Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dog Ate Manny Pacquaio's Homework -Audio Blog

“Manny Pacquiao makes a lot of money for a lot of people. This is an issue that people don’t address because there is too much money to be made.” When discussions turned to how rumors that linked Pacquiao with drugs had started because of the way the pound-for-pound king had retained his power while climbing through the weight divisions, Malignaggi said: “I think it is pretty obvious. Paulie Malignaggi

“Major League Baseball knew that more home runs equaled more fans,” said Malignaggi. “Boxing knows Manny Pacquiao destroying bigger guys is a phenomenon. But it is too good to be true, like all those home runs were.

“So it is all covered up and it won’t be addressed.”

Paulie Malignaggi

If you listen to the 6 minute audio clip in Multiply
  • Explains where Floyd Mayweather is coming from.
  • Whispers throughout boxing that Manny is on performance enhancing drugs.Suspicions
  • What real sports journalists think of Manny excuses (give you a hint, laughter)
  • They confirm amount of blood to be taken.
  • Religious beliefs??
  • Hurt his reputation?
  • Why blood test is better than urine? (current test is only urine)

If you want a real inkling how Manny is perceived please do not go through the horrendous Filipino Manny Apologists masquerading as journalists. Do not go through Bob Used Car Salesman Arum. Go to guys who cover boxing with some objectivity and you can learn something. Malignaggi talks about home runs and Manny thinks that he always did that "kung na luto na yung pagkain ni Mommy Dionisya, I home run". A great precursor to what we are seeing now (Manny destroying bigger competition despite his small size) is a piece by the perennial Sports Writer of the Year Rick Reilly. Hats off to Mayweather for doing this because now it's up for discussion How intelligent a discussion it will be is up to you. Ed







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