Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chihuahua in Greenbelt 2

For those of you sick of my political rants. Little changeup for  you. Tonight was one of those nights where I saw the traffic and decided to roam Greenbelt instead of get in the driver's seat. I was able to do a few things then came the time to decide where to eat. I saw a niece tonight and I told her the beauty of being single is you get to pick where to eat. The bad part is I argue with myself.

Chihuahua just got hold of me with it's tractor beam. I always loved Mexican but dang it, I love hot sauce, hot peppers etc. My stomach may curse me 2-8 hours later but in the words of Styx "whatever the price I'll pay". Chihuahua is a place for me where the food is something you put on the hot sauce. I did not take any pictures because never thought I would blog about it. Anyway order a burrito, taco, nacho bowl and pick your content. Then experiment which sauce will enhance your food. Another plus though I did not avail tonight is they have draft beer. Tonight was at least my third time there if not my fifth. They also have wifi.

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