Friday, July 17, 2009

The Groom Who Skipped Speaks

Since I already got the ball rolling. I feel it is my obligation to let the man speak for himself. Apparently a lot of the stuff in the sources I used yesterday are not true. This actually goes on for about 20 minutes and it's a good listen if you like seeing several sides to a story. Specially if one of those sides is sensationalist tabloid 'journalism'. Lesson learned here for me is to always consider your source. At least when you listen to him , you can judge for yourself if he is sincere or what. Not sure about you guys but I learned something listening to him.

Richard answers charges of all the spending accusations and the gay allegations.

I highly recommend the 24 minute dialogue for anyone who cares about human nature, cold feet, marriage, divorce, complications of weddings.

The full 40 minutes of that show without commercials available from Dan Patrick CNNSI website Dan Patrick Hour 2 Dated July 16


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