Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Most Famous Circumciser in Our Country

By now you know my strategy. 1) I show you the best people who you may not be aware of to give you an example what to do. 2) I show you the worst people who you may not be aware of to give you an example what not to do. 3) Whenever possible I provide video/ audio to make the augment the impact of reading this stuff. 4) I hope I get you thinking a lot of what could be, what might be. Then you are so deep in though you forget I am so mediocre. I apologize for the title but it's true. I doubt anyone who does not follow college football really understands what kind of scrutiny and pressure comes with being THE quarterback in a big time school. Sometimes all that attention and praise brings about a sense of entitlement in an individual. NOT this guy. I won't give you too much writing today. Just click the links in different colored print in the teasers below. : In this blog article I am giving you the chance to hear him talk about it. MP 3 Attachment is below in multiply or click here.

Find out how he should have been aborted Click

Find out how yesterday a reporter asked him if he was a virgin and how he handled himself, Click

Listen to how ESPN talks about him and hear him interviewed by Dan Patrick below in Multiply or Click

Find out how he insists on talking to prisoners in death row (about to be executed ) and why he does it. Click

Find out how some Filipinos who don't know anything about football pretend to know just to suck up. Click ex. grab headlines???

And of course the circumcisions which is just part of his overall outreach Click

No matter how you slice it. The example of Tim Tebow and Myron Rolle are stories you should tell your kids how good human beings can be. Just don't tell them it was I who told you.


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