Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nexus of Nerdness

A long time ago before some of my contacts were born, I worked in a store that sold both comics and sports cards. I was not a sports collector when I started but I already loved sports for a few years. Talk about the nexus of nerdness.In the late eighties. Sports cards and comics. Oh by hook or by crook I still got my education. As you can tell by the blog. I still follow sports. I write about comics occasionally. I still read my old stuff once in a while. And maybe will buy new comics once every few months or so. Expensive stuff in this country. Should you watch the video here are a few highlights: Dave Wickham 2:30 bunch of us in 1988 took advantage of a package deal and went down for the day to Seattle to watch the Red Sox play the Seattle Mariners. I can barely remember what happened during the game but I still remember watching Roger Clemens jog on the field. It was not even his pitching day. Even then he exuded studliness. That is still what I associate with the trip down to Seattle. Watching a pre game jog. Granted that was twenty one years ago. I think Griffey Jr. was still in Bellngham that year. Mike Greenwell was with the Red Sox. See 3:15 used to work for those guys.Stan was actually in a store that was held up for cards about a year later. They mention Petr Nedved's rookie card. Saw him and Shawn Antoski get drafted in person. The only pro draft I ever attended. Lot of future stars that day. Owen Nolan, Keith Tkachuk, Martin Brodeur, Jagr, Trevor Kidd, Keith Primeu, Doug Weight. We even saw Mike Millbury ( who was coaching in the Cup final 2 weeks earlier) get out of a cab.

Sorry about all this reminiscing. Specially to my loyal readers that cringe at the sports stuff. Just wanted to shout-out to Stanley and Bill Jaffe of Bizarre Bazaar 16th and Dunbar. It's as much a part of my past as Listen to the Flower People was to Spinal Tap.

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