Friday, September 11, 2009

I Wish This For The Philippines



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What do we get instead?

A candidate for president. Whose popularity is not affected one iota by headlines like this. Erap's desire to seek the presidency again is not news in itself but the fact that so many people take him seriously. Somebody please explain to me that this guy was found guilty of plunder. A crime punishable by death then he is taken seriously as a presidential candidate Can anybody out there convince me that as a nation we have IQ? Anybody out there convince me public education is working? Anybody out there convince me we have an informed electorate?

I will say this over and over again but I just don't get the mania over a Filipino boxer but yet those same fans love, idolize and believe this poor excuse of a human being. If I had one dream, one dream I knew would come true. I want Manny to lose every fight and be humiliated. And just maybe some people will think there is more to self worth than one boxer who can kick ass. That educating voters is a far more constructive use of one's attention. But I should wake up and not be Walter Mitty.


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