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Why Would Anyone Want Manny Pacquiao's Advice?

Look at this stupid excuse for journalism.

Headline says Manny has no advice for Tiger.(You can see the text below) But it starts off with him getting a tattoo. I have no idea why they sneak in the crisis du jour in there of Tiger. Actually I have an idea, they have no story. Look how long it takes them to get the meat suggested in the title? There are two sad facts about journalism in this country: 1) a lot get killed 2) the ones who do not would have a hard time writing for a school paper. There is no story there but it is the headline. The meat of the article has nothing to do with their tease.

My previous thoughts on how our so called writers have no perspective or insight:

On a semi related thought: Everybody else is looking for Tiger Woods' sponsors to abandon him but we have no such blood in the water in the Philippines for the thinking man's athlete Manny Pacquaio. Want to know why?? Fidelity and loyalty are not values treasured here. Erap was , is and will always be popular among the hordes here. He flaunts his infidelity and his bigamy and nobody calls him on it. He has the cojones to run again and he is not laughed out of Comelec because he knows the electorate will take him seriously? This is a source of personal shame for me. That our people can care so much for Manny and so little that convicted plunderers run for office.

Who cares about Manny Pacquiao's advice? The guy is not educated and concussed. I am not blind. This is a third world country and many are uneducated and that is because of circumstance. Manny himself does not even have high school but unlike the rest he can do something about it. He has the money and he has the time. But he rather worry about politics even though he has no college or high school education. But guess what ?? If Manny lives to be 80 and does not achieve first year high school he will be loved because this society does not value education. They value the attention Manny brings. Never mind that boxing itself has been waning. Now gambling, that does not go out of style.

Our writers in the Philippines are so bad. Let's look forward to the following headlines:

Pacman has no advice for Timothy Geithner

Manny would have told Geithner to extend the TARP bailout program even further until October 2011. But he got confused since there really is no need for tarps since he never sees it rain in Las Vegas. Therefore it does not rain in the US.

Pacman has no advice for Stephen Hawking

For a brief time Manny wanted to argue with Dr, Hawking's theory that the universe has no edge or boundary in imaginary time. Arguing that Bob Arum defined the parameters of the edges.

Pacman has no advice for Charlie Weis.

Manny agrees with Brady Quinn that Notre Dame should not have fired Charlie Weis. Then again Manny believes a quarter back is what happens when you break even in the 25 cent slots in the MGM Grand.


Pacman has no advice for Tiger
Bayani San Diego Jr. Philippine Daily Inquirer December 13, 2009 21:57:00
BOXER-turned-big-screen-superhero Manny Pacquiao has a new tattoo—that of a meteor on his left arm, which he got at a local bar, he said.
“Hindi pa nga magaling.” The ink is still fresh, he pointed out.
The blazing meteor is meant for his next opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr., according to a web report.
But conspiracy theorists can’t help asking: Is there a heavenly body named Krista out there?
Pacman dismissed the gossip linking him with “Wapakman” costar Krista Ranillo as “intrigue” meant to drum-beat their Metro Manila Film Fest entry.
His only message to rumormongers: “Sana manood sila ng pelikula.”
He finally saw Krista, post-scandal, only last week (Dec. 6) when the action flick resumed shooting.
“Hindi namin pinag-usapan ’yong intriga. Sandali lang kami nagkasama; hindi kami magka-eksena e. Sabi ko lang sa kanya, ‘Grabe ang mga chismis. Sana suportahan nila ang pelikula natin.’ Tawa lang kami nang tawa,” he recalled. “Ganoon naman ako, kahit sa loob ng ring. Kahit bugbugan na, naka-smile pa rin.”
He would also like to steer clear of the raging cat fight between costars Krista and Bianca King.
(Bianca was allegedly ejected from a common dressing room by Suzette Ranillo, Krista’s aunt.)
“Ayokong makialam sa buhay ng ibang tao. Pero kung kunin nila ang advice ko: Sana magka-ayos na. Sana magkapatawaran na tayong lahat ngayong Pasko,” he said.
He repeated the same mantra of non-involvement and forgiveness when asked to give advice to fellow beleaguered athlete, golfer Tiger Woods, who figured in an extramarital scandal as well.
“I don’t care,” Pacman said, laughing. “Ayokong pakialaman ’yan. Ang masasabi ko lang ... laging magdasal. Lapitan niya ang Diyos dahil ang Panginoon ay pag-ibig.”
He related that he has a special relationship with God—which began when he had a “one-on-one conversation” with Him.
This “turning point” will be discussed extensively in an upcoming book he’s preparing.
“Sa bilyong-bilyong tao sa mundo, bakit si Manny Pacquiao ang binigyan ng Panginoon ng ganitong suwerte? Hindi ko akalain na mabe-break ko lahat ng record sa history ng boxing,” he said.
He refrained from giving further details about his personal “conversation with God.”
“Baka hindi n’yo na bilhin ang libro,” he said.
The book would be his focus after the fight; the Hollywood movie with Sylvester Stallone would have to wait. “Hindi na namin napag-usapan kasi naging busy kami.”
He promised that he would not leave anything out in the book, which is being written by a Filipino author and will be published in the United States upon his retirement after the Mayweather bout.
He will reveal everything, including chapters on his colorful love life.
“Wala akong itatago,” he said.
The tell-all book, which is entitled “Pacquiao,” will disclose the secret of his success. “Simple lang ang sikreto ni Manny Pacquiao: Ang taong mapagkumbaba, lalong tinataas ng Panginoon.”
Pardon Pacman for referring to himself in the third person; it must be because he’s working on his memoir.
“Hindi ko sinasabi na perpekto ako ... Ang katawan maaring magkasala, pero ang kaluluwa at puso naman ang ibabalik natin sa Panginoon,” he explained.
It’s all about love, you know.
Case in point: Although he has gifted wife Jinkee with a new diamond ring, (an annual Christmas tradition between the couple and not a “peace offering” as was reported in the tabloid columns), he expects nothing exorbitant from his wife in return.
“Ngayong Pasko, hindi ako nag-e-expect ng regalo. Basta unawain, alagaan at mahalin lang ako. Hindi ako materialistic na tao; ang importante as akin, ang puso,” he said.
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