Sunday, May 9, 2010

Noynoy and "Winnability" an Inquiry into Values

“Natatakot siya (Revillame) talaga. Mananalo siya talaga. Sa akin iyon ang sabi ko, ayokong magpulitika…. doon nga ako natatakot baka manalo ako. Ganoon din si Willie,” he (Dolphy) laughingly said.


"The name Noynoy Aquino has the word 'No' three times. "- somebody from


“If you know, to recognize that you know, If you don't know, to realize that you don't know: That is knowledge.”


“The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action.”


Winnability. It's not even a word. Just when I thought I was running out of things to
say before May 10, 2010. You may recall this post

One thing I forgot to say there is if FPJ won , the win was not for him but for all the hangers on. Their agenda. Same thing I feel with Noynoy, the hangers on can not win on their own but get somebody who can win then ride on his coattails into the Palace. Unfortunately this "Winnabilty " thing speaks so badly about us. It really really does. Because in this country at least, winnability is not synonymous with quality or leadership or governance or practicality. Hence the Dolphy quote. He once said in Tagalog "if you win then what?" though I can't find the link. Running and winning in this country is clearly an ego thing. Not sure if they ever figured out that serving the public is the primary function. It's a popularity contest like in my grade school where we had contest for muse. OK so I am still bitter for losing.

FPJ was a real threat six years ago and for all we know should have really won. I'm sorry but that really speaks to the IQ of the electorate. All the hangers on that convinced FPJ to run. I imagined back then Vic Sotto in a meeting with FPJ "Sige bossing, takbo na!!!". And from the naivety of that conversation, a snowball was put into motion that almost resulted in FPJ sitting in Malacanang. If he won then all the hangers on that convinced him to run and their agendas would have been Trojan Horsed into Malacanang with FPJ.

If you find that scenario stupid, well it is before us right now. Noynoy was called to run because of his mom's death. And like an idiot he agrees. Either he does not know he does not have the tools for the job or he believes he has the tools. Well they must be real top secret tools because I don't know anyone who has seen them. Like the Confucius quote above, he is too dumb to know that he does not know. For those who find my blogs about Noynoy always referencing to stupidity, I would like to see you refer to brilliance and intellect when talking about him and his situation. And you guys out there want him to be president? A guy no one can characterize as smart?

This is the mistake the country is likely to make tomorrow at the polls. Our standards in this country for the highest public office one can attain seem to be really low if the right last name is all you need. No personal track record necessary. Our countrymen who have campaigned and will vote for this charlatan have bought emotionally and can't even defend logically.

The Philippines deserves better than a President elected because of symbolism, sympathy, nepotism and memories. Or maybe it doesn't.


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