Monday, May 3, 2010

"You Are Wasting Your Vote"

4 a : to spend or use carelessly : squander b : to allow to be used inefficiently or become dissipated

One thing you may have heard by now is the excuse. A vote for _________ is a wasted vote. Which is usually used by the political adversaries of ____. How true is that claim? You know the old quote "statistics don't lie but liars use statistics". You also know the two questions they ask when you want a survey conducted in the Philippines : 1) When do you want the survey out? 2) What do you want the survey to say?

I want to draw your attention to an
article that I feel explains the surveys that so many Noynoy supporters and Noynoy himself use as the Gospel Truth.

I got the idea from

If you take the "survey tailender" incident at face value then you see a man who can not bravely face a question to give an accounting of his time as a public servant. A man blindly idolized by many in this election season. An Emperor who truly has no clothes. I even have the transcript of the kids who have exposed Noynoy to be such.

Let's get back to the issue of waste. For those of us who watched one of the best shows ever The Sopranos, we all know that Tony Soprano never defined himself as gangster or part of the mob or part of the mafia. He was in "waste management". Considering all the people he did dispose of in the show, he was not really lying. Noynoy on the other hand tells you any vote that is not for him or the perceived #2 in the polls is a wasted vote. The assumption that the polls are really believable. Ask anyone who been to the majority of provinces in this country and they will tell you that for a so called small country it's pretty big. How anyone can take such a small sampling size and project with such confidence a 19% lead is beyond anyone who can think rationally. Then again we are talking Noynoy, same guy who when asked what has he done when he was in Congress for 9 years and not give a response. Somebody like Tony Soprano should "waste manage" Noynoy.

Much has been made that Noynoy will not stain the legacy of his parents. For those of us paying attention to what he has done or not done in 50 years of living.He already has. Running for president of the land not because of the wishes of his parents but for the ulterior motives of those around him stains the parents legacy. Just bragging about his parents legacy in lieu of his personal deeds stains the parents legacy. Running for president with his joke of a resume stains the parents legacy. He already has stained the parents legacy. So don't be giving some bogus promise that he won't stain it should he win.

And he just laughs because : 1) he does not see it and 2) many others do not see it.

The thing is when based on Noynoy's words or lack of them when his activity as a public servant is questioned, you have the true definition of waste . And by association the true definition of a wasted vote. Laugh if you want.


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