Friday, June 12, 2009

Review of UCC Fort

Just this morning my dad took me to UCC Vienna in Fort. He already had reservations about the service and that it might be crowded. But he let me have my choice. Well bottom line he went from having his reservations to saying never again.

My English teacher (Leo Matusicky) back in Grade 11 told us "It's better to have a short pencil than a short memory". Man, that stuck with me 25 years. I wish our waitress had Leo Matusicky. I don't recall her writing anything down or even validating the order. My dad asked for very toasted bread to go with his breakfast meal and it came as white as Pat Boone. Of course it came late.

The coffee was excellent but if the service was semi civilized , they would have offered a refill. Nobody checked up on us. I enjoyed my mushroom omelet with whole wheat pan de sal.

Bottom line service was bad. We were forced to stay outside with obnoxious smokers because their main indoor seating forced single patrons to take up entire four seat tables. (We were only two).

I doubt either of us will be returning.

To make up for you people reading my whining, I have three videos coffee and refill related in keeping with this morning's theme.

1) Mr.Pink (Steve Buschemi) on why three refills are not good enough and other related matters from Reservoir Dogs.
2) Dale Cooper Coffee Compilation from Twin Peaks (watch out for Madchen Amick , Joan Chen, Peggy Lipton, Sherilyn Fenn and David Lynch)
3) Dale Cooper/ Excellent Coffee / Audrey Horne Entrance.


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