Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twitter Is A Stupid Distraction Mike Leach Bans It Audio Blog

What follows in the 13 minute audio clip that I provide is one man's opinion (Colin Cowherd of the Herd Radio show) on whether or not Mike Leach (NCAA football coach ) has the right to forbid his players from Tweeting. Well he does not even want them to have accounts. Read the details here. Keep in mind, the players in this case are college students. Colin also seeks the legal perspective of one Roger Cossack who became a household name during the OJ Trial.

I believe the following 13 minutes is worth 13 minutes of your life since it will at least make you think. Put in your computer and crank up while you are doing other things in your room or office. Slap in onto your digital player and listen to it as you start your walk or exercise. In it you will hear about:

  • Freedom of Speech and its context
  • Why its different from freedom of consequence.
  • Who has the right to lay down the law?

Among other things. It's a look at different sides of the issue. Which is what I try to provide for you.



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