Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starex Van Scam

Today I was participating in our weekly meeting with my committee when I get a text. This is what it said.

Congratulations! U have won php.300k+ starex Van as a home partner last april 30,2009 for info call ds no. 09164682423 Dir. Carlo C. Tan of Phi.Com.Center.

Just before the group dispersed I told them in mock enthusiasm that I won a Starex Van. This is truly my lucky week. And I did not even join to be a home partner. Man, I am triple lucky. Obviously in winner euphoria I texted back this response.

Wow! I am so happy. The tears are rolling down my cheeks. You have made me the most exuberant man on the face of this earth. I could kiss you if you were here. Can you bear my children? Looking forward to my new set of wheels. I am truly blessed!

When I got no return text to that (maybe the thought of the baby scared them off) I replied implying the texter was some sort of rectum. I still got no response.

Let me note some observations:
  • Who the hell notifies of a prize via a text ?
  • Who the hell wins a contest they NEVER joined?
  • Anybody doing anything commercially with spelling that would make a a kid in Grade 2 blush can not be in a position to even give away 20 pesos.
  • Anyone with the ability to give away a Starex would know at least to capitalize it. Also capitalize a month.
  • Anyone who spells the word "this" in this fashion "ds" in a text where they will mysteriously bestow a free car to you does not deserve your time of day.

The good news is , for my loyal readers. I am selling the van upon receipt and dividing all the proceeds to you guys. Local and abroad.


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Reia said...

hi! just bumped into your blog here while i was googling Carlo C. Tan. And like you, I received the same text message just a while ago - and he was using a different number (SUN)- I called the number to see if someone will answer - and somebody did, claiming to be Director Tan and that their "Philippine Communications Center" is affiliated to NTC. So I researched, lo and behold, NTC is already aware of this scam. "Director Tan" informed me that even though I didn't have any raffle coupons/entries, our numbers were pre registered prior purchase and what they're giving away part of taxes whatsoever. I ended the call when he said he'll wait for my reply with my full name and address - I gave him a folly one - and he never replied. Just to warn other readers here. Have a great day! :)

Ed Lopez said...

You know why they keep doing it even after I saw the same exact words used in posts back from 2006? Because it works. It only has to work sometimes for it to be worth their while. Thanks for dropping by and flip through here or my Multiply. You won't relate to everything I write but you will relate to some of it.