Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Madden 1991 Part 1 D Line

Warning: Only for those interested in learning about NFL football and its history.

Oh lucky me, I found the 7th edition of the All Madden Team. It was very nice to have seen it too. I will reproduce it for you here segment by segment. First of all we will start with John Madden explaining the criteria of who gets selected and why. Then he explains his picks for the defensive line. You really get to learn the impact of each position on the football field as you go through these. There is even a cameo by Burt Reynolds.


  • Reggie White- poor guy died 15 years later.

  • Dan Hampton

  • Richard Dent

  • Greg Townsend
  • Jacob Green
  • Eric Howard
  • Pierce Holt
  • Kevin Fagan

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