Monday, July 20, 2009

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This will only interest fans of golf and fans of fossils. Since I am a fan of the latter, I will spend a few minutes on this. Tom Watson almost won one of golf's four major tournaments at age 59. Yes, one below 60. I am not a golf expert But two points I don't want to hear:

1) Cause Tiger was not in it- well he did not make cut. He flew all the way there only to be sent packing after two days of playing. He had his chance.

2) Golf can't be a sport if a 59 year old can come close to winning. - Golf is not about bashing the ball. Golf is about finding the balance between bash and purposeful trajectory. If a 59 year old with all that experience can play 72 holes as well as the best players in the world then so be it. Anybody who legitimately qualifies for this tournament and does not step on the course to win should not be there. I heard from his friend Andy North that Tom really was there to win/. Who are we to downgrade that?

Golf is such a gentleman's game. Read the story. Stewart Cink the winner felt bad for snatching victory from the overwhelming sentimental favorite. How often do you read that??

No matter what , one of the best feel good sports stories of the year in my opinion.


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