Monday, October 26, 2009

Why it's bad to smoke. A true case of Synchronicity

I am a believer in Synchronicity as you know. Not just the album but the concept. Last year I went to Hong Kong with my siblings and all their kids. I only brought two movies that I have not seen before with me on the Ipod. One was Thank You For Smoking . The other is the movie I edited for you tonight (Sands of Iwo Jima) . A movie starring the Duke.On the surface they do not seem at all alike. But when I watched "TYFS" would you believe it? It had a clip of the climax scene of the only other movie I had which was "SOIJ". How many movies have you seen in your entire life that spoiled another movie? What are the odds that of that short list I would pack away two of them? Out of the zillions of movies out there? Because the movie was kind of spoiled back in Hong Kong June of 08 it took me a while to get back to it. Which was yesterday. I was only able to watch the first half yesterday while my nephews were in their living room makin a whole lotta noise. Just today I got involved in a Multiply thread started by an online buddy of mine. So it got a few people talking about smoking. If I can interpret her thread, I read it as love the smoker hate the smoke. Again, there are a zillion threads she could have picked but somehow it dovetailed into the movie I was in the middle of watching. I don't pretend to make sense of any of this (coincidence). Except it's a sign from the Blog gods what my next post should be . Which is what you are reading and hopefully will watch now. Ed (sands)

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