Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Riding the Momentum of Death

I really dread death. More for people around me than for myself. There is nothing like being told someone is gone. I know its part of life but does not change the fact I dread when it arises. One day people will be told that I am gone. I hope by then I will leave a lot more than I am leaving now.

There is an old expression "He is so heartless he would sell tickets to his mother's funeral". Remember that statement because we will revisit it. By now my regular readers will know the major themes that I see the issues with. a) substance over style b) don't jump on the bandwagon c) what is good is good regardless of age or other factors.

Let's examine three recent high profile deaths.

1) Cory Aquino-

apparently a wave of yellow sympathy swept the nation after she succumbed to cancer. A tsunami so significant that some people are taking out their surf boards (and they are not in Zambales) and riding that wave. My initial reaction when I heard her son Noynoy was running was , the guy was a politician but not a mover and shaker They are having someone who was a mover and shaker (Mar Roxas) who has been planning for his run to the Palace a while, step aside. To make way for someone who is carried by the outpouring sympathy of a cancer victim. Maybe I am oversimplifying things but sue me when the Filipino voter is correctly accused of being sophisticated and discriminating.

I am not a crack analyst of the local scene since I find politics is seamless with ABS-CBN/ GMA show business. So it's no use paying too much attention if I want to keep my blood pressure from being capable of cooking rice.

I found some links of people whose view varies on the topic so you can get some sort of perspective.

In the case of Noynoy Aquino I can't help but suspect his run at the highest office in the land is fueled by the philosophy "Strike while metal is hot"

I read the line below and it's simply a PR line. Maybe somebody closer to the situation can see the fearlessness and the fervor. I have my doubts.

"It is in his bloodline. It is in his heritage. For him, democracy restored must be enshrined without fear but with greatest fervor."

A lot of people really respect the opinion Mr. De Quiros and I am no exception. He seems to think that Noynoy is appropriate but then again how come I get the feeling for him its any presidential offspring other than Mikey Arroyo?

Here is another Inquirer columnist who has his doubts.

2) Ted Kennedy

My friend Greg in Vegas is a very astute Twitterer. He said "Honoring someone's memory is about the worst imaginable reason to pass any law."

Yet that is what the Democrats seemed to be doing without apology before the corpse was warm. The GOP apparently not exactly hitting the high road on this either.

Honoring someone's memory is about the worst imaginable reason to pass any law.

3) Michael Jackson-

do you remember as far back as May of this year? When there was no MJ music being played wherever you went? Which was the case for almost twenty years.If this music is so great why listen to it now and not three months ago? Why does death add to the appeal? Why does death make the bandwagon more spacious, roomy and comfy? Could it be MJ music was not in fashion two years ago because it may not be as classic as some of us would like to believe?

As I mentioned before, even in my home and in my office, maids, co- workers playing MJ music like it was released yesterday. Like they are sages handing out gifts from the gods. A guy I consider a great sage Ian Faith said back in 1982 "Every movie in every cinema is about death, death sells". In the case of MJ he could not be more right. Death indeed sells regardless of multiple child molestation charges.

Also read about MJ's father Joe who seems to personify the opportunism. His shilling of his label two days after MJ's death makes him sound like he is saying "the kid is not my son.",,20287787_20287946,00.html


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