Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Changed The Name of The Blog Again

Not that anyone notices, not that anyone cares. But I changed the name of the main blog.

It was most recently called: I Have No Idea What I Will Post Next and Neither Will You. Because we may not have quality in this blog but I hope we can least deliver some variety.

Before that it was called Twisted Thoughts on an Already Twisted World. Where I take a crazy issue then look at it from an even crazier point of view.

Before that it was a very simple creed I hope I live by: I Hate Being Cliche. This blog will take chances and may not always connect but I hope it's never predictable.

A title I considered a while back but never used was Diary of a Madman. I know it would have been truth in advertising except that it was already taken.

How did I decide on the latest title? Heck, how do I make any decisions? Well, I will go through that process if you can indeed call it that.

It all started when a certain phrase impacted me listening to this man's radio show:

The phrase that Scott used " Misdirected though it might be" mildly struck me at the time. As you can tell, we have two things in common. First is our hair style. Secondly our default setting of using self depreciating humor.

My classmate Anna Alix

and I have something in common. We both took "sabbaticals" from our MBA studies. I would not say it's forever but reminds me a lot of this classic scene from Godfather III.

On a related aside check out the parody scene from the Sopranos. As furnished by Silvio Dante who I hear plays a mean guitar,

If the movie was as bad as some people like to say it is, then why is this scene iconic?

Anna has always been nice to me. So when she asked for my old notes for a similar course I said sure. I know my weaknesses and I know my notes and hand ins have not always been the greatest. I gave her through the magic of text messaging full and complete disclosure. It just came out "you can have my hand ins , however misguided they may be". I told her that the phrase just came out. It was a scene from Field of Dreams.

Earlier in the term I forgot what possessed me to start posting significant Field of Dreams scenes. Maybe it was that same out of nowhere urge that causes Ray Kinsella to build the ball field. It was only then did I realize that Scott Van Pelt was quoting from Field of Dreams whenever he used the phrase "Misdirected though it might be".

It was only when I was formulating strategy of how to explain the phrase over the limitations of SMS did I realize how that phrase and that scene totally summed up my effort and output in this blog. God bless any of you that take the time to read.

For all you younger folk that think that the voice who utters that phrase sounds familiar let me close off with a few scenes where you might know him from. Of course besides the guy who says "This is CNN". File of his sound bites available in the Multiply version of this post.


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