Thursday, September 24, 2009

What part of 'beyond reasonable doubt ' do you not understand Erap related

"They say that patriotism is the last refuge
To which a scoundrel clings.
Steal a little and they throw you in jail,
Steal a lot and they make you king."
"What's a Sweetheart Like You"
Bob Dylan


Guilty is defined in the dictionary as "legally judged as an offender". 

"Beyond Reasonable Doubt" can be loosely translated to "sure as I'm sitting here".

Forgive me for being blunt but at least I am not doing you the disservice of lying. Erap projects dumb. He sure as hell does not project Rhodes Scholar. He projects dumb because the bulk of the electorate will RESPOND to dumb and there is not much anyone who cares can do about it.

Politics is a sad game everywhere else on Earth but I think it's really depressing here. To quote George Will, voters do not decide on the issues, voters decide on the people who will decide on the issues. For me that implies that if the means are flawed then so are the ends. It's bad enough dumb is not only tolerated as far as I am concerned, it's encouraged.

You have to live here to understand what it means to have mass appeal. What you have to resort to and what response you will get. Believe me, they ain't lookin for no Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Seeking political office at any level is all about serving your community. Ideally It's all about responsibility, altruism, decision making and values. I said ideally because here in the Philippines I see very little of those traits in our politicians. OK, I confess was being very generous with the phrase "very little". But yet these sleazy politicians manage to attract their white hot supporters so energized they could vibrate themselves to another dimension. These same people enamored by the sleazy politicians are also enamored by Manny Pacquiao but that is a point I have made many many times.

I don't see how hosting a brainless noontime television show prepares you for the penultimate public post in this country. Anyone?? Nor do I see how dumb someone could possibly be that takes a presidential aspirant seriously when he was already given a chance and all he does is gets found guilty of a crime normally punishable by 40 years to life. Even a bunch of monkeys with typewriters can come up with a more intelligent plot line than that.

Want to know what is wrong with the Philippines? Our standards for an elected public official are so low. Erap, Willie , Richard Gomez, Noli Decastro, Vic Sotto and Noynoy. If I even have to explain, please don't worry. I already did. Just follow the links.

One thing new I have to say about Noynoy that I did not say last time. You want someone who is driven to the highest elected office by a burning desire to serve the country. Not because other people feel that he should fill a burning hole in our country created by his mother's death. I don't know anyone who believes he would have ran for President if his mother was very much alive. And his mother has not been president since 1992.

People should run and win based on merit, intelligence, integrity and accomplishment. Not because of last name, tv hosting jobs, cinema action roles and other shallow criteria.

A lot of people are mourning Cory because it is a backlash to the abuse of the Marcos, Erap and Gloria regimes. Which brings to mind these jokes :

At Cory’s funeral, people lined up and walked for hours to pay respects, despite the bad weather. At Gloria’s? There’s an SMS (text) joke circulating that people will line up to see her casket, but only to make sure that she’s really in it.

"Ang hirap pumunta sa burol at libing ni TITA CORY. Ang haba ng pila, siksikan, nakakatamad pumunta. Hintayin ko na lang burol ni GLORIA. Tiyak walang pila at di siksikan. Please pass hanggang umabot kay Pandak, baka makonsensya."

In English- at the wake of Cory there are long lines and people getting crammed in like sardines. You don't quite feel like going. Just wait till Gloria's funeral, for sure there will be no long lines or cramming to deal with. Please pass until it reaches the dwarf so that she may acquire a conscience.

In light of everything I said. A lot of times a revolution is a "call to arms". In our case, we will encourage true leaders to emerge and perform if we have "a call to brains".




dustin said...

well said! those are exactly my sentiments!

Ed Lopez said...

Thank you. Feel free to spread it.