Saturday, September 12, 2009

Call Me Cynical Kris Aquino Related

I just saw the headline below. First of all, let me state my bias. I truly believe that if given a chance Kris Aquino will endorse athletic supporters. There is no billboard high enuff to keep that ego restrained.

Isn't she on enough shows? Again, maybe I am cynical but even when she is on the news she is playing for the camera. Whether she is a victim of domestic violence or losing her mother, she can not seem to get enough of the spotlight. Just my perception, you are welcome to disagree with that.

Which leads us to this news item.

Most politicians don't even let you in on their fund raising. Kris has to let you in on her "sacrifice". She was probably going to sell anyway and why not even get more attention? Let it leak a sale was intended for the campaign. While attention is on big brother, ride on his coat tails.

I loved this quote:

"I can be very proud of the fact that our family was never power-hungry. "

Too bad we can't say the same of "attention hungry". Not even all of them. Just mostly the youngest.

My opinion, it's always about you Kris. It's your picture when I look up overexposed in the dictionary. Maybe I am cynical but the only way anybody got wind of this is you let them. Support your family yes but spotlight steal? That is so you.


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