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Questions that will be answered in the 2009 NFL Season

Questions that will be answered in the 2009 NFL Season

Warning : for sports fans only.

You guys know that I do not care about so called reality TV. Because sports is everything reality TV wishes it was. Like any good entertainment, the more questions you have going in, the more interesting the outcome will be. I will go through all the divisions to help set up the season for those interested. Hopefully we will revisit these questions at the midway mark of the season and before the post season. If I missed out on a team or two, well I ran out of budget. I am after all writing this from a third world country.

I just want to say that while I was composing this with no notes, I found myself making a division called the AFC Central. Which no longer exists. Back in the 80s that was the competitive division in football. Not unusual when out of the four teams (Houston Oilers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns (pre Baltimore exodus) and Cincinatti Bengals ) One would win the division and the other two would be the wild cards for the whole AFC. When it comes to sports, memories are good. Googling things not a substitute.

Let's get going with the off the top of my head questions.

AFC West

Will the Chargers live up to their tag as team to beat?

Denver in disarray with their pro bowl QB gone and their best wide receiver trying out for punter. The Josh McDaniel regime is off to a rocky start in the Rocky Mountains. Can he right the ship?

Is this the make or break year for the former 1st overall pick Jamarcus Russel of the Raiders? I know one thing, with the release of very capable Jeff Garcia, Oakland is all in with Russel.

AFC North

Is this the year that Baltimore wrestles the balance of power in that division for Pittsburgh?

Will one former disciple of Bellichick do better in Cleveland than his predecessor?

Will the presence of the HBO reality show Hard Knocks serve to propel the Bengals out of mediocrity ( I admit that was a stupid question) ?

AFC South

Is this the year NFL fans will know the best receiver nobody talks about Andre Johnson of the Texans?

Will the Texans continue to improve like they have the previous two seasons?

Will the coaching transition in Indianapolis be minimally disruptive?

Kerry Collins is going into this season knowing he is the starter. Unlike last year. The Titans spent most of last year with the most wins in the NFL so not ending up in the Super Bowl last year had to hurt. What will they do about that this year?

AFC East-

Brady is back. Will a full season with him be enough to make another Super Bowl run? Will a full Brady season be enough to overcome a revamped Patriot defense?

New York Jets have a new rookie QB and a new rookie head coach. How painful will the growing pains be?

Miami Dolphins , the team I have always rooted for. Everybody thought that last year's division win and gaudy record was a result of the alignment of the planets (favorable schedule). Nobody I listened to except Dolphins players expect them to even match that win total let alone improve. Who is right?

Buffalo Bills- I will not talk about the diva addition but I will talk about not scoring any touchdowns in three preseason games which lead to what was once the unusual move of firing your coordinators before the season starts. Question? Desperation or Inspiration?

NFC West

Who thought the balance of power could fall on one back? As in the back of Seattle QB Matt Hasselback.

San Francisco intends to "hit people in the mouth". They will do so with veteran Sean Hill at the controls over erratic former first pick overall Alex Smith.

Everybody is convinced that last year's Super Bowl run was a perfect storm for Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals. Can they make us all believers?

NFC North

On the set of One Brett Farve to Live. Has Brad Childress bent over backwards so much that he can not be taken seriously anymore?

The Bears getting Jay Cutler is nice but will their receiving corps do him justice?

When will Detroit win their first game since the 2007 season? They like the Jets have a first time head coach and a rookie QB who was in high school three years ago.

Green Bay. Two words : Packers Defense?

NFC South:

New Orleans Saints: see Green Bay

Atlanta Falcons - actually there is hope for the Jets and the Lions. The Falcons have been there and done that in 2008. Lame question but can they keep it going?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - like I needed anymore proof that I am a fossil. Greg reminded me that their rookie coach is ten years younger than I am. Will that youth serve the Bucs?


Dallas Cowboys. Nobody on the outside believes in their #1 receiver who was a midseason acquisition. Can Romo, Phillips (son of Bum) and Garrett make the offense work?

New York Giants - Eli son of Archie grabbed all the headlines with his new contract. Still, make no mistake. Giants teams always win somewhere in the swamps of Jersey with rushing and defense. Will their defense be healthier than year and allow them to go deeper into the playoffs?

Philadelphia Eagles - too easy. Every year the question is always the same. What can they get out of the most talented and impactful players in football- Brian Westbrook?

Washington Redskins - I truly root for people who are given a bad hand and struggle with it. The guy I am thinking of is Jason Campbell. His team keeps changing coordinators more often than Spinal Tap goes through drummers. Another day another rumor of who the 'skins will bring into town to replace him. Will he take all that outside anxiety and channel it into his offense?

No matter how these questions are answered in 2009 , everybody enjoy your football!


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