Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Enron Will Open In New York.............

as a musical. I know what you are thinking how ridiculous. But one thing I learned 12 years ago is that with the right talent, anything can be turned into a Broadway musical. I was so charmed to go to New York in the first place. But while we were there in May of 1997 saw three musicals: Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum with Whoppi Goldberg and Nathan Lane, a live action Lion King and Titanic the Musical.

There were some of us in the group that cracked jokes about the chorus being "we're drowning". Call me weird ( and I know y'all do anyway) but I enjoyed Titanic. And I was not the only one. I remember the number before they set off from port and the optimism and excitement of the maiden voyage and felt the tragedy. I wonder why I never hunted the soundtrack for it. If you look at the date this was half a year before the movie of the same name came out.

I also got a kick that one of the cast members answered the question whatever happened to Steve Rhodes from Married with Children.

He played J. Bruce Ismay.

This is what J.Bruce looked like in the movie you all probably saw.

Yes I was a big MWC fan back in the late 80s.

My only point here is that something may seem ridiculous on paper but it can turn out quite good. Or the other moral is I just wanted to talk about musicals, New York City and Married with Children. Not necessarily in that order.


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