Sunday, June 7, 2009

Preservation of Yahoo 360 Part 1 Rocky Horror

Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo 360. First blog service I ever joined. When I joined Multiply or more accurately when I started getting active in Multiply I was able to get most of the entries from there into here. The simple pictures will get their own album. The actual thoughts however incoherent they were back then will be reproduced here in their original messed up form.


Syncronicity..... magnify
Or just a great coincidence. Today is Halloween as you all may know. Just after lunch I decided to drop by the video store and see what gems I could uncover. One was Rebel without a Cause. The other was one of the greatest (or infamous) Halloween movies ever. Tim Curry's Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you have no idea what I am talking about do a search on Yahoo or Google and see for yourself what a phenomena this turned out to be. The weird part is I had never seen that movie available anywhere in the last 5 years till today. And I have spent my fair time in video stores.
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