Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Thought It Would Never End Willie R's "triumphant return "



Willie Revillame made his "triumphant return" to his show Wowwowee today!!!!! In an event that makes Filipinos forget about Douglas MacArthur. You know who was there?? Vicki Belo!!!!!! Why did I not go on emergency leave?? Screw protocol I should have reported to ABS CBN today. I had my sign all painted at home. "I WILL Die without U WILLie!!!!!". You know, I thought we were over the top with his return to noon time television. But once in a while you have days in your life where you say to yourself that things can not possibly get better then they do!!!!!!!!!! They hinted that Willie will run for vice president next year!!!!!!!!! Oh my Ghost of Erap!!! I am afraid someone might wake me up from all this bliss!!!!! Why was I not there to "reach out to hug and kiss him and shake his hand!!!" Please Wilie don't ever leave us again!!!!!!!!!!


If by chance you believed a word of what I said above please either click the embed player or download the really small audio clip attached in Multiply


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MANILA – Six weeks after going on indefinite leave from the show, controversial TV host Willie Revillame returned to his top-rating noontime show “Wowowee” Monday to a grand “Will-come back” party.

Some fans and supporters and “Wowowee” staff wore red and white shirts with “We love you, Willie” and “Will-come back” messages.

When he emerged onstage, the audience cheered and applauded as they chanted his name. Revillame went around the studio to greet his supporters who reached out to hug and kiss him or even shake his hand.

Popular cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo and her daughter, Cristalle Henares, and “Bench” owner Ben Chan were also in the audience. Revillame is the celebrity endorser of Belo Medical Group and clothing line Bench.

"Sa almost two months na wala ako, lumuluha ako. Lumuluha ako, nagdurugo ang puso ko dahil hindi ko kayo kapiling. Pero lahat ng kalungkutan na iyon napawi na dahil muli ko kayong makakasama ngayong araw na ito,” he said.

He added: “Bawal na ang mainit na ulo. Pag may nagkamali palakpakan na lang natin.”

Revillame took an indefinite leave from “Wowowee” after drawing criticisms generated by his order to cut the live streaming of former president Corazon Aquino’s funeral procession last August 3.

Revillame, who is rumored to be eyeing the vice presidential post in the 2010 elections, is expected to announce his political plan before his show ends on Monday.

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