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" He Was Taken Away Far Too Soon "

Warning- the following is a very strong opinion. You are welcome to question it in an orderly fashion.

"Any time you have the opportunity to
accomplish something for someone and you don't, you are wasting your time on this earth". - Roberto Clemente

Michael Jackson was not taken away too soon. This is not Shelby Eatenton Latcherie in Steel Magnolias. If it was tragically short then it was voluntarily tragically cut short.

The Lord Blesses Us WIth Life and sometimes we are in control and sometimes He is in control. When we are young are told things are bad for a reason. If we choose to do exactly what we are told not to by people who know better or people who care, we only have ourselves to blame.

If that makes me square , well I have been called worse.

Maybe there are things that I don't know. I researched some of the names I was going to put on the list below then the new information made me change my mind.

I will fully retract this opinion on Jackson and any other name on this list if there is new information that says their death was not caused by their own delusions. If his death was not provoked by an indulgent and/or illegal habit. The only cases that qualify as accidental overdoes in my narrow viewpoint are cases like what happened to the twins of Dennis Quaid. Even CNN is reporting that the details of the 911 call began with an unidentified caller. Someone , somewhere has something to hide.

As many of you know, I love Elvis but he was hopeless. If his addiction to drugs did not kill him, his addiction to bacon might have. I know Elvis' story better than I know most tragic celebrities . I know for a fact that Elvis had his enablers. Elvis' true friends tried to get him to shape up. But the moxie that made Elvis the quality performer and the quality soldier that he was made him believe the instant gratification from taking all those drugs was better than the damage it was doing to him.

For me, just as its wrong for Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa to take drugs since young people look up to them. It is also extremely wrong for Elvis and Michael Jackson to be taking illegal harmful drugs.

Sorry but I am a believer that speed kills. You take unnecessary risks speeding or racing then to me that's self inflicted. This behavior puts others who do not have that urge at risk. Why should others have to pay for your craving? If you have the need to speed , it's no different than craving a dangerous drug. Professional race drivers can minimize but not eliminate risk. Race car drivers and race fans will tell you that the danger is part of the appeal.

I apologize for offending anyone's sensitivities but I have read about and written about too many unfortunate situations to know that there are also some that are self inflicted. Some of my flaws and weaknesses are self inflicted yes. I can be in better shape yes. You just won't see me taking anything stronger than hot sauce unless it's prescribed. As naive and simple minded as its presented in South Park by Mr. Mackey. "Drugs are bad". It's true. (video below)

When you are taken away then it is supposed to be involuntary. Without your consent. You don't have a choice in the matter. Well I am saying that phrase " taken away too soon" is tossed around too lightly. I don't think it means what we think it means. That's why I chose to began with a quote of Roberto Clemente. A name you may not know but you should know his deeds.

If you consider me judgmental, well being "taken away too soon" is in itself a judgment. So I am merely judging a judgment. If you do not know some of the names then you are welcome to Google them. Some of their stories can be described as inspirational and / or tragic. Whether you agree or disagree I hope I least got you thinking.

Taken Away Too Soon

Karen Carpenter

Natasha Richardson

Walter Payton

Reverend Reggie White

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Richie Valens

Payne Stewart ( saw him about a month before his death. Right before my sister's wedding)

The unborn terminated in clinics

Hunter Kelly

All victims of Drunk Drivers except the drivers themselves

Pat Tillman

Crew of the Challenger January 28, 1986

George Harrison

John Lennon

Jim Henson

Pete Maravich

Buddy Holly

Gerry Bertier

Hank Gathers

Millions of political/ military holocaust victims. Hitler, Josef Stalin , East Timor

Protesters in Iran

Fr. Jerome Angulo

My Tita Vicky and Jim Valvano

Shaun Negler

Roberto Clemente

Nick Adenhart

Any bystander in some ultra deranged killing spree: Columbine, Montreal Massacre December 6 1989, Virginia Tech etc.

John F. Kennedy

There are many Make-A-Wish stories that will break your heart

In light of that list do you really think the phrase "taken away too soon" applies to anyone doing anything illegal or ill advised?

Not Taken Away Too Soon

Kurt Cobain

River Phoenix

James Dean

Greg Moore

Elvis Presley

Dale Earnhardt

Jim Morrison

Dennis Wilson

Keith Moon

Jimi Hendrix

Michael Hutchence

Drunk Drivers

In the words of Steely Dan "living hard will take it's toll". Ultimately who's choice is that? So can it truly be called "too soon? "


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