Friday, September 4, 2009

90 Million Dollars Is The Going Rate For Perspective

"And sometimes a little pain is necessary

to see and understand the true circumstances of your life."

John McAfee 2009

If you take this piece at face value John McAfee's perspective comes at a hefty material price. After watching it though I can't help but recall a quote about perspective from the magical tune-smiths Spinal Tap. I won't repeat it here but it was said in Graceland in their Smell the Glove tour (1982).

You know I love to quote Colin Cowherd and he always quotes what his dad told him. Recessions are just garage sales for the well prepared. I am just paraphrasing but you get the idea. There are people who run their companies lean and mean during the good times and when the bad times eventually come, buy up the companies that are most affected by it.

Watch the video and learn how he is taking all this. He basically held an open auction of his accumulated possessions. What that means is he is auctioning a Bentley and you and I are the only interested bidders. I bid 5 dollars and you bid 10 dollars and no one beats your bid, it's yours.

There are many things here to appreciate. Again, taking it at face value, I was touched and I was hopeful when at the end of this video, he said what his future plans were. Hope you enjoy and learn.



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