Friday, July 3, 2009

This is So Low Case 2

Not as low as the Toys for Tots Witch but still, way to be a good example to your kids.

I got this from the website of a podcast I listen to regularly. You know that I believe that parents should set example and not just bark out orders. Take this as tragic comedy.

Mom Sells Stolen Wii

By Mike Suszek / Thursday, 02 July 2009

If you're not sure how to raise a family right, to pay the bills, and to show your children the meaning of the almighty dollar, then (don't) take a cue from Maxine Law.

Law, a 41 year-old Altamonte Springs, Florida resident, took it upon herself to deal with the stolen goods of her children; by selling said stolen goods. Her son, 16-year-old Patrick Early, aided Derrick Henson (13) and Joshua Carter (18) in stealing a neighbor's Wii console. Later, Early admits that his mother sold the Wii at a pawn shop, fully aware it was stolen.

To help Maxine understand her decision making process, we'll provide this flow chart:


Victim Jenein Frazier said, "You don't go selling something stolen, it's crazy." Law now may be charged with "dealing in stolen property" and "contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

There's no word on whether it was just a console that was stolen, or whether we're dealing with multiple games and accessories to get a feel for the value of the theft. Additionally, we don't know how the kids managed to steal the Wii. Maybe they learned from video games like Wii Thief.

Source: WFTV

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