Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open Letter to President Noynoy

"Be careful what you WISH for. You just might get it." (anonymous)

Looks like you got what you wanted. Looks like your supporters got what they wanted. Time will tell if you can and will give the country what it wants. Congratulations.

The challenges that face your administration are daunting even for somebody qualified, passionate , ambitious and experienced. You are none of the above and I hope you know what you are in for. Somehow I doubt it.

The job will require you to make tough decisions and weigh the pros and cons and the good of all. Decisions you could have been making at your last two jobs. Though nobody seems to find any evidence that you ever exercised that kind of decision making.

With you as president guess we won't be getting that really mature and dignified People Power threat of yours huh? You had me at "People".

Total morons have made it to that seat you now occupy (see 1998). Just remember that when your head gets even bigger despite your lack of accomplishments.

Speaking of 1998, let's talk about rivals. Obama had to beat McCain, Ali had to beat Frazer look who you beat? Someone who would have been and has been a bigger nightmare than you. Your closest rivals were a womanizing, dim witted, virile, alcoholic and a conniving, manipulative spendaholic. Hardly a clash of the titans. What glory is there in victory if 2nd and 3rd place go to a couple of clowns like that. Either the talent pool for president was really shallow or our electorate have really distorted values.

I have said before sir, that you have never shown any ability to lead. That you could not even lead your way out of a paper bag. I even doubt you can handle the vice president elect. A very ambitious, self made man who may have misplaced some morals along the way.He seems to be everything you are not. May God have mercy on your soul.

Finally you should have won an Oscar for effectively borrowing a line from Sixth Sense and making it your own "I use dead people".

Despite everything I said , I wish you well. I rather be wrong and this country do well than be right and have the country go in the toilet. You hear that? I rather be wrong. You can prove me wrong. It's up to you.

Your pal,


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