Monday, September 14, 2009

All You People Whining About Kanye West

"Melody? I don't need no stinkin' melody!"

Quote:I hate rap music, which to me sounds like a bunch of angry men shouting, possibly because the person who was supposed to provide them with a melody never showed up.[Dave Barry]

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None of this would have happened if you as an audience did not take rap seriously. But you do and you have all these professional boasters think they own the "music" world. They just barge in on someone else's stage.

I really don't care about awards since nobody knows if Steely Dan, Randy Newman, The Alan Parsons Project or Tom Waits have ever won any so awards are irrelevant to music. Terry Bradshaw has 4 Super Bowl Rings good. Derek Jeter has 4 World Series Rings. Paul Coffey has 4 Stanley Cup Rings with two different teams. Counting is good in competitive team sport. Sports is all about the scoreboard and who is left standing at the end of the season. Sports is all about your guys and their guys, common field , common rules , common refs, common crowd and whoever is victorious at the end of that.

Music is different. Music is about you, the song, the band.Takes talent to write a song, takes talent to perform a song. Elvis helped inspire Led Zeppelin.You can hear the clip of Robert Plant wax poetic about Elvis in the Multiply version of this post. For a few years you could see Led Zeppelinin concert and/or you can see Elvis in concert. They were never in competition. They sure as hell were not packin' heat waiting to take each other out too. But Elvis and a TV with Robert Goulet in it? Different story. Kanye may be be popular but will he last? Will we look at him in forty years the same way we look at The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Elvis now? Nope, his time is now not tomorrow. That's why he can get away with stealing a stage now.

So award shows about music are flawed to begin with. There should be awards for people who matter. People like doctors who go the extra mile to improve patients, firemen, policemen, the military. People who improve lives at the expense of their own.

I have always maintained :

1.Rap music is an oxymoron.
2.What rap I heard consists of bragging , violence, misogyny, and the whole notion that to make ones self feel better the other side has to be degraded.
3.Rap music? They forgot to add the 'c'.
4.Excellent music is about:

* Band
* Songwriting
* Album

Very few of you will convince me that the third bullet will apply to rap. None of you will convince me about the first two.

Also do the reverse. If a white guy took over the stage from a visual minority female. The feminists will be up in arms, the bleeding hearts will cry racism. But not of that here. The PC police don't want you to hurt the feelings of a sensitive rapper.

You guys want him off the stage. You guys gave it to him in the first place. Rap Music is an oxymoron.


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