Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girl You Know Its True Pop Up

Milli Vanilli told you to Blame it On The Rain,
but if you blame it on the rain tell me
what can be gained so,
if all else fails you can blame it on me.

Barenaked Ladies from the album Gordon. "Blame It On Me"

Even before the "outing" of Milli Vanilli I knew that they were not the singers. It came out in Musician magazine. You see. Dewey Finn was right. MTV truly wrecked music. Look was more important than sound. Style more important than substance.

Don't blame it on the rain. Blame it on the commercialism. Blame it on the superficial. But most of all, blame it on the gullibility of an audience that knows nothing about music. They value look and dancing over musicianship.

If anything it shows you the value of a Grammy. When people who are supposed to be in the know for what they are voting about have no clue.

Maybe the record companies have every right to just worry about moving product than to portray their artists accurately. But for me, that is why there is such a disconnect between all these fabricated acts and the real bands of yore. There was so much fluff between the creator and the audience that even the simplest audience member may like the song but will not feel that long term bonding with the artist. It's just a song.

What the kids don't understand is that it;s that the affinity that one feels with the act. That is earned with a combination of great songs and great albums that endear fans to an act. That endearment will help foster loyalty should an artist try to venture new artistic ground. That endearment will help the audience listen to the totality of an acts output and not just the hits.

Hits are for the fair-weather fan. Albums are for those acts with the talent beyond the superficial. Albums are for those fans who have discretion and take their music appreciation seriously. Listening to just the hits and only songs with video totally throws a wrench into music appreciation.

No girl, this is not true. Not the artist, not the process, not the music.


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