Friday, September 4, 2009

Pedestrian Rage

Warning: those allergic to rants, please close your browser now.

This happened last Friday. Short walk from the parking lot in Corinthian to the office. Three acts of stupidity/ inconsideration. I did not do anyone any bodily harm or even curse. I just blog.

1) idiot in close quarters walking down same sidewalk lit cigarette facing ME and not him. You know. There are some people who I value who smoke. Please avert your eyes. The guy has a habit that I find disgusting and it makes up the sum total of the Surgeon General's rant that most people know. But I can safely say, his habit is perfect for him.

2) bike rider wrong way on one way street. These guys are clueless and are very likely FPJ/ Erap volunteer campaign workers. On a one way street common sense means you look at the way the traffic is coming from. Although this technique does not save you from being blindsided by morons on bikes ignoring the one way sign. But how silly of me, I am giving them credit that they have the education to read the sign. I highly recommend visually reminding them of the one way street. Just don't use the traditional pointer finger.

3) taxi driver- I am waiting for him to clear but then he slows down. So this runner up to the Surgeon General's post just screws up my narrow window to cross the street because the traffic behind him has now caught up. So it takes a lot longer to cross at that point. If any of the three was remotely my fault, it was this one. I think I was showing too much leg.


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