Thursday, July 9, 2009

Antidote for Politically Correct

A lot of people in this time zone stayed up late watching the MJ Farewell Service. I will not call anything that does not have a burial a funeral. Anyway I have been saturated with feel good politically correct sentiment. I watched the Mother Teresa funeral with my girl friend at the time. I really really doubt we saw the same thing this week. I have nothing against you guys personally but once in a while the contrarian in me must come out.

Once in a while the fiscal side in me must come out. Recently the Lakers won a title and we all heard that the city's coffers could not afford the logistics for a parade. Sports is a luxury. Now this thing is staged almost as grand as the Olympics and the mere thought of asking the tax payer to foot the bill makes me quite queasy.A funeral is supposed to be for the respect of the departed. Not to draw attention to the still living. Listen to the Van Pelt piece here in multiply under attachments.

I do not mean to offend you but if you leave this with a different perspective then we are all better for it.

Anyway most of you can close this window now, the daring can click the links and download the attachments to listen.


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Note: Van Pelt and Denis Leary's thoughts in the attachments in Multiply.,0,6884986.story reflection tax payers Katt Williams politically incorrect point of view.

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