Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am Surprised I Am Not Bald

I figured, get a haircut before the holiday season gets really hectic. And also do some stuff tonight. I need to present a gift tomorrow for our secret Santa thing at the office , then indulge in one of my favorite solitary dinners: The Steakhouse Burger in Burger King. I also owe anybody who looks below my knees during the week a new pair of shoes.

Why am I telling you this? I got in the barber chair at 6:30. I know it's 6:30 because my sister called while I was on the chair but before the cutting began. I stepped out of the barber shop at about 7:55. My goodness there are movies shorter than that. I was not at some fancy women's salon. This was a barber shop. Oh I miss the old days when I could go in a barber shop and get my haircut by a guy named Tony who could talk sports. Football, hockey, baseball.

Bottom line : there should be a disclaimer if you are getting your hair cut that it would take longer than if you went to the grocery bought ingredients then cooked and ate your dinner. No wonder they said Merry Christmas to me on the way out. It took that long.


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