Friday, May 7, 2010

Noynoy By The Book Again

Election in T minus 3 days. Just when I though I have run out of things to say, other things pop in my head. If you believe the media then Noynoy will be the next president of this country. It does not make him any good if he is elected. It just means in politics there sometimes is no accounting for taste or brains. As I have said many many times, Noynoy is the emotional choice and never the logical choice.
If I can make one plea to all of you going to vote for Noynoy, if you vote him in I will not stop. I will mock him at every turn. His mistakes will be inevitable. You want to know how to avoid mistakes? Do nothing. Noynoy is an expert at that. Guaranteed the first crisis he will face , he will have a deer in headlights look.

The only way to evaluate anything with any semblance of logic is not through memories of their parents but an established framework. I will once again turn to man of wisdom and experience for this. John Maxwell. he has this list of twelve signs of a leader in trouble. Believe me, I use the term leader loosely when referring to Noynoy.

Profile of a Leader in Trouble by John Maxwell

1. Has a poor understanding of people
2. Lacks imagination
3. Has personal problems

4. Passes the buck

5. Feels secure and satisfied
6. Is not organized

7. Flies into rages

8. Will not take a risk

9. Is insecure and defensive

10. Stays inflexible

11. Has no team spirit.

12. Fights change


I will give my own insight on some of these signs. Though it will be a disservice to you the reader if I do not refer you to a brilliant piece called 12 Reasons Why I Won't Vote NOYNOY For President by George Canseco Jr. If anything in Maxwell's list relates directly to Canseco Jr's list I will just link to it with the rule #. 1. Has a poor understanding of people Actually if the litmus test of a rule is that it works then I will say Noynoy has a great understanding of people. As in people easily hooked by emotion that they become devoid of logic. He makes statements that don't have any roots in reality and just tugs at heartstrings. Link

2. Lacks imagination
If your campaign is nothing but a tribute to what your parents did 25 years ago then I consider that lacking imagination. See #6 here

3. Has personal problems- this might count . Link

4. Passes the buck- he does not pass the buck because he does nothing. Unless you count him prefacing every answer in an interview with "sabi nang magulang ko" ( my parents told me)


#26 here

5. Feels secure and satisfied- I personally would not run for president if I had no concrete activities to point to so I can justify running for president. Then again I am not Noynoy.
He is secured and satisfied that people who do not know any better clamoring for him to run is enough of an excuse to run. Also refer to #6 here.

6. Is not organized - I am not organized myself so I will not critique that which I am not.
7. Flies into rages- you decide if this qualifies link

8. Will not take a risk-
"The person who risks nothing, Does nothing, Has nothing and is nothing." - Leo Buscalia
Oh this completely describes Noynoy till now.

9. Is insecure and defensive-

Read this where Noynoy "answers" Dick Gordon's question what has he done with 9 years in office. Link

10. Stays inflexible What do you call a guy whose case to vote for him as president just talks about his parents?
Interpretation by Doc Albert- Link

Also see # 9 and #12 here

11. Has no team spirit.
You know who has team spirit? His running mate who is infinitely more qualified but stepped down to vice president to accommodate the chosen one of Destiny Noynoy Link

Interpretation by Doc Albert- Link

12. Fights change How can someone promise change when all he talks about what his parents did in the 80s?? He was part of the very government he claims he will change. Been there nine years and all of a sudden he will change it?


You can have many emotional reasons to vote for Noynoy but your country needs your head making your decisions not your heart.


“Those Who Risk Nothing, Do, Achieve, & Become Nothing”

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