Saturday Night Live commercial called Bad Idea Jeans. And I just laughed to myself. Then of course I thought, I gotta share it with you guys. Let me do a Google Video Search. More effective than a Youtube search since it includes Youtube and other video providers. Well what do you know?

According to that link tons of people have it. But I tried every single link that looks like it could be it till page 3. I was discriminated against because of my country of origin. Those of you in North America can follow the links I assume. But I am deprived of my comedy memory. Many of us are obsessive compulsive. Once in a while though like that climactic scene in Mel Gibson's Signs , being O.C. can come in handy. I just have a ton of VHS tapes. With all sorts of things recorded in the 80s and 90s . The trick is finding them though. Most of the tapes are labeled to a certain extent so I have that going for me. Well I was determined not to let this act of discrimination get the better of me. After two search sessions, I found the tape and got it to play. The results are here for you to enjoy.On a sad note you will also see and hear the late great Phil Hartman in the clip.


1st Screen Bad Idea Jeans Commercial SNL
2nd Screen Being O.C. can be good for you from the movie Signs.


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